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Game music of the day: ICO

Game: ICO

Song: You Were There

Composer: Michiru Oshima, Koicih Yamazaki, Steven Geraghty

Above: You Were There from ICO

Truly one of the PS2's most brilliant titles, ICO has gone on to become one of the most adored adventure games of all time. The heady puzzles, dreamlike visuals and tangible bond between cursed Ico and the ghostly Yorda would be standout features in any other game - to have them all in one, plus a stirring, subdued soundtrack, is a once-in-a-generation event.

The above music plays during the ending, which you can watchhere. Ico, who had literally led Yorda around by the hand for most of the game, now lays battered and weakened. In a touching reversal, Yorda must now carry him out ofthe crumbling castle, repaying him for the constant peril he endured while protecting her fromthe tyrannical Queen. Already a memorable sequence, made even better by this song.

Up next is "Heal," which plays while you save your game. It's an extremely quick and almost inaudible tune, but no less emotional. Something about it cuts right through all the jaded moments of your teen or adult years and really makes you feel the connection between Ico and Yorda. I... I think I have something in all of my eyes...

And then here's a badassss remix of Heal from SuperGreenX, also found onOverClocked ReMix. I love this just as much as the original song, so enjoy it with maximum feeling.

Saren's Theme by Jack Wall and Sam Hulick

Factory Area by Charles Deened

Overworld theme by Kondo, Minegushi, Tominaga and Ota