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Kevin Butler gets turned into a Sackboy by LittleBigPlanet 2... then delivers a Sackbaby

Yes, yes. We do realise every time we link to a Kevin Bulter ad, we’re helping to shill Sony’s highly entertaining interactive products for them. Give us a break, though. It’s shitting KB. If Nintendo or Microsoft had an imaginary VP even a quarter as awesome we’d gladly shill their stuff, too. Not only does his latest adventure see him defusing bombs, solving Earth’s energy crisis and delivering babies, it’s just been parodied by LittleBigPlanet 2. Damn. We had no idea sack babies were so fugly.

Here's the original video of KB generally acting like the VP of The Second Coming...

And this is LBP2's take on his heroic shenanigans...

Above: KB Sackboy and his big ruddy knifedon't mess about when it comes to bomb disposal

Above: D'awwwwww just look at KB's winning smile. Sackboy, you ain't got shit on the genuine article


Dec 9, 2010

Source: TheSixthAxis