Fanboy wars throughout the ages - Settled at last!

Long before PC and Mac startedanthropomorphising their superiority over one another, the Speccy and C64 kicked each other's teeth out on a day-to-day basis. There were obvious reasons for the fans to be divided. The C64 was American, the Spectrum British. Both machines generally got the same games, but withclearly more powerful graphics and the still-awesome-today custom SID chip sound hardware, the Commodore versions always left Speccy ownersfeeling like starving Victorian orphans staring through a pie shop window.

But then the Spectrum was cheaper, and thus had a massive and loyal installed user-base that the C64 always had a hard time usurping. Plus, early models had a sexy rubber keyboard.

The statistics!:

And would you believe that the Doom test still applies? Well would you? BELIEVE!

Fan-made Doom running on a 128k Spectrum:

The nearest fan-made attempt at a C64 Doom we found on Youtube: