E-rated games that are evil

Censors exist to protect vulnerable youngling minds. They are upstanding guardians fighting valiantly to keep unsavoury adult gametertainment away from innocent little Johnny and Jane Couch Potato. And, generally, they do sterling work. Virtual re-enactments of murder, foul-language, filthy dirty sex and other such heinous stains on humanity's under-gusset are correctly branded as suitable only for a mature audience. An audience that is righteous and incorruptible.
But sometimes we think the censors get it wrong. Sometimes pure evil slips through the net like a putrid malevolent fish, duping the certificators with well-disguised wickedness before swimming away with an E for everyone rating clutched under its dirty little fin. But don't be fooled. These games aren't E for everyone, they're E for evil. And we've sniffed out these evil fish in sheep's clothing.

In our exclusive nonvestigative report, we expose the games parading as puritan software that could pollute the impressionable minds of the young forever. As you read this unapologetically sensationalist article, ask yourself this question: If the court order was lifted and you were allowed to have children in your care, would you want them playing games like these..?