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Best gaming chair for PS4, PS5, and Xbox: get comfy whatever your console setup

Gaming chair for PS4 and Xbox One guide: get comfy whatever your console-setup
(Image credit: Future/Brazen)

Looking for the best console chair or best gaming chair for your PS4, PS5 or Xbox console? Look no further than our following buying guide, as we've rounded up a few good contenders vying for your money, and how to make the right choice for your preferred gaming set-up. What's more, some of these chairs are currently on offer right now for the sales season, so it's never been a better time to make a purchase. 

The best console gaming chairs and gaming chairs for PS4, PS5 and Xbox are also a great accoutrement to those who've just made the jump to the next generation on PS5 or Xbox Series X - decking out your gaming set-up with a comfy, versatile cushion on wheels (or not, depending on your preferences) to make interactive entertainment that much more relaxing. So read on below for everything you need to know about the best gaming chairs for PS4 or PS5 or Xbox consoles and more. 

You'll find a variety of options here; we've included everything from pedestals and bean bags to office-syle chairs, and from softweave fabric to faux-leather seats. There's also something to suit every age-group, so you'll be well served regardless of whether you're shopping for yourself or your kids. 

As a bit of a warning, such has been the case with so much gaming kit over the past few months, some of these console gaming chairs go in and out of stock like there's no tomorrow so you might have to keep checking back with us in order to find the right one for you. Fingers crossed you'll find something here that's perfect for you and your setup though.

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Gaming chair for PS4 and Xbox One - Pedestals

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(Image credit: Xrocker)
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(Image credit: Xrocker)
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(Image credit: Xrocker)
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(Image credit: Xrocker)

X-Rocker Pro Series

Comfort, quality, wireless audio; an all-in-one console gaming chair

Length: 34in (87cm) | Width: 24.8in (63cm) | Height: 41in (104cm) | Max weight: 275lb (124kg)

Robust and solid
Audio and rumble are great features

Generally accepted as the premium of the pedestal console gaming chair range, X-Rocker's Pro series are excellent for those that want a gaming chair for PS4 or Xbox One - or whatever - that offers everything. And it's also very comfortable and is finished in a pleasing black aesthetic on faux leather.

One of the big unique selling points of the chair is its tri-motor vibration, which takes seat-bound immersion to a new level, alongside its 4.1 sound setup that includes a punchy woofer. The vibration stays in sync with the woofer's bass tones and creates a powerful full-body sensation that's great for heightening the console gaming experience.

This is premium in every way and that does extend to the size - it's a bit of a chonker but will serve you well in doing so as it's sturdy and robust. Not one for hiding in the corner of the room, though, due to its size, at least a plain black aesthetic helps to keep it 'living room-friendly' and not too garish or outlandish.

If you want a top-performing pedestal console chair for PS4 or Xbox and so on, then you can't go far wrong with the Pro series from X-Rocker.

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(Image credit: Brazen)
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(Image credit: Brazen)
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(Image credit: Brazen)
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(Image credit: Brazen)
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(Image credit: Brazen)

Brazen Serpent

The best pedestal console chair (in the UK)

Length: 31in (79cm) | Width: 25in (63.4cm) | Height: 36in (91cm) | Max weight: 330lb (150kg)

Very comfortable
Good audio
Solid build
Neat and tidy design
Not wireless
Not much chair customisation (but that's being picky)

Brazen's Serpent gaming pedestal is probably one of the best pedestals available right now on comfort alone. However, on top of that, it chucks in great features, solid audio, and good design options, supported by a solid build, too.

There is a simple construction process that involves attaching the arms and the base, and then the chair is simple and convenient to store, with the back folding over onto the seat. The colours available offer a good cross-section covering those who prefer a 'looks at home in the home' more subtle approach, and some more colourful arrangements for those whole like their gaming kit to shout about it a bit. Overall though, it does a decent job of looking at home anywhere, and it's comfort and audio double whammy are an excellent combination in a gaming chair that is primed for console play. 

Small gripes include having to be fully wired into the media source as opposed to having a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, and perhaps wanting a bit more customisation and adjustability, but it's a fair compromise and the design can't cater to literally every chair need simply though the factor of design.

As the console gaming chair market grows, this sets a high bar for something already available and compatible with lots of devices. If Brazen develops on this chair for PS4 or Xbox and matches it in line with the next-gen consoles' developments then we could be in for a fun, comfortably, and feature-ridden chair ride.

Note: US stock is very hard to come by at this time.

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(Image credit: i-eX)
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(Image credit: i-eX)

i-eX Gaming Chair Bean Bag

A squidgy but exceptionally comfy console option

Length: 35in (88cm) | Width: 35in (88cm) | Height: 36in (91cm) | Seat height: c.12in (c.30cm) off the ground | Max weight: N/A

Exceptionally comfortable
Perfect for console gaming
Ideal for the living room
Backrest is genuinely supportive
You’ll still be a little low
Large diameter

Bean bags get thrown around - literally and figuratively - in the conversation about console gaming chairs but this is one we can definitely recommend. The i-eX Gaming Chair Bean Bag is a perfectly soft and squidgy option and a great choice for those without a desk-bound gaming setup. Its design is of a high-backed bucket seat (which might be a bit low for some) putting you pleasingly at coffee-table height, and it keeps its shape during movements and literally moulds to your every move, while still supporting you if you're leaning forward or casually reclined (and everything in between). Its aesthetic and design are as subtle as beanbags get, but the gaming-focus enables it to stand out from the crowd of run-of-the-mill sacks. More importantly, it dispels any stereotypes that bean bags are only for children or that gaming-focused bags are tacky. 

It’s perfect for console gaming in a communal room like the living room or den as it does a good job of blending into your room as a general soft furnishing or different place to sit, even with its slightly distinctive design and branding on the front. It doesn't have any fancy features like cup holders or hidden pockets, but the i-eX will keep you comfy in any position for hours at a time, has decent back support (for something that is essentially fluid in a bag), and looks pretty cool.

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Brazen Emperor

(Image credit: Brazen)

Brazen Emperor

A great rocker for console gaming (or Pedestal)

Length: 26in (66cm) | Width: 17in (43cm) | Height: 26in (66cm)

Good audio
Solid build and design
Nice finishing material
Not wireless
A bit short

With homes and even specific rooms having to be more multi-use than ever, ensuring you have a console-specific chair is a good idea. Also available as a pedestal, the Emperor Rocker from Brazen fits that bill. 

The Emperor is comfortable, finished nicely, and is robust enough to be used as a main console chair for adults or kids, and the audio quality is of a good standard - if you're in a position to plug the chair in. As I said in my Brazen Emperor review, it is a little disappointing that the chair isn't truly wireless, especially as we enter a new console gaming generation. And while robust and sturdy and pretty comfy, the chair is less ideal for those of us who are taller - the neck and arms feel too low overall and this breaks the comfort ever now and then, even when you can slouch to have your elbows on the rests.

Nonetheless, if you're after a solid console gaming rocker (or pedestal) then Brazen and the Emperor offers a great option.

Note: this is only available in the UK as of now (January 2021).

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Brazen Pride Brazen Stag console gaming chair

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Brazen Pride Brazen Stag console gaming chair

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Brazen Pride Brazen Stag console gaming chair

Brazen Pride or Brazen Stag console chair

The best console chair for kids and teens

Length: 28in (72cm) | Width: 21in (55cm) | Height: 37 (94cm) | Max weight: 330lbs (150kg)

Built-in speakers
Breathable fabric design
Lots of designs available
Too small for most adults

Another offering from Brazen, this design covers both the Brazen Pride and Brazen Stag as they are incredibly similar - you'll see both in the prices above - though there is a slight difference in the finishing design patterns.

The chairs have the neat party piece of offering 'surround sound' but this might be using artistic license a bit as we found it easy enough to clearly discern between the audio coming out of the left-right speakers up top and a larger speaker on the back

You will be tethered to your media though, as the chair requires 3.5mm headphone port, or the red/white phono connections to operate at it's fullest. There are two easy to reach knobs on the side to adjust volume and bass levels and while these chairs won't provide the most premium of sound, we enjoyed the closeness of the stereo audio and punchy bass that is a real bonus for something that is a good chair in its own right but made a little better and more unique by adding good audio.

A small warning is necessary, however: the chair is not very tall, and most adults will have to fight a little with the headrest as it will likely poke into your back or shoulders. If you're under or around 5 foot 5 inches, then you may have more comfort, and it's certainly a great shout for children and early teens.

Note: US stock is very hard to come by at this time.

Gaming chair for PS4 and Xbox One - Office chair style

While we're big fans of gaming chairs for PS4 or Xbox One that are suited to low comfort and TV setups, we understand that there are a whole host of people that play on their consoles at desks or as part of home office, multi-device setups. If you're on the lookout for a more 'traditional' office-type chair, then these are the best ones we've had in that'll provide hours of comfort.

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(Image credit: Secret Lab)
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(Image credit: Secretlab)

Secretlab Omega Softweave

The best gaming chair overall

Length: 27.5in (70cm) | Width: 26.7in (68cm) | Height: 49.6in - 53.5in (126cm - 136cm) | Max weight: 240lbs (108kg)

Extremely comfortable and supportive
Soft, textured fabric
Sturdy and durable
Softweave fabric will stain

We think that, even in an increasingly crowded field, the Secretlab Omega Softweave probably is the top gaming seat going in the office shape. It's supremely comfortable, built from top-tier materials, and will outlast a lot of actual gaming hardware. It's a big investment but one that'll go all the way in justifying the price of admission.

The smooth, soft fabric is luxurious, and the chair is designed successfully to be incredibly supportive - though you can still slouch back and the chair will accommodate you. That's combined with a new metal armrest mechanism for adjusting the chair in almost any direction. As a result of such mechanisms, the Secretlab Omega Softweave offers the perfect balance between comfort, ease, and support.

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(Image credit: Noblechairs)
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(Image credit: Noblechairs)

Noblechairs Hero gaming chair

The best premium gaming chair

Length: 26.3in (67cm) | Width: 27.1in (69cm) | Height: 50.1in - 53.5in (127.5cm - 136cm) | Max weight: 330lbs (150kg)

A refined-looking chair
Perfect for gaming and office work
Excellent quality

The Noblechairs Hero is a sound choice for any sort of gaming chair, particularly if you've saved up with something premium in mind. Perfect for multi-function setups - and thus perfect for the year 2020, year of working and playing at home - it's got bucket loads of comfort that arrive as a result of using superior building materials, and a careful evasion of the racing-style bucket seat design. A firm back and seat encourage better posture, and it's comfortable for long periods of time, and the armrests can be adjusted to suit you.

If you're looking for a flashy chair with lots of gimmicks, this might not be it. But for someone who fancies a dependable, well-made chair that's ideal for the work-and-play balance or dual setups we're all seeing more of now, then this is it.

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(Image credit: AndaSeat)
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(Image credit: AndaSeat)
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(Image credit: AndaSeat)
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(Image credit: AndaSeat)

AndaSeat Fnatic Edition gaming chair

A premium chair that's great for comfort

Length: 34.2in (86.9cm) | Width: 22.8in (57.9cm) | Height: 52.6"-54.8n (133.6cm - 139.2cm) | Max weight: 441lbs (200kg)

Incredibly comfortable
Wide in the leg
Fantastic lower back support
Head cushion is too hard
A little difficult to build

The AndaSeat Fnatic Edition is a great option for those looking for a gaming chair that provides comfort no matter your size. It's made from premium PVC, has a cool black and orange aesthetic, features adjustable memory foam cushions for that ultimate ergonomic support, 4D armrest movements, and back adjustments to a Leisure Mode that lets you unlock the recline for a little more relaxation during those long gaming sessions. 

Thankfully though, the comfort and ergonomics on offer make this perfect for working from home too. It can be a bit frustrating at points in assembly and it's a sizeable investment - though not the largest in the market - but the AndaSeat Fnatic is one of the comfiest gaming chairs around.

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