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Game music of the day: Clockwork Knight 2

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July 5, 2010

Game:Clockwork Knight 2
Song: Title
Composer: Hirofumi Murasaki

Above: You should really hear this song with the its video presentation below

Clockwork Knight isn’t known by many, and for good reason: It was on the Saturn and it wasn’t very good. Even the music, while proficient, was of a very Jazzy Japanese, elevator variety featuring synthetic trumpets galore. What do you want? This was an extremely transitional period for games in general!

Above: Yeah… it’s basically Toy Story

Almost none of the issues that plagued the original game were addressed in the sequel… save for one:

Above: Oh, did youforget the dude is a Conquistador?

AYE PAPI! Instead of Kenny G-ing gamers to sleep, Clockwork Knight 2 stepped it up and opened with a bombastic salsa number the likes of which I,nor anyone who repeatedly watched it on the Saturn’s included demo disc, will ever forget... Unlike the game, which you’re probably hearing about for the very first time.

Clockwork Knight's only claim to fame: Hero, Sir Tongara de Pepperouchau III rocked the Keyblade long before Sora did in Kingdom Hearts

July 5, 2010

Game music of the day: Fallout 2
Salsa Title!

Level 1 by Nobuyuki Hara

Underlow by Jerry Schroeder