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Friday Night Fights - Geralt vs. Sora

What a nail-bitter! After some 1,380 votes were cast, Dishonored's Corvo eked out victory over Skyrim's Dovahkiin--with a margin of victory at just 0.02%! Sorry, Elder Scrolls fans--don't look to us for a recount...

When a villain is loose, when war is imminent, when the very known galaxy is facing certain destruction *breathless pause*... it's totally inappropriate timing to have a popularity contest. But right now we've got peace, and with our 100 Best Heroes of All-Time rankings out, it's time to tease out--scientifically!--just who is better than whom. We'll tally up the votes at the end of each week and let you know which hero reigns supreme.

Tale of the Tape: Today's RPG day here on GamesRadar, and we've already named our 2012 RPG of the Year as XCOM: Enemy Unknown. As our nominees evince, the genre is diverse. How diverse? Enough to allow us to pit Geralt the Witcher in an even one-on-one brawl with Sora of the Keyblade.

Sora (Kingdom Hearts) - Few videogame heroes are as pure of heart and innocent of mind as young Sora. He values friendship above anything else, something he perhaps confuses with love, which is obviously what he’s feeling for Kairi. But that’s his charm – his childish naivety, like the way he meets a stranger and declares they’re friends after 20 seconds. And he has bigger feet than 99% of the heroes on this list, so he gets bonus points for that.

Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher) - The amnesiac Witcher from Rivia stands in sort of a grey area on the hero spectrum. He may make his living as a mercenary--killing monsters and mythical creatures for cold hard cash--but the monster hunter has a soft spot for the poor and downtrodden. He’ll fight till his last breath to defend nonhumans from oppression, but he can also be tilted the other way and take part in his fair share of debauchery and revenge. In the end though, he fights to bring justice to those who have wronged the people he cares for, making him a hero in his own right.

Who's start of the better RPG?