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Nintendo 3DS: Good idea or total crap?

Bizarrely, Nintendo has today confirmed the existence of Nintendo 3DS - the successor to the 135 million-selling Nintendo DS. In a brief statement in an investor report, the gaming giant reveals the new machine will be launched before the end of March next year, be backwards compatible with DS and DSigames and will feature 3D effects without the need for special glasses.

That last bit's got us stumped. Either it uses massively advanced and expensive screen technology, or it's pseudo-3D that uses a front-facing camera to track your head while you play so it can adjust thein-game viewaccording to where your eyes are.

Either way, the news has completely split opinion in the GR offices. Dave H is so set against it, we fear for his blood pressure. Justin, on the other hand, welcomes the new handheld with open arms like a big techno-hippy. So read on to hear both editors'thoughts, then let us know who you agree with in the comments. First up - Justin.

Above: By using your imagination, you can experience 3D now on DSi!

"Traditionally, I'm an early adopter with gaming tech. As with most consoles, I was there for the original DS's midnight launch. I was disappointed by the dim screen and bulky case. But it got better with the DS Lite and DSi, which soon became the standard and what most people associate with the name 'DS'. Too many people have become used to its sleekness, brightness and gorgeous screen for anything less to be acceptable. A new machine without that 'wow' factor that DS Lite brought along won't be good enough – and that's why this is going to rock.

3D by head tracking?

"Let's assume for argument's sake that the 3D uses a front camera to track your head. The immersion this would provide could genuinely revolutionise handheld gaming. You wouldn't need fancy glasses, you'd just instinctively move your head to get a different view, or dodge incoming attacks. Nintendo will be looking for something like this to connect gamers to their worlds even more than Wii's motion control did with Wii Sports.

"If the 3D goes the other way and somehow provides depth of field without the need for 3D glasses, it could be a return to the old days of Nintendo. Do you remember the excitement when polygons brought 2D characters to life in a new way? Imagine the mystique around such titles as Zelda 3D or Super Mario 3D where you hold a deep, believable world in your hands.

Above: Wouldn't this naming style be so exciting for Nintendo fans?

"In a sleek, ass-kicking handheld machine with Gamecube-quality graphics, instantaneous loading from cartridges and not only face buttons but touch-screen, tilt and voice recognition, hologram-like 3D would be the icing on a very tasty cake.

"I'm there for the midnight launch – just try and stop me."

So that's the optimist's side. Hit page two to hear the cynical side that's absolutely fitting for this year's Week of Hate...