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New Doom teaser gives a taste of multiplayer mayhem across nine maps

While the multiplayer beta doesn't begin until March 31 and the full game won't be out until May 13, you can still put a little more Doom in your day thanks to a new teaser and map details from Bethesda. The demon slaughter simulator will come with nine maps when it launches, and they range from hellish to actual, literal Hell. Take a look:

Bethesda has also provided descriptions of each scenic locale, should you wish to collect them into a brochure and try to sell your loved ones on a trip to sunny Mars.

Excavation: A modest-sized UAC mining outpost. Watch out for the rock grinder!
Infernal: A mid-sized Hell map with both interior and exterior elements. Lots of platforms and chasms, along with teleporters.
Chasm: This massive map takes you deep below the polar ice caps of Mars. A great place to play Freeze Tag.
Disposal: This smaller map is the main waste processing facility for the UAC research and residential complexes. Unsurprisingly, it's full of radioactive slime.
Helix: This is where they experiment on demons and develop advanced weaponry. Which, naturally, makes it perfect for a quick round of Clan Arena.
Perdition: Disjointed and sadistic, this ancient arena is populated by the agonized moans of unfortunate souls who have suffered within its realm.
Sacrilegious: Set within a fracture of Hell, this map offers clear lines of sight. Move fast… or die faster.
Heatwave: An industrial UAC facility with glistening halls that will soon be slicked with human (and demon) blood.
Beneath: Before being beamed to Earth, the energies of Hell are harnessed in this symmetrical and cavernous location.

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