Full Auto leaves 360 for PS3

Tuesday 2 May 2006
Without wanting to look smug, just as we predicted last weekFull Auto is getting a sequel. But what we didn't predict was that Full Auto 2: Battlelines will be PS3 exclusive.

Publisher Sega has confirmed that the game will place greater emphasis on using the scenery to your advantage. That means firing rockets at vertical structures, darting underneath falling debris and leaving your opponents to pick their cars from the rubble. Sounds good.

The popular 'unwreck' function will make a welcome return and there will also be more customisation available for vehicles, ranging from new wheels and paint jobs to a complement of 20 different types of weapon.

Online arenas are promised for some deathmatch action, which should keep combatants closer together this time round - no one likes to die once and spend the rest of an online race alone at the back.

We liked Full Auto on Xbox 360, so here's hoping Pseudo Interactive can add some more variety to the gameplay and make the impressively destructible scenery a bit prettier. It's loads more fun destroying something beautiful, right kids?