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Diego Luna on board for Star Wars: Rogue One

Star Wars spin-off Rogue One looks to be making some casting moves, with Variety reporting that Diego Luna is set to star opposite Felicity Jones in the new film. The report also claims that Ben Mendelsohn is on board as the villain of the piece.

According to the outlet, Luna will play one of Jones’ fellow rebel fighters alongside British actor Riz Ahmed. The new film is set to follow the exploits of Jones’ merry band as they attempt to pull of a daring heist to procure the blueprints for the Death Star.

The report doesn’t go into any further specifics regarding Mendelsohn’s character, save for the fact that he will be the film’s primary antagonist. As far as official confirmations go, Jones is the only player to be unveiled by Disney so far, but Variety seems pretty set on the reliability of its sources here…

Directed by Gareth Edwards, the film will open in the US and UK on 16 December 2016.

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George Wales
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