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Nolan talks Inception technology

Director Chris Nolan and producer partner/wife Emma Thomas have been keeping pretty schtum about their first post- TDK project.

Which is sort of alright – we like surprises (not to mention teases) as much as the next movie mug.

Now that the film’s release is edging nearer, the creative film types are opening up a little about what we can expect from their cool-looking new film, Inception .

Speaking with Collider , they discussed the technology that was used to create the flick, while keeping plot-chatter to an absolute minimum (i.e. none whatsoever).

Entering the forum of 3D discussion, Nolan said:

“3D I think is an interesting development in movies or the resurgence of 3D. It’s something we’re looking at and watching.

“There are certain limitations of shooting in 3D. You have to shoot on video, which I’m not a fan of. I like shooting on film. And so then you’re looking at post-conversion processes which are moving forward in very exciting ways.”

Is Batman 3D on the horizon? You can bet Warner Bros will be twisting his arm in that direction. Nolan also revealed that he shot many of Inception ’s “key sequences” on 65mm with 5 perf (not the usual 15), with VistaVision on others.

Which basically means that the image is going to be crisp as hell, and will look as amazing in IMAX as The Dark Knight did.

“We have the highest quality image of any film that’s being made and that allows us to reformat the film for any distribution form that we’d like to put it in,” Nolan says.

“We’re definitely going to do an IMAX release. We’re excited about doing that and using our original negative 65mm photography to maximize the effect of that release.”

Good stuff to know for what could be one of the year’s biggest films. You can check it all out for yourself when Inception is finally released on 16 July.

Will you catch Inception at the IMAX?

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