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Gamings most green characters


Yoshi has been one of Marios closest allies since the dinosaur was introduced in Super Mario World, though hes been known to compete against Mario in any number of sporting events. And while the species may come in a kaleidoscope of colors, the most common (and most loved) Yoshi is renowned for his green hide.

Link just wouldnt be the hero of time if not for his ever-present green tunic and hat. The reasoning for his lime attire changes with each game--sometimes a family heirloom, others the normal dress of the people that adopted him--but no matter the excuse, his epic adventures cant begin until he dons his green garb.


Hes the celebrated wild man of the Street Fighter series, but Blankas history is pretty muddled, though there is an explanation for his green skin. The coloring is attributed to the chlorophyll in his plant-heavy diet, which allowed him to blend in in the Brazillian forest he calls home.


Bulbasaur originated the Poke-trend of excessively green starters, which is more than fitting for many players first plant type Pokemon. As his name reflects, hes a mix of plant life and a dinosaur, though the dinosaur part of him becomes less cute as he evolves.


Yes, this list found room for another green reptile. Bub is one half of the brotherly duo that stars in Bubble Bobble and Bust-a-Move, and hes surprisingly versatile. Not only can he transform into a more powerful dragon form, but hes also been known to shift into Bubby, a human boy that adopts a look suspiciously similar to Luigis green and blue overalls.


Likely the first green hero in video game history, Frogger wasnt out to save the world. He just wanted to cross the street without being crushed to death. Its hard not to want to root for such an underdog, even one so fragile that water can kill him.

Green with envy

Did we miss your favorite green hero? Wed love to hear about them in the comments. And after seeing these characters youll remember to wear green this St. Patricks Day, or else people will be allowed to pinch you all day. Its the law.


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