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iPhone Game of the Day: Paper Toss

Game: Paper Toss
Price: Free
Size: 11.7MB
Out: Now

Avoid the wrath of your co-workers and office cleaners by playing this classic Paper Toss game on iPhone instead of your work place.This bin-based basketball is great fun and will ensure that your limp-wristwon't leavecrushed up bits of A4strewn about the place.Plus, thereare a few little touches in this game that trump the real thing. Oh, and it's free.

Above:Use the wind to your advantage as you plan a shot

You start with a paper ball at the bottom of the screen and you have to flick it to the waste-paper bin at the top. The flight of your projectile is affected bydeskfans that blow at different speeds so you have to aim further to the right, if there's a strong gust going left and vice-versa.

Above:There are different locations foryou to explore (read: look at)

If things are too easy you canramp things up a notch by increasing the difficultywhichchanges the wind power and moves the bin furtheraway.There arealsonew areas, likethe airport lounge and basement,that are purely cosmetic but at leastadds a new backdrop to the action.It's satisfying when you hear that sweet thud ofball hitting the bottom of thebasketbut it's nailingyourhighscores thatmakes Paper Toss essesntialfor your iPhone games collection.

Get Paper Toss for free at iTunes now

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