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How to stream Chernobyl online: watch it now

How to stream Chernobyl online: watch now
Image credit: HBO

It's taken the TV world by storm and near unprecedented levels of critical acclaim, and everybody needs to know how to stream Chernobyl online. Everyone is watching it. This mini-series quickly overtook the usual behemoths at the top of popular ranking websites after only a couple of episodes, and it has established itself as another unmissable TV program of 2019. Putting it simply, it may not be an 'enjoyable' series, or particularly cheery, but you need to watch Chernobyl online now. 

The mini-series - only five episodes, so it's a short binge - brilliantly retells the story of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster. From the night of the disaster, to its actual occurrence, and from the horrible effects it had on people and the surrounding landscape, to the political machinations of the Soviet Union that tried to contain and suppress the event, and all with accurately horrifying realism. What results is a short series full of intrigue, tension, drama and grimness, all based on historical facts - themselves equally morbidly interesting. Much of the latter only coming to light years after the event following decades of obfuscation and cover ups. 

It's a gripping series that'll long be regarded in the top echelons of TV, so you need to know how to watch Chernobyl online. So if you want to make sure you're in a position to catch the last episode, or if your new to the series and need to know your options, then look right here for the main streaming options here to make sure you know how to stream Chernobyl online.

How to stream Chernobyl online: watch now

Image credit: HBO

How to watch Chernobyl via a VPN

The use of VPNs is a very effective method to stream Chernobyl, and other shows, that might not currently be on your radar. If you're away on vacation, summer holidays, or on business trips, these handy systems will allow you to access streaming services no matter where you are in the world. We've got a handful of favourite VPNs:

ExpressVPN is our favorite VPN for TV and film, and it's often ranked number one in the world generally. This is because its speedy, reliable, secure and compatible with loads of devices. They have a current offer of an extra 3 months for free at the moment, too.

IPVanish supports an enormous number of devices so is great for watching on the go, while its security aspect will keep you safe.

NordVPN is an affordable option and also includes SmartPlay tech.

Streaming Chernobyl in the US

Much like another relatively big show of recent weeks, the obvious thing is that it is an HBO show. This means, rather obviously, the best way to stream it in the US is by going to the source and getting an HBO NOW subscription. They offer different packages, each offering a free trial at the beginning. Prices begin at $14.99 a month and, naturally, change (increase) depending on which package you choose. If you're out of the country, don't forget your VPN options above to help access your HBO NOW account on the go. However, you can also watch it on HBO via Amazon by using this link to activate an account through the online retailer if you prefer running things through your Amazon account.

Streaming Chernobyl in the UK

UK viewers generally have two options available to them: sign up directly with Sky TV to get the Sky Atlantic channel that Chernobyl is on, or access it via a NOWTV Entertainment Pass. NOWTV provides the best short-term option for Chernobyl wathcing as you can get a 3-month Entertainment Pass, that includes a 7-day free trial for new customers, for just £17.99 which will now offer you some entertainment well into the summer months. (Other bundles are also on offer at NOWTV.)

However, you too can still have a look to see if the VPN options available to you are worthwhile, particularly if you are abroad, on holiday or away from your regular services for some reason.

Streaming Chernobyl in Canada

For our Canadian readers, the best option for you is Crave. As with other streaming services, you can pay monthly for Crave but you can also go for an annual subscription. If you go for a year-long subscription, they will usually throw in one month for free. Prices vary but the packages you'll be looking for - ones including HBO - are around $20 per month. Of course, you might want to try the above VPN options if you're on the move or unable to access due to pesky geography.

Streaming Chernobyl in India

Would-be viewers in India probably have the best option available to them for streaming Chernobyl. Heading over to Hotstar, you lucky lot can sign up to a premium account for only ₹299 ($3) for a month, or ₹999 ($14) for an entire year. Don't forget your VPNs too, if need be.

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