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Nintendo chooses NetFront for its 3DS internet browser

The ability to browse the internet will come to the 3DSvia a software update later this year, but it will be notably different than the browser that was released for the DS around the world. Nintendo has dropped Opera, the browser company that has powered both the DS and Wii, and instead chosenNetFront, a browser from a company named Access.

It's unknown whyNintendo switched software providers, whether it was to lower licensing costs or because NetFront offers a more pleasing mobile interface. If we were to guess, we'd say it was the latter. NetFront offers support for enhanced online features like Flash video, HTML 5, and JavaScript, and is already used on PS3 and PSP hardware.

Opera used to be a popular browser for mobile phones because of its compact look and simplistic, low-data interface. Today, however, smartphones are able to tackle much more sophisticated Web content and can run more standard browsers - like Safari or Chrome - without any obstruction. Likewise, the 3DS's greatly improved processing power gives it much more flexibility for online browsing than the DS.

[Source:NikkeiandThe Tanooki]

Feb 28, 2011

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