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Mature games remade for the Wii family

Hot on the heels of Grand Fit Auto, Rockstar’s Head Boy gives gamers a chance to control a prefect at a prestigious school for the gifted. You’ll get the chance to brown nose and straighten up and fly right like never before, as you complete Brain Training-style questions to achieve straight A’s, befriend teachers and geeks, and participate in community work.

The Wii family seal of approval

Soul 'Cover Up' Calibur

Gaming’s number one boob-jiggling beat ‘em up makes its debut on the Wii, minus all those offensive, uncovered lady bumps. Now the whole family can get involved, as Namco has covered all female protagonists in layers of winter woolly clothing. Don’t want little Timmy controlling the game’s nunchucks, katanas or lightsabers? No need to fret, because every fighter now comes equipped with blow up sticks. So why not invite Gran and Grandpa round for some asexual, wholesome fighting fun?

The Wii family seal of approval

Nov 12, 2009

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