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Game of Thrones' Season 1 trailer remade in Skyrim combines two of our favorite things

Last month, we shared with you a video of 100 dragons vs 1,000 archers in Skyrim, and I forewarned that it was just the tip of the machinima iceberg. Well, call me Nostra-Samus, because now we have this wonderful recreation of the Game of Thrones season 1 trailer, remade in - you guessed it - Skyrim.

The creator, UpIsNotJump, specializes in these sorts of productions. On their YouTube page, they have videos Rick & Morty, Captain America: Civil War, and Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting, all remade with Bethesda RPGs. This particular video, UpIsNotJump claims, required more than 260 mods to create. UpIsNotJump writes that they will "most likely" create more of these, one for each season. In other words:

Winter(hold) is coming.

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Sam Prell
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