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Dead Rising 2 teaser site and box art revealed

The blood-drenched zombiepocalypse actioner Dead Rising 2 has a new community site,, where fans can learn more about four of the game’s characters and “discover exclusive content.” You can create an account with social media-type functions (profile! followers!) and register to win as-yet unspecified stuff. There are also sections to submit weapon ideas and vote for favorite weapons, which should be active soon.

Above:Tape a couple pencils together for the ultimate zombie slaying weapon?

The new site was announced on theCapcom Unity blogalongside the reveal of the official box art, pictured below in its Xbox 360 incarnation.

Above: Better than pencils

Capcom's really going all out to expand the Dead Rising universewith this community site. What do you think? Fantabulous immersivosity, or pointless distractation from the disembowelotomy? Commence commentification!

July 8, 2010