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Guild Wars 2 gets guesting on Jan. 28

The denizens of Tyria will no longer either remain trapped on their home servers or risk losing their spot to play with friends. ArenaNet today announced that guesting, a long-anticipated and much-delayed feature which lets Guild Wars 2 players temporarily jump into a different server, will go live on January 28.

Guild Wars 2 is distinguished from the MMORPG pack largely by its organic methods of fostering player cooperation and community, which made it extra lame that playing with friends on different servers was such a headache. Now characters can participate in the game's range of PvE options wherever they want--as long as it's no more than two different guest servers in a 24-hour period.

Players won't be able to participate in World vs. World battles (otherwise that could be a cunning way to gather intel and/or sabotage competing servers) and will find that full-scale World Transfers--which are still required to move from geographical region to region--will no longer be free, and instead priced according to the destination's population.

ArenaNet laid out plans for other extensive changes to the game in 2013 and revealed it has surpassed 3 million sales in another recent blog post.

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