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Game music of the day: Bomberman Hero

Game: Bomberman Hero

Song: Beak

Composer:Jun Chiki Chikuma

Above: Beak from Bomberman Hero

When youhear "Bomberman," you never think "drum and bass club music." So why N64's Bomberman Hero, which arrived on Wii's Virtual Console this week, was chock full of hyperactive dance tunes instead of chipper, melodic game-bleeps is beyond me. Frankly it's baffled me for more than 10 years. But whatever the reasoning, Hero's inappropriate music is of the N64's strongest soundtracks, and absolutely worth a listen.

The song above, Beak, is actually the game's intro theme. This plays while a goofy Bomberman snowboards, rides a submarine and flies around with a propeller beanie sticking out of his head. It's one of the most incongruous audio/video moments I've ever witnessed in a game, but damn that's some quality music.

Above: Cell is possibly my favorite track from the game. It sounds too damn clear and produced to be coming out of an N64

Above: Redial is still intensely active, but there's a happier vibe about it. Really sounds like a drum & bass track you'd hear on a legit album

So who's behind this surprisingly crisp soundtrack on a system known for its tinny audio? That'd beJun Chiki Chikuma, who's produced just about every Bomberman soundtrack there is. Why Hero had such a differing style is unclear, but I again tip my hat to its substantial quality.

Title Screen by David Wise

Praying Hands by Funauchi

No Cigar by Millencolin