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Get ready for Shark Night 3D

Stuntman-turned-director-of-silly-but-fun-popcorn-entertainment David R Ellis (what an intro) has signed up to helm a new horror flick entitled Shark Night 3D .

Which, much like his Snakes On A Plane , pretty much tells you exactly what to expect in one neat little marketing-friendly package.

In other words: Sharks. In 3D! Which incites both chills of panic as memories of Jaws 3D resurface, and also a guilty little trill of expectation to see what Ellis and his crew can come up with.

Written by Jesse Studenberg and Will Hayes, Ellis will be drawing on Walt Conti from other fin-flick Deep Blue Sea to create the animatronic monsters.

Ellis worked with Conti on DBS as second unit director, while Conti also created the water-based beasts for Free Willy and Anaconda .

Not only does Ellis have experience with film sharks, he also went 3D with last year’s The Final Destination . So, really, it’s an ideal project for him.

Before Shark Night , the director is tackling crime drama Milwaukee and thriller Six Days To Midnight . If it’s sharks you’re after, you'll have to wait for him to finish up those two first.

Want sharks... in 3D?!