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EA Mythic's goal "is not to kick WoW's arse"

Nov 5, 2007

According to product manager Attaba Rahim, EA Mythic hasn't gone out with the key intention of besting Blizzard's World of Warcraft with its forthcoming MMORPG Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

"...our goal is not to kick WoW's arse but to deliver the best MMO ever. With Warhammer Online, we will bring new, fresh, funny things that players will embrace (we hope)," says Attaba Rahim in a recent interview.

"We want our game appealing for different kinds of players - if we have this success, it will be more interesting than kicking WoW or whatever MMO competitors' arse," he adds.

Rahim goes on to describe the game, which has recently been hit by a new delay from early to mid-2008, as an MMORPG evolution rather than a revolution: "It's more about an evolution as players want something different but with some familiar elements.”

What with EA Mythic's solid grounding in the MMO genre via its experience with Dark Age of Camelot coupled with the popularity of Games Workshop's Warhammer fantasy universe, we're expecting Age of Reckoning to be a smash. But could it ever best WoW in popularity? We can only wait and see...

Courtesy of CVG.