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EA will give away free Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit DLC if its trailer reaches one million views

Want free DLC for your copy of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit? Then you better get your ass over to YouTube and watch the official game trailer because if it hits one million views, EA will give out a dose of holiday cheer.

Within hours of EA announcing the promotion, views of the video has spiked. When this story was being written up, it was around 420,000 hits.

So it's sort of a cheesy promotional gimmick, but hey, it's free content so we won't complain, and the game isdamn good- somaybe 1 million people should watch the trailer.The DLC being ponied up will include afew unlockable cars.

So, if you've picked up the latest NFS game and want a free car or two, check out the 83-second video below... and encourage a few thousand of your friends to do the same.

[Source: Lazy Gamer]

Dec 1, 2010