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God of War IV spotted in DoTA 2 composer's resume

Kratos's return may be sooner than we think, as hints of an imminent God War IV release have once again cropped up in an online resume and in a sneak peak of UK's PSM3 magazine.

This week, the unannounced sequel was spotted listed as an upcoming project on a resume belonging to composer Timothy Williams, who's previous work includes penning music for Defense of the Ancients 2 and Rise of the Argonauts; as well as movies like Watchmen, Sucker Punch, and Conan the Barbarian.

References to God of War IV were also found in a preview of PSM3's January 2012 issue, wherein a possible co-op mode with Kratos's sibling was discussed, noting, “Why is it hot? It’s bringing double kratos to the series. GOW 4 was confirmed to PSM3 mid-2011 by a reliable source, and rumors point to a multiplayer twist. Mad idea? Online co-op with a (possibly) dead Kratos and (very) dead brother Deimos teaming up to escape the afterlife.”

True or not, this isn't the first time PSM3 has heralded the fourth coming of Kratos. Last spring, the magazine predicted Sony Santa Monica would hit shelves as soon as September 2012. Mentions of online play—featuring dead siblings or otherwise—also appeared in a 2011 job posting seeking a senior online programmer to “Join the God of War team!” and be responsible for “designing and implementing systems and tools to support networking needs (such as in-game communication, client-server, match-making, leaderboards).”

All said, it's looking very likely that the God of War “trilogy” will be getting another chapter. Expect the internets to explode with an official announcement within the coming months.

Source: via Siliconera