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Lost Planet - single player hands-on

Unfortunately, we also noted a distinct lack of variety in the environments. You pretty much get about three different locales: exterior frozen wastes, interior industrial complexes and interior musty caves. Still, what Lost Planet lacked in environmental punch (it is set in a barren snowscape, after all, what do you expect?), it made up for with maddeningly challenging boss fights. In our five level demo, we ran up against at least that many titanic Akrid defilers, all of which were just itching to stomp us into the hard-packed permafrost. Whether it was a giant moth-monster dropping explosive eggs on our perilous climb to a craggy, snow-capped summit or a steam-rolling cousin to the Roley-poley (whichWikipedia informs us is actually called a Woodlouse) that turned a semi-spherical cavern into a treacherous bug superhighway, we had to stay on our toes constantly in order to simply survive.

With Lost Planet still just barely visible on the 2007 horizon, we're hoping that Capcom can deliver another playable demo over Xbox Live soon so you all can have another taste of the treats this game is sure to bring next year.