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Nintendo Switch doesn't have any eShop music right now and people are not ok with that

Oh. Oh no. The Nintendo Switch eShop is live and… it doesn't have any music. How could this happen? What did we do to deserve the sacred soundtrack of digital capitalism being stripped from us in our hour of hype? The collective internet is aghast, as you will soon see (if you haven't already).

But first, a quick history lesson for folks who may not understand why we're all so upset. Here's the original Wii Shop Channel muzak that melted our hearts and opened our wallets. 

And the Wii U eShop tunes changed regularly, but this is one of my favorites.

See? Unreasonably catchy! It got to be like an old friend waiting for you every time you'd browse for new downloadable games. Heck, sometimes I'd open it up just to leave the music playing in the background. Hopefully now you can understand our deep hurting.

First there was shock

Then the Wii U eShop just rubbed it in

At least the Switch eShop has… keyboard support?

We've asked Nintendo where the damn Switch eshop music got off to (in nicer words) and if it plans to add it back in later. I'll update this story with any comment. Until then we'll just have to hope for a muzak-enriched Switch update sometime in the future.

eShop muzak aside, if you're looking for the best Nintendo Switch games to play right now then we've got you covered

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