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Medal of Honor – can it stand up to Allied Assault?

While most WWII games are little more than shooting galleries, taking us from one bombed-out French, Russian, German, or Pacific Island village after another, Medal of Honor was not afraid to take us by the hand to scenic pre-bombed-out locals; a prime example of this is a sleepy little German village during the final mission.

There is no distant gunfire, nor thumping of artillery. It is eerily silent as snow gently drifts to the ground – snow that actually appears to glitter when your perspective shifts. Were it not for all the Nazis hanging around, it would be easy to imagine spending a quiet evening in this place, curled up in front of the fireplace with a good book and hot chocolate. Maybe even a cat.

From North Africa to Norway, Allied Assault enabled us to experience the Second World War in a fashion never really told in our history books. Was it at all realistic? Probably not. Was it fun? Hell yeah.

How is MoH 2010 going to stack up? Contrary to popular belief, Afghanistan is not all deserts.

From snowy mountains to temperate fields, Afghanistan is very diverse in its terrain and climes. While the screenshots and videos we’ve seen so far depict a wide range of terrain and climate variations, it would be a shame if MoH 2010’s developers wasted an opportunity to show the war from a perspective we didn’t expect.

Judging by the fact that we’ve already seen infantry missions, Apache missions, and sniper missions AND given that the REAL Tier 1 operators have been impressed by the developers’ efforts so far, we think we’ve got nothing to worry about. However, we’ll have to wait and see if anything quite so idyllic as this Christmas-card-with-added-Nazis turns up.