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iPhone game of the day: High Noon STARS & STRIPES

Game: High Noon STARS %26amp; STRIPES
Price: Free
Size: 18.7MB
Get it now on the iTunes Store

Reach for the sky, partner. Or, in this case, the App Store, because High Noon offers some rootin' tootin' Western fun. Centred around fighting other folk online with your custom gunslinger in tense shootouts, it not only uses the iPhone's tilt controls to brilliant effect, but is also surprisingly deep.

Above: A good, strong cowboy name

Once you've challenged someone to a duel, you have to holster your iPhone by your side and then draw your weapon (like you would an actual pistol) when you feel the vibration. It's then a case of aiming by titling your phone and tapping the screen to fill your foe with hot lead. You can use the cash you acquire from fights to kit your cowboy out in the hottest Wild West clobber.

Above: Fights can be tough until you level up and get some better guns

If you're too lily-livered for a face-off, you can simply try to steal your fellow players loot by going into their profiles. Although if you get caught, you'll be forced into a showdown. Oh, and you can also give youroutlaw any bad-ass name you want. Just don't try and steal Rab McEastwood. That's taken.

Above: Everyone knows Scotsmen make the best sharpshooters

Clint would truly be proud.

July 12, 2010