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Gaming's Halloween-iest levels

Mann Manor (Team Fortress 2)

Yes, the Horseless Headless Horsemann is well aware of that 'growth' protruding from his orange noggin. Staring at it will just hurt his feelings.

Wicked Woods (Beetle Adventure Racing)

If this was a panel from The Far Side by Gary Larson, the caption would be "Obscure enough for ya?"

BONUS ROUND! The Halloween-iest GAMES!

Why stop at one or more levels? Why not just run with the theme of Halloween over the course of your entire game?! These titles really step it up when it comes to embodying the Halloween spirit. On a mostly unrelated note, you would not believe the amount of effort I put into making the above image look as corny as possible.

Monster Party

I would never pick on you, Mr. Pumpkin-head-on-a-ghost's-body. Let's be friends instead! Another instance of cyber-bullying, FOILED!

Monster Bash


Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia

Whoever commissioned that street sign had some absurdly accurate premonitions.


Please come back on PS4, Sir Daniel Fortesque. We all miss you terribly.

Nightmare in the Dark

Just like Bubble Bobble, if Bubble Bobble starred gravediggers instead of adorable dragons!


Just like Gradius, if Gradius starred a group of gothic lolitas instead of spaceships!

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Last name: Ever. First name: Greatest Game Featuring Copious Horror Movie Tropes.