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Dishonored 2's achievements include a non lethal completion award but you'll have to kill for 100%

Ok, fair warning, if you scroll down to the bottom of the below lovely infographic, you will get story spoilers for Dishonored 2 but they are in a different section from the general achievements. Obviously if you don't want to know what'll make those shiny trophies or achievements  pop when you settle down with Corvo and Emily, then this is not the place for you. Here's a killer gif showing off Emily's Domino power to make you feel like you didn't arrive for nothing. 

Now to those achievements. Just like the original, you'll get a digital pat on the back for getting through the game unseen with the 'Shadow' achievement and 'Clean Hands' for behaving yourself and not killing a single person. There's also nods for completing the game as both Corvo and Emily and finishing things in both high and low chaos. There's also the tricksy option to complete the game without using supernatural powers. Maybe don't combo this up with your ghost run.... 

While you can definitely go through the game without killing anyone, if you want that completion bonus, you're definitely going to have to send some villains to meet their maker. 'Fatal Redirect' will pop for killing an enemy with their own bullet, while the beautifully named 'Heartbeat Reaper' wants you to kill 6 of them in less than 1.5 seconds. So yeah, pretty deadly. Enjoy the kill list below. 

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