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Is this Jill Valentine cosplay still cosplay if it's her actual model?

If these Resident Evil cosplay photos look uncannily accurate to you, it's probably because they depict the actual Jill Valentine - or the woman that Jill Valentine's in-game appearance has been based off of since the 2002 Resident Evil remake, anyway. Actress Julia Voth and photographers Gil Riego Jr. and Flip Cassidy took the shots, which not only recreate the spec-ops cop in her original uniform, but also show admirable attention to trigger discipline. Although I have to wonder, should we still call it cosplay when you're playing a character based off of you…?

Voth told IGN that she's received requests to recreate Jill Valentine in real life for years, but the gift of a custom-made STARS beret from a fan finally pushed her over the edge. The photos were taken in Los Angeles, presumably to minimize the amount of Photoshop work required for a post-apocalyptic feel.

And if you want to decide once and for all who wore the beret better, here are all the awful live-action cutscenes from the original Resident Evil:

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