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New Xbox chief is Julie Larson-Green after Microsoft reorganization

The new head of Xbox is 20-year Microsoft employee Julie Larson-Green. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer today announced a large-scale reorganization for the software giant in a letter to employees, including a new Devices and Studios Engineering Group responsible for Xbox.

Larson-Green will be accountable for all hardware development and supply chain operations for Xbox and other Microsoft devices like Surface Tablets. She was formerly engineering head for the Windows operating system.

Don Mattrick was formerly in charge of Xbox as president of its Interactive Entertainment Business, a role he vacated last week. Wired published a brief profile on Larson-Green, if you're interested in learning more about the new Xbox boss.

Ballmer said Microsoft means to improve company-wide collaboration with the new divisions and positions.

"We will see our product line holistically, not as a set of islands," Ballmer wrote. "We will allocate resources and build devices and services that provide compelling, integrated experiences across the many screens in our lives, with maximum return to shareholders. All parts of the company will share and contribute to the success of core offerings, like Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox, Surface, Office 365 and our EA offer, Bing, Skype, Dynamics, Azure and our servers. All parts of the company will contribute to activating high-value experiences for our customers."

Hear that, everyone? High-value experiences!

Connor Sheridan
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