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Mortal Kombat: God of War's Kratos playable in PS3 version. Xbox 360 exclusives so far unconfirmed

Details? Nothing as of yet, though God of War designer David Jaffe has been offering his thoughts onTwitter. On Kratos' fatalities, he says "[He] would have a F*CKALITY and f*ck the SHIT out of Sonya AND Katana at the same motherf*cking TIME!!!!" He did not use asterisks, but he did add a smiley to emphasise the jovial nature of his idea.

Above: Kinectimality. Flailess Victory, etc.

He also suggested (and this is a pretty cool idea actually) that "Kratos should reach out and pull the f*cking MK classic Narrator into the game and gut the f*cker! Oh, or rip the head off 'toasty!' guy!" That one, I'm down with. It's perfectly fitting with Kratos' "WRRRRRRRAAAAAAAUUUGHHEVERYBODYDIIIIIIES!" persona. Let's face it, this guy just isn't stopping until there's not a single person or thing left alive in his field of vision.

The question remains though, of whether the 360 will be getting a similar exclusive character. Nothing has been mentioned yet, but who would you want? Marcus Fenix as a bulky brawler with chainsaw melee? A Crackdown agent to back up Sonya Blade and Jax? Avery Johnson gone postal? Let us know.


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