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No Doubt judge tells Activision: 'Your shit is bananas' (or words to that effect)

Activision are having a bad week, withstrained relations between the publisher and their ex-BFFs at Infinity Ward tarnishing the image of the Modern Warfare series. But the latest stress comes from No Doubt's lawsuit for the way the band's image was used in Band Hero.

A quick recap: No Doubt signed on for their patented brand of pop-friendly ska-rock to be included in Band Hero. But on release, the band sued for breach of contract, outraged that their avatars could be made to perform music by anyone from the Rolling Stones (a step up) to 3 Doors Down and Everclear (not so much so). Stefani et al called their inclusion in the game a “virtual karaoke circus act,” which is a waste of a good band name if ever there was one.

Above: Google Search result for the phrase “virtual karaoke circus act”

This week, theLA Times(viaGamasutra) report that an LA court rejected Activision's 1st Amendment defense of their liberal use of the polygonal post-grungers. This raises the likelihood that Courtney Love's impending suit against the publisher – for pulling the same stunt with Kurt Cobain's likeness in Guitar Hero 5 – will be a success.

Above: Why they chose to base the avatar onMichael Pitt as Cobain is anyone's guess

“Never did i intend on allowing GUITARHERO for me or for Kurt i am NOT yoko f***ing Ono,” tweeted Love shortly before bringing the suit last year. Which, if nothing else, affirms the poetic refinement of the phrase “virtual karaoke circus act.”

Apr 16, 2010