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Payday 2 essentials guide and walkthrough

Framing Frame, Day 1

Framing Frame is all about framing a senator for the Elephant. This is a three day affair, so be prepared for that. Things kick off at an art gallery, where you'll need to snatch four paintings that were recently sold.

Your first step is to actually get into the gallery. You can spring for additional entrances via the Assets menu before starting, but your other options are the roof and side doors. Should you choose the roof, you'll have to drop from an open panel onto an art display; otherwise, you'll be knocked out from the drop. Choosing the side door puts you in the bathroom, so you'll still have to sneak into the gallery itself.

Once in, you'll have to scout for the marked paintings - they have a red sticker by them. Take care to avoid patrolling guards and browsing cameras. Move wisely, and you'll be able to hoist the paintings back to your van without too much difficulty.

Should your cover be blown, prepare for the police. The best place to go is the security room in the middle of the building. There's only one way in, so once you've gotten through the door, entrench yourself here with Doctor and Ammo Bags. You'll need to shut down the alarm to raise the exit shutters anyhow.

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