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First Tomb Raider trailer destroys something beautiful... Lara Croft

So what have we learned? Several things. Firstly, the new Lara looks amazing. This may only be CG, but we're more than a tiny bit in love. If Crystal Dynamics can carry across this level of personality into the game, we'll be mighty impressed.

Above: The eyes are still clearly Lara Croft, but her softer (initial) look is a pretty major step forward

Secondly, the lingering emphasis on the word 'Survivor' as Lara says she knows what she must become would suggest that the new game is going to be as much about staying alive as it is about raiding tombs. We're sure there will be some tombs in it seeing as that's the name of the game, but a constant struggle against the local fauna looks likely.

Above: Erm... where did that bow come from? Up until the accident, 'Claire's Accessories' looked most likely

Thirdly, things are a bit strange. There are several ships washed up alongside Lara's vessel, but two of them are proper sailing ships. Y'know, Spanish galleon style. Stranger still, their rigging still looks pretty new, not at all like they've been sat at the bottom of the ocean for centuries. Chuck in a crashed plane too and you've got yourself a mystery.

Finally, that desk is still awesome. It had better make an appearance in real-time gameplay, or at least DLC. Imagine if it became available in PlayStation Home, or as an item for your Xbox Avatar to sit at. Mmmmm... desky.

Above: That's not fan service...

Above: That's fan service

03 Jun, 2011

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