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Kirby's Dream Collection release date sort of revealed

Though we didn't catch a glimpse at anything Kirby-related at Nintendo's press conference yesterday, they have seen fit to grace us with the tiniest bit of information regarding Kirby's Dream Collection. The Wii game is a celebration of sorts timed to coincide with Kirby's 20th anniversary in the gaming industry.

Though Nintendo has oddly opted not to inform anyone about which games will be included in the collection, we now know that it will be arriving in stores sometime in September of this year.

Ever since the adorable tour-de-force that was Kirby's Epic Yarn (and the similarly fantastic Return to Dreamland) we've been iching for some more Kirby in our lives. In the absence of a new WiiU title, we'll have to accept this compilation. We just hope the games included are worth returning to Dreamland for.