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Guardians of Middle-Earth E3 trailer gets us hyped for canon-shattering LOTR action

Ever since Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced Guardians of Middle-Earth, the Lord of the Rings-based MOBA, we’ve been wondering just how the console-based downloadable title will look and play. With this stunning CGI trailer for the game, we’ve now gotten a taste of the former. This intense battle scene offers fan service out the wazoo, complete with Gandalf slinging spells and Gollum biting at ankles; it’ll leave LOTR fans whooping and hollering as their favorite heroes and villains duke it out in a chaotic high-res teamfight.

From the looks of things, it’s confirmed that there’ll definitely be two teams of five duking it out, with “factions” consisting of the classic good vs. evil. There’s no shortage of cool characters in the LOTR universe, so we’re already guessing at who else might be a hero in the game. It could be a little while before we see actual gameplay footage of GoME, but rewatching this rad trailer will keep us occupied until then.