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iPhone game of the day: Rock Band

Game: Rock Band
Price: £3.99/$6.99
Size: 161MB
Buy it now on the iTunes Store

How can a game that's all about playing classic rock songs on fake plastic instruments be any good when you take said instruments away? Somehow - and it's to the game designers' great credit - Rock Band on iPhone is every bit as enjoyable as its console daddy.

You tap the screen as the notes reach their markers, playing or muting the authentic master track just as seamlessly as ever. There's wi-fi multiplayer to play songs with your mates too, so while this doesn't quite provide the same 'band feeling' as the original, it's damn close. And, with 30 free songsplus loads more available to purchase in-app, there's enough content to keep you busy for ages.

Above: You can even save your ailing bandmates with Overdrive mode

02 Jul, 2010

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