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Game of Thrones might be taking a year-long break before its "big" final season

Game of Thrones giveth, Game of Thrones taketh away. Game of Thrones season 7 may be just around the corner but eyes are, inevitably, being drawn towards the final season. That will take time, though. Possibly a whole painstaking two years’ worth of time. Sob.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, HBO programming president Casey Bloys revealed that the network is giving showrunners Dan Weiss and David Benioff a big window of time to really nail the show’s end run.

Bloys explains when asked about the possibility of a 2019 air-date, “Yeah. They have to write the episodes and figure out the production schedule. We’ll have a better sense of that once they get further into the writing.”

God, I really hope they go all hyper-speed with their writing this time around. Two years waiting around twiddling my thumbs in anticipation of the final six episodes would be about as unbearable as watching The Red Wedding on a loop.

Bloys, though, leaves us with a hint of what’s to come, probably topping all that’s gone before it in Westeros: “When you see these battles in season 7, and what I imagine season 8 will be, it’s a big, big show.”

Image: HBO

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