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Reached max population in Fallout Shelter? Don't worry, Bethesda has plans

Ever since its simultaneous announcement and launch at E3 2015, Fallout Shelter has kept fans happy. Well, except for when they're dealing with fires. And deathclaws. And raiders. Regardless, there does come a point in the game where you can unlock everything and reach a maximum population. If that situation describes you, fret not. Bethesda has updates to the game in the works - updates beyond simply adding new characters and enemies - that are aimed squarely at you.

Speaking to MCV, Bethesda's head of PR Pete Hines said that the team is working to grow the already immensely-popular game (it racked up more than one billion play sessions in its first month). "The intention is that for the rest of this year and into next year and beyond, we will continue to develop new stuff for the game - and not just Deathclaws, but to continue to grow and expand the game for folks that have hit 200 people and have maxed out everything," Hines said. "We are asking ourselves: What more can we add content wise for these people? That is definitely a big part of our plan."

Fallout Shelter players: What would you like to see added to keep you playing?

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Sam Prell
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