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Minimal Mario takes 'demakes' to the extreme

Oh, so you think you're so clever with your backward-ass “demakes.” What would Left 4 Dead look like on an NES? (Alien Syndrome). What would Halo look like on a SNES? (Mega Man X). Big deal. How hard is it really to take something with a zillion pixels and strip it down a bit? You want to see a real demake? How about a critically pared-back version of Super Mario Bros?

Inspired by all those “game characters in a couple of pixels” art projects, indie programmer Jaeden Amero'sMinimal Mariois a full-length, playable hack of Super Mario Brothers that patches the whole game into something you'd be embarrassed to boot up on an Atari ST. (Oh, sure, so the scrolling that made the original such a big deal is still there, but what do you want?)

In order to stay kosher, Amero doesn't provide the game itself (that would be copyright infringement), just his patch. He also includes comprehensive steps on how to patch the original game and play his version.

Dec 22, 2010

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