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Josh Hartnett and Sam Rockwell reach the End Zone

Anyone desperate to see Josh Hartnett knocked around by American Football players three times his size will finally get their chance when he stars in End Zone.

George Ratliff is directing the film, adapted from Don DeLillo’s novel about a talented running back (it’s one of the positions in what we like to term rugby for wimps) who is having trouble dealing with the price of college football game. His life isn’t helped by a teacher who sees the player as the perfect student and soldier for his movement. Oh, and then there’s Sam Rockwell, who will be doing his very best to pump him up as the school’s publicist. Finally, there’s Kat Dennings as the girl he loves.

"End Zone is such a wonderfully subversive novel that I always saw a movie in it," Ratliff blabbed to Variety. The director co-wrote the script with David Gilbert and he’ll start shooting this February in New Mexico.