Cosplay extravaganza!

Best and worst

Skimpiest outfit - Rikku from Final Fantasy X

Hello! Who are you? I’m Grace, from Feltham.

Aren’t you a bit cold? Yes.

How long did it take to make your costume? About two weeks.

Are you the only Rikku here today? I think so! Everyone’s put so much effort into their costumes, it’s great!

Sexiest lady - Ulala, Space Channel Five

Hello! Who are you? I’m Fran, from Oxford.

Did your mum make your costume? All my own handiwork!

What’s the secret to looking the part? It’s all about the detail.

Have you dressed up as a game character before? Yes! As Chun Li, Lara Croft and more.

Looks most like your dad - Gordon Freeman, Half Life 2

Hello, Gordon! I’m Tom, from Plymouth.

Have you made any new friends today? Yes. It’s always nice meeting people with similar interests.

Did you come dressed on the bus like that? Yes.

Anybody catch your fancy? Ulala, Space Channel Five, is quite sexy!

Most rubbish outfit - Bloke dressed as a Sim

Hello. Are you lost? No. I’m Tommy, from Sheffield. I’m a Sim.

That’s a bit rubbish. Well, it meant I could just come in the clothes I was wearing anyway.

Have you been to this sort of thing before? I once dressed up as Manny Calavera from Grim Fandango. All I did was put a tube over my head.

Most likely to be blown away - Pinky from Pac-Man

Hello! Are you going to eat us? No. I’m a friendly ghost. My name’s Tim.

Did your mum help you make your costume? Yes.

Any sign of Pac-Man? Yeah - he’s over there!

How about Blinky, Inky or Clyde? Haven’t seen them!

Left: Best look-a-like - Fox McCloud/Basil Brush
Right: Scariest outfit - Blue Wolf (Garurumon) from Digimon.

Most obscure outfit - Bloke with the big pink head. (Bubba from Boogie).

Strangest Dance - Hare Hare Yukai.

Hardest to breathe - Psycho Mantis. (The Bloke in gas mask.)

Everyone! How many game characters can you spot?

May 15, 2008