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New Fable 3 DLC fetches new dog breeds

After months of waiting, countless petitions and near riots in the forums, Lionhead Studios is finally giving Fable 3 fans what they've been demanding since its launch: poodles.

Available now, the 'Dog Breed Pack' allows champions of Albion to transform their furry companions into one of three new dog types including a German Shepherd, Doberman and the aforementioned poodle.The pack costs 240 MPs and can be downloaded from theXbox Live Marketplace or Fable III's in-game store, the latter of which you probably know about thanks to Jasper's ever-so-helpful in-game reminders.

In its effort to get into the holiday spirit (or as an apology for charging money for virtual dogs), Lionhead is also making available free Santa hats for all Fable III players. Again, you likely already know this thanks to Jasper who can't seem to shut the hell up about Fable III's in-game store for two friggin' minutes!

Where were we? Yes, dogs and Santa hats.And a happy holidays to you too, Lionhead!

Dec 16, 2010