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Earth review

Mother Nature might be an unlikely contender for Best Original Screenplay but, as Earth proves, this planet’s eco-system contains enough high drama and engrossing storylines to rival Paul Haggis at his best. In the making for five years, this is nature documentary on an epic scale and it’s got it all: cutting edge time-lapse, high-definition photography, George Fenton’s soaring score and baby polar bears cuter and funnier than anything Disney could muster. Patrick “make it so” Stewart’s stentorian voiceover leads the way from pole to pole, taking in a massive array of species on the way and making the film’s environmental message resoundingly clear. Actually, he could have said even less. Every frame shouts “save the planet!” louder than a roaring pride of Kalahari lions – and when you’ve seen the film, you’ll know just how loud that is.

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