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Official - 'Endless Winter' is the next big DC story

(Image credit: DC)

DC has released the first teaser for its upcoming 'Endless Winter' story-arc. Confirming what Newsarama earlier reported, the event will begin in December 2020.

And while the teaser itself leaves pretty much everything to the imagination other than the title-logo against an icy blue background, Newsarama expects the storyline to be Justice League related. 

The image appears Friday in the publisher's DC Connect #3, its new self-published catalog featuring its October 2020 solicitations.

(Image credit: DC)

While it's possible the event could be tied into the lesser-known villain Endless Winter as we previously speculated, another possibility (or perhaps both) is that the title 'Endless Winter' is more of a 'big picture' description.

Given that the current DC event Dark Nights: Death Metal is scheduled to run through January 2021, this could be tied into events there - namely remaking the world after the Batman Who Laughs turned Earth into a savage playground for him and his forces.

Where his and Perpetua's plans are fierier, 'Endless Winter' could flip the switch (or the thermostat rather) into a sub-zero, ice-filled world. While readers are currently dealing with another type of worldwide calamity, a new Ice age could be an interesting fictional playground for DC's titles to explore a la the classic Batman 'No Man's Land' scenario with the heroes rebuilding after a natural (or even unnatural) disaster.

(Image credit: Stuart Immonen (DC))

If this sounds a little familiar to you, it should; in 1996 DC published a crossover titled 'The Final Night' where Earth froze after the Sun-Eater extinguished the Sun. That event, which lasted five weeks, had its own limited series and crossed over into numerous titles including Superman, Batman, The Power of Shazam, Legion of Super-Heroes, and Sovereign Seven. 

While that might seem like an obscure callback, DC is listing a new collection of 'The Final Night' - the first time it's been collected in print since 1998 - to go on sale March 9, 2021, on Amazon.

I don't know about you, but as someone in the middle of the dog days of summer here in Florida, the idea of some cold weather is something I'm looking forward to... but 'Endless'? I don't know about that.

Chris Arrant

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