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NB: Please note there is another lengthy Table of Contents ahead so you might want to use the Page Down or Page Up keys instead of scrolling. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Table of Contents [1] Introduction [1.01] Introduction [1.02] Version History [1.03] My Playing Technique The Nod Campaign [2] Act 1 - Reunification [2.01] The Rio Insurrection [2.02] What is Rightfully Ours [2.03] Persuade Him... [2.04] A Grand Gesture [3] Act 2 - Kane Rising [3.01] Keys to the Kingdom [3.02] All that Glitters [3.03] The Doctor Vanishes [3.04] MARV Rising [3.05] The Betrayal of Kilian Qatar [3.06] Hearts and Minds [3.07] Tacitus Interruptus [4] Act 3 - Resurrection [4.01] Will Made Flesh [4.02] Tacitus Regained Nod Intel Database [5] Nod Field Recon [5.01] The Tacitus [5.02] Another Explosion in the Facility? [5.03] Tiberium Explosion Devastates Australia [5.04] GDI Treasury Damaged in Mysterious Attack [5.05] Unconfirmed Reports of Cyborg Activity in Central Asia [5.06] Tacitus Destabilised? [6] Nod Weaponry [6.01] GDI Engineer [6.02] GDI Hammerhead [6.03] GDI Behemoth [6.04] GDI Slingshot [6.05] Heavy Harvester [6.06] Confessor Cabal [6.07] Purifier [6.08] Specter [6.09] GDI Shatterer [6.10] GDI Zone Raider [6.11] GDI Mammoth Armoured Reclamation Vehicle (MARV) [6.12] Rocket Harvester [6.13] The Redeemer [6.14] Prodigy [6.15] Cultist [6.16] Eradicator [6.17] Shard Walker [6.18] Shielded Harvester [6.19] Reaper Tripod [6.20] The Awakened [6.21] The Enlightened [6.22] Tiberium Trooper [7] Nod Background [7.01] Kane - My Lowest Ebb [7.02] Kane - A Spark... [7.03] Steel Talon - Origins [7.04] Kane - Awakening [7.05] Brother Marcion, Biography [7.06] Kane - Realization [7.07] Black Hand - Origins [7.08] Kane - Creation [7.09] Alexa Kovacs, Biography [7.10] ZOCOM - Origins [7.11] Traveler-59 - Origins [7.12] Reaper-17 - Origins [7.13] Marked of Kane - Origins [8] Nod Rumours [8.01] The Corruption of Brother Marcion [8.02] Mysterious Homestead Attacks Continue Basic Army Guide The Global Defense Initiative [9] GDI Units [9.01] Shatterer [9.02] Slingshot [9.03] Hammerhead [9.04] M.A.R.V. [10] GDI Upgrades [10.01] Moved Upgrades [10.02] Tungsten Shells [10.03] AP Ammo [10.04] EMP Grenades [10.05] Hardpoints [11] GDI Buildings [11.01] Reclamation Hub [11.02] Combat Support Airfield [12] GDI Support Powers [12.01] Sonic Repulsion Field [12.02] Supersonic Air Strike [12.03] Orbital Strike The Brotherhood of Nod [13] Nod Units [13.01] Reckoner [13.02] Specter [13.03] The Redeemer [14] Nod Upgrades [14.01] Quad Turrets [14.02] Disruption Pods [14.03] Tiberium Core Missiles [15] Nod Buildings [15.01] Redeemer Engineering Facility [15.02] Voice of Kane [15.03] Combat Support Airfield [16] Nod Support Powers [16.01] Laser Fencing [16.02] Redemption [16.03] Tiberium Vein Detonation The Scrin Mining Fleet [17] Scrin Units [17.01] Ravager [17.02] Mechapede [17.03] Eradicator Hexapod [18] Scrin Upgrades [18.01] Attenuated Forcefields [18.02] Shard Launchers [19] Scrin Buildings [19.01] Warp Chasm [20] Scrin Support Powers [20.01] Tiberium Infestation [20.02] Ichor Seed [20.03] Overlord's Wrath The Global Defense Initiative Military Divisions The Steel Talons [21] Steel Talon Units [21.01] Units not Replaced [21.02] Heavy Harvester [21.03] Titan [21.04] Wolverine [21.05] Mobile Repair Transport [21.06] Behemoth [21.07] Combat Engineer [22] Steel Talon Upgrades [22.01] Upgrades Removed [22.02] Adaptive Armour [22.03] Railguns [23] Steel Talon Buildings [23.01] Buildings Removed [24] Steel Talon Support Powers [24.01] Support Powers Removed [24.02] Railgun Accelerator [24.03] Bloodhounds Zone Operations Command - ZOCOM [25] ZOCOM Units [25.01] Units not Replaced [25.02] Zone Raider [25.03] Rocket Harvester [25.04] Zone Shatterer [25.05] ZOCOM Orca [26] ZOCOM Upgrades [26.01] Upgrades Removed [26.02] Tiberium Field Suits [26.03] Ceramic Armour [27] ZOCOM Support Powers [27.01] Support Powers Removed [27.02] Zone Raider Drop Pods [27.03] ZOCOM Airborne The Brotherhood of Nod Splinter Factions The Black Hand [28] Black Hand Units [28.01] Units not Replaced [28.02] Confessor Cabal [28.03] Mantis [28.04] Purifier [28.05] Harvester [28.06] Veterancy [29] Black Hand Upgrades [29.01] Upgrades Removed [29.02] Black Disciples [29.03] Purifying Flames [29.04] Charged Particle Beams [30] Black Hand Buildings [30.01] Buildings Removed [31] Black Hand Support Powers [31.01] Support Powers Removed [31.02] Power Signature Scan [31.03] Decoy Temple of Nod The Marked of Kane [32] Marked of Kane Units [32.01] Units not Replaced [32.02] The Awakened [32.03] Tiberium Trooper [32.04] The Enlightened [33] Marked of Kane Upgrades [33.01] Cybernetic Legs [33.02] Supercharged Particle Beams [34] Marked of Kane Support Powers [34.01] Support Powers Removed [34.02] Magnetic Mines The Scrin Military Sects Reaper-17 [35] Reaper-17 Units [35.01] Units not Replaced [35.02] Shielded Harvester [35.03] Shard Walker [35.04] Reaper Tripod [36] Reaper-17 Upgrades [36.01] Blue Shards [36.02] Conversion Reserves [37] Reaper-17 Buildings [37.01] Growth Stimulator [38] Reaper-17 Support Powers [38.01] Support Powers Removed [38.02] Shock Pods Traveler-59 [39] Traveler-59 Units [39.01] Units not Replaced [39.02] Cultists [39.03] Prodigy [40] Traveler-59 Upgrades [40.01] Advanced Articulators [40.01] Traveler Engines [41] Traveler-59 Support Powers [41.01] Support Powers Removed [41.02] Temporal Wormholes Strategies Vanilla Teams [42] Global Defense Initiative [42.01] GDI General Strategies [43] Brotherhood of Nod [43.01] Nod General Strategies [44] Scrin Mining Fleet [44.01] Scrin General Strategies [A] Contact Information [B] Webmaster Information [C] Credits [D] Sites FAQ is on [E] Copyright ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [1.01] Introduction Welcome to my 32nd guide and the second for C&C. This one is about Kane's Wrath, the story behind Kane's life after the Second Tiberium War, during the Third Tiberium War and beyond. While it may not added too much gameplay wise, this does solve a lot on the storyline of the Tiberium universe. It details the rise of the Brotherhood, the removal of Slavik, the rise of Redmond Boyle as GDI Commander in Chief, the disappearance of Dr. Giraud and the survival of Kane from the GDI attack on Temple Prime and the "betrayal" of Kilian Qatar. I'm not going to tell you what happens, that is for you to play out, but I will tell you how. Welcome to Kane's Wrath. And PEACE THROUGH POWER! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [1.02] Version History Version 0.1 [26/3/08] Started on this Guide, some bits on Intel complete. Version 0.2 [27/3/08] Started on Act 1, finished The Rio Insurrection and What is Rightfully Ours. Version 0.3 [31/3/08] Finished Act 1 and all the Intel entries for it. Version 0.4 [1/4/08] Made 2 more mission walkthroughs and their intel entries. Version 0.5 [2/4/08] Completed The Doctor Vanishes and intel entries. Version 0.6 [3/4/08] Finished MARV Rising. Version 0.7 [4/4/08] The Betrayal of Kilian Qatar is now complete. Start on Hearts and Minds and done some more intel entries. Version 0.8 [5/4/08] Added My Playing Technique. Finished Hearts and Minds. Finished all the Intel entries. Finished Tacitus Interruptus, which is the final mission for Act 2. Completed Will Made Flesh and Tacitus Regained, which completes Act 3. This means the campaign is offically complete. Version 0.9 [12/4/08] Completed Vanilla GDI. Table of Contents ready for Vanilla Nod and Scrin, which will be complete in the next update. Version 1.0 [14/4/08] Completed the Brotherhood of Nod and the Scrin Mining Fleet. Version 1.1 [15/4/08] The Steel Talons and the ZOCOM forces are complete. Version 1.2 [19/4/08] Completed the Black Hand and Marked of Kane forces. Completed the Reaper-17 and Traveler-59 forces. All sub-faction groups are now complete as well as all their units, support powers, buildings and upgrades. All that is left is strategies on all factions and the long awaited Global Conquest Mode. Version 1.3 [26/5/08] A long awaited update, the strategies for the vanilla forces have been done. I'm going to do strategies for the factions next, then strategies for the epic units themselves, since they are that epic, and then, Global Conquest or GC mode. The lack of updates is due to me finishing my Assassin's Creed guide. That leaves two incomplete guides for me right now. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [1.03] My Playing Technique Throughout this guide, you will be reading about how to finish the mission my way, so you should understand my playing technique before you rush and bombard me with questions. While a lot of people don't have any real strategy, just rush and spam units, there are quite a lot of playing styles. One is rushing while another is spamming. There are more though: Brute Force: Build big units and roll them into the base. No concern for casualties and big is better. Armchair: Sit back and let your allies do all the work, provided you actually have any. Defensive: Build a massive defence that the enemy has no chance of going past and creep slowly towards his base. Sneaky: Build a large amount of stealth based units, or Commando units and bombard them. and more, but you need to know my way of doing things, otherwise you will be unfamilar with my technique. My style is to reduce the losses on the battlefield as much as possible. Therefore, I will insist that you send your troops back for repairs instead of going on. This way, you will spend loss overall on troops and this could be spent on more forces. Also, you should support your forces, sending in an army, whilst strong but weak against air is a bad idea on any day. Reduce the amount of body bags to win the day. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2.01] The Rio Insurrection "The Slums of Rio seethe with anger, anger against GDI. It would take but a single act to spur the disenfranchised masses into open insurrection. An act you must perform. Tear down GDI's authoritarian edifices, the symbols of their autocracy. Seize the radio stations and flood their airwaves with the Prophet's message. Incite rebellion. Rio will burn, and in the flames Kane's army shall be reborn. ******************** *Primary Objectives* ******************** 1 - Destroy GDI's Administration Centres "We must inspire the messes to rebel against GDI. Destroy these oligarchic symbols and Fanatics shall flock to our cause." 2 - Destroy the Splinter Faction's Construction Yard "The Splinter Faction's Commander dares blaspheme against the Prophet. Teach him the error of his ways." ****************** *Bonus Objectives* ****************** 1 - Capture the GDI Radio Stations "The Radio Stations broadcast nothing but GDI lies. Capture them and the faithful shall be inspired to fight harder than ever before - and we may even gain new weapons for the uprising." 2 - Defend the Captured Radio Stations "The Splinter Faction's Commander fears our growing influence, and will stop at nothing to curtail it. Defend our Radio Stations." 3 - Use the Power Signiture Scan "The Splinter Faction's stealth their bases with Disruption Towers. Use your Power Signiture Scan ability to reveal them." ******************************* *Intelligence Database Entries* ******************************* Nod Recon - The Tacitus + Gained at the Start of the Mission Nod Background - Kane - My Lowest Ebb + Gained at the start of the Mission - Kane - A Spark... + Added when you complete the Second Primary Objective --==Walkthrough==-- It seems that Rio is the first step to the rebuilding of the Brotherhood of Nod. Anyway, you are stuck in the middle of the map, which is not the best of locations in the battlefield, but the GDI don't seem to mind that you are actually there to destroy them, so it is all good. Anyway, build up your base and get a War Factory, or Two. You will need a Strike Force to destroy the Administration Buildings and destroy wondering GDI forces. Your Primary Attack force will be 12 Raider Buggies, but you will also need 6 Attack Bikes for later. Build them up and get them ready at the South Western exit of your base. You also need to have 4 Saboteurs for the Radio Stations, 4 more if you want to capture the Tiberium Spikes, which you should do for the extra resources. Anyway, get your Buggies and move to the South Western Radio Station. There will be Pitbulls patrolling the area, so take them down first, they are your first priority. Move to the Radio Station and take down the APCs and the Riflemen Squads. Send in a Saboteur and capture the Station. You will notice that there is a build area around the Radio Station, so at the South Western Station, place 2 Laser and 1 Shredder Turret Hub facing the bottom of the map and 1 Shredder directly above the Radio Station, I'll explain why later on. Anyway, head to the Administration centre and attack it. Right away, GDI will most likely send in a Bloodhound Squad, 2 APCs and 2 Pitbulls to defend it, so take them out first and then take down the Centre. Once you do, there will be Fanatics that will appear from the Subway, pleased at your removal of GDI. But really, there isn't any use for them. Moving on, send your buggies, which you should repair if need be, south to the Tiberium Spike where there will be some APCs waiting for you. Take those guys out, send in a Saboteur for the Spike. Repair and head to the South Eastern Radio Station. There is nothing at the station itself, so send in a Saboteur, but the problem is what is guarding the Centre next to it. There are Guardian Cannons there, as well as infantry. So, you should build a Shredder Turret when you capture the Radio Station and a Hand of Nod, training some Rocket Militia to take down the Cannons and the Shredders to take care of the infantry. Once you attack a Guardian Cannon however, GDI will send in GDI Airborne and a Sharpshooter Team, which means more Riflemen, Missile Squad and 2 Snipers. This is where your Buggies run in and save the day. Take out the remaining cannons and take down the Admin Centre, where there will be some more Riflemen at the back of the Administration Centre. Take them out and that should clear the area. 2 down, 2 to go. Now, your next job is to take the North Eastern Centre. The radio station will have some Riflemen around it, so your Buggies will have no problem with it at all. Capture it with the Saboteur and send in your Attack Bikes. Near the Administration Building will be Garrisoned Buildings, and the reason why you need Bikes is that they can attack outside the range of fire of the infantry garrisoned inside. Use the bikes to take down the buildings, buggies to mop up the infantry. After you have cleared the infantry, you need to clear out the administration building. Take it out, and near the newly captured Radio Station, you will need to build 3 or 4 Laser Turret Hubs facing the Edge of the map on the North of the Station. More on that later. Now, you need to take down the final station. Well, there isn't anything there except for the Pitbulls that might still patrol the area. Capture it and you will complete the bonus objective. While you are at it, capture all the remaining Tiberium Spikes. With the bonus objective complete, you are now able to build Scorpion Tanks. Do so, and build about 25 in a large strike force. So defend the Radio Station with Several Laser Turrets around the area. Use your Buggies to take down the Centre left on the map. One the health gets to half-way, your South Eastern Base will spot some Orcas inbound, and this is an Orca Strike. Remove the Buggies from the Centre and let the Orcas waste their ammo. Before you finish off the Centre, make sure your Scorpions are ready and move them to the North Western Radio Station. When ready, take down the centre. Once down, the Splinter Faction's Commander will contact you and order you to withdraw. Fat Chance. You now need to take down his construction yard to win. For the other bonus objectives, you need to make sure none of the Radio Stations are destroyed, which is why I told you to defend te station in the first place. The second is that you use the Power Signature Scan. It will reveal where the power plants are. Anyway, when the update comes to destroy his Construction Yard, note where it is. Send in the Scorpions and head straight for the Construction Yard, only stop to take down the Laser Turrets. 25 Scorpions should easily crush any resistance. Take it down, and because of the Disruption Tower, you need to force fire, with Ctrl and Right Click on where the Construction Yard would be without the Disruption Towers. Destroy the Construction Yard. Once the health of it gets critical, the leader will surrender and concede to you, and that is the end of this mission. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2.02] What is Rightfully Ours "Nod is resurgent, but remains weak in the face of GDI's vast technological superiority. The Brotherhood Archives were all but destroyed in the aftermath of the second Tiberium War, leaving Kane without access to his centuries of research. Paradoxically, our friends at GDI have provided a most convenient solution. An exact duplicate of our stealth databank, origin unknown, is under analysis at a covert GDI Research Facility on the Australian Coast. Reclaim what is ours." ******************** *Primary Objectives* ******************** 1 - Capture the covert GDI Research Laboratory "With the loss of the Nod archives, we are handicapped in the arms race against GDI. Recapture our Stealth Tech databank from the GDI laboratory." 2 - Hold the Laboratory until the Upload Completes. "Our spies are uploading the databank to the Nod Central Server. Defend the Laboratory until the process is complete." ****************** *Bonus Objectives* ****************** 1 - "GDI Research Laboratory takes less than 50% damage." ******************************* *Intelligence Database Entries* ******************************* Nod Weaponry - GDI Engineer + Once the Steel Talons Soldier makes his announcement - GDI Hammerhead + Once the Steel Talons Soldier makes his announcement - GDI Slingshot + Once you have destroyed a GDI Slingshot - GDI Behemoth + Once you have destroyed the only Behemoth - Heavy Harvester + Once you have witnessed a GDI Heavy Harvester Nod Background - Steel Talons - Origins + Once the Steel Talons Soldier makes his announcement - Kane - Awakening + Once you have completed Primary Objective 2 --==Walkthrough==-- This mission might be painful in the real beginning. What you want to do is to first, build up anti-vehicle defences from the north and the north-east entrances because you are going to have some visitors. And see that Tiberium Spike that is East of your base. Do not capture it. You don't want a massive swarm of Missile Squads inbound. Also, build a SAM Turret, you'll need it. GDI loves to send in some Hammerheads to machine-gun your base. After a short period of time, you are going to get a video uplink to a Steel Talons soldier who doesn't like you on their soil. Right wheh the Talon soldier makes his appearance, some GDI Hammerheads will zoom in and attack your base. That is what the SAM turret is for. The next is that there will be a large attack, consisting mainly of Titans and Wolverines. Even for outdated weaponry, these actually pack a punch. You might need to replay this for a while to now how much time you've actually got, because you don't have a lot. Somehow, you need to survive this attack, and the rest will be easier. You have little time to build up your base, and they attack quick, so don't say I didn't warn you. GDI will attack from the Northern and the Eastern entrances of your base. The attacks will normally be 2 Titans, 2 Wolverines, the occasion Pitbull and normally, 2 missile squads. This will require you to have some variety in your defence, but a Venom squad can tackle it. A much more expensive way to deal with this is to cover your entire base with Laser Turrets, but that could restrict your way out. If GDI attacks from the Nod, be careful because that entrance to your base goes past your main Tiberium field as well as the secondary field because you cannot really protect your harvesters from where your initial base is established. Survive the attack, and you will need some way to counter the GDI onslaught. The answer? Wolverines and Titans have a weakness. They cannot shoot air. Therefore, you are going to counter them with what little air power you have, the Venom. You will need a large group of them, about 12 should do the trick. But bear in mind, GDI will have some Anti-Air, so you will need some ground support, mainly some Scorpion Tanks. Once you are confident that you can handle GDI's attack on you, use your Venoms and attack the southern entrance of the Lab. Meanwhile, get a single Venom and move into the GDI Tiberium Field, mining it to prevent them from getting money for a while, and to get the Heavy Harvester entry. Anyway, after you destroy the anti-ground defences with your Strike Venoms, send in your Scorpions to remove the AA Gun that will shred your Venoms. Once the AA gun is taken care of, move in your Venoms once again and gun down the Wolverines and Titans that you encounter. At the back, there is a Behemoth, and because that can't attack Air either, that allows you to pick it off without much fuss. Be careful on your attack, there is another AA gun and a Slingshot, which you need to take out with your Scorpions. However, while you are doing this, make sure there aren't any Titans or any Wolverines that are lurking around because these guys will do some serious damage to your tanks. Well, you are using light tanks and the Titans are serious cannons. Now, you need a Saboteur and Airlift him to take over the Lab. The GDI Commander will send in his forces through the northern entrance, and he will only send Titans and Wolverines, so your Venoms can effectively control the area. If in case they slip past, you can mine the area to make sure they don't progress far. In any case, all GDI actually does by sending more Titans and Wolverines is to level up your Venoms. You may destroy the Tiberium Spikes that belong to GDI but do not attack their base with your Venoms. There is too much Anti-Air defence in the form of Slingshots, Missile Squads and AA Turrets, so attacking their base to stop their onslaught is pointless and you will lose a lot of troops. The only way to actually do this is to send a LARGE force of Scorpions to crush them. But you don't need to destroy their base, it isn't part of the mission. With such a tight grip on the area, your Venoms can take out any threats and the uplink time will be relatively easy. The bonus objective should be no fuss since there are no enemies getting into the base. I do advise you not to attack the GDI base. There is strong Anti-Air defence, in the form of Slingshots and Missile Squads, Titans and Wolverines to take out anything else. Besides, you don't need to go there, Kane has other plans for you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2.03] Persuade Him... "The Brotherhood continues to grow and prosper, but the Prophet cannot risk revealing his existance lest he draw GDI's unwanted attention. A figurehead must be found to rule in his stead. Kane, in his infinite wisdom, has decreed the renegade heretic Brother Marcion to be the most fitting candidate. There is but one problem with this initiative - the devout Marcion considers Kane to be a heretic himself. Convince the good Brother otherwise." ******************** *Primary Objectives* ******************** 1 - Destroy Marcion's Stronghold "Marcion cowers in his Stronghold. Destroy it and lure the heretic into the open." 2 - Destroy Marcion's Escort "The coward Marcion is attempting to flee. Destroy his Escort and he will have no choice but to surrender." 3 - Escort Marcion's Transport to the Evac Zone "Marcion is ours now, but his very presence on the battlefield puts him at risk. Get him to the Evac Zone. ****************** *Bonus Objectives* ****************** 1 - Locate and Destroy the Steel Talon Pulse Scanners "The Steel Talons have placed Pulse Scanners throughout the battlefield. The Black Hand have circumvented them, but they can still detect our forces. Destroy them before they transmit." 2 - Destroy Marcion's Statues "Marcion's Statues are but momuments to his own hubris. Destroy them." ******************************* *Intelligence Database Entries* ******************************* Nod Weaponry - Confessor Cabal + Destroy a Confessor Cabal Unit Nod Background - Brother Marcion, Biography + Received at the Start of the Mission - Kane - Realization + After you complete Primary Objective 3 - Black Hand - Origins + After you complete Bonus Objective 1 Nod Rumours - The Corruption of Brother Marcion + After you complete Bonus Objective 2 --==Walkthrough==-- In this level, Marcion will welcome you, and then asks you to leave. We can't do that, so he sends a welcome force to you. Because you are now fighting the first sub-faction, you need to adjust. Marcion will not send tanks and such at you, he will send in some firepower. Normally, he will send Black Hand Flame infantry as well as Confessor Cabal units, both rather superior infantry units to your own, but you have turrets for that. Also, he will send the Purifier Unit, an older version of the Avatar, but instead of a shiny laser, it is armed with both a shiny laser and a flamethrower. Therefore, what you should aim to do is to take these guys down before they get too close to your base, because buildings are VERY flammable. What you should do first up is to use disruption towers to your advantage. This will delay Marcion finding your forces and that little more time to mount a defence. Your best defence against his forces will be the Stealth Tank. This guy, with the Tiberium Core upgrade from the Tech Lab will be pretty power and pack a punch. For the first ten minutes or so, build about 12 Stealth Tanks and survive Marcion's onslaught. Soon, he will stop. Your first mission is to take out the Pulse Scanners. There are 5 of them and if they transmit your location, various sorties of GDI forces will be sent to your location. If you feel brave, let the Pulse Scanners send your position and then take down the GDI forces for the experience. Either way, take them down. There locations are found at: * West of your original base, on the ledge overlooking the path * North of your base, near the Tiberium Spike * On the Northern most path, near Marcion's Base * On the South Western corner of the map * On the ridge just above of the Southern Blue Tiberium field Use your Stealth Tanks to hit and run the Pulse Scanners or hit them hard and remove them from sight. With those guys down, you need to expand your base as your current Tiberium Field will not be able to sustain a large army to take on Marcion's force. Because he is not attacking, he has stockpiled a massive force in his base, and that can be a problem. There are Reckoners, the bunkers, filled with Rocket Militia and lots of Anti-Air, so mine drops will not be too effective. And there is money to worry about. Well, south of Marcion's base is a large Green Tiberium field. You should establish a base there, complete with War Factory. The reason you should choose this field over the Southern Blue Tiberium field is because it is closer to Marcion's base, without the large distance in between. While at your new base, use your Stealth Tanks to enter the Southern entrance to Marcion's base. Use this to scout out the base and take out the detector turrets so they don't bother you. You should see a rather large force amassing outside the war factories, making it hard to enter. Hit and run as much as you can, and then start building on another strike force, this one is good against vehicles and buildings, the Beam Cannon. Build about 12 to 15 of the Beam Cannons and use them to destroy all the vehicles. This will be hard since there is actually a ledge that you have to overcome, but you have the Stealth Tank for your use. Use the Stealth Tank to hit and run. This should get the vehicles out of the base an into your Beam Cannons. Also there will be 2 Obelisk of Light inside the base, near the Headquarters so take them out. Then take out the vehicles. If possible, hit the War Factory of Marcions to ensure they don't get reinforcements and some repairs. Use your Stealth Tanks if necessary. However, do not destroy the Headquarters, you have some more to do first. You should now remove Marcion's statues. Two of them are near the Headquarters and they can be taken out. The final one is a bit harder, because that is located near a base with heavy reinforcements. Use your Stealth Tanks to fire from the ledge and blast it open. This should be the end of the Bonus Objectives. Now, because you blow open the Headquarters, move your Stealth Tanks outside Marcion's base, in order to prepare for the third objective. Repair them if necessary, the fight isn't over just yet. With your Stealth Tanks, move most of your remaining Beam Cannons, which you should reinforce if necessary, and place them in position with your Stealth Tanks, outside Marcion's base. When ready, take down the Stronghold, and watch him escape. This is why your Stealth Tanks and Beam Cannons are in place. You need to intercept his escape force, armed with heavy infantry, Mantis and Purifiers. First, the obvious threat of the Purifiers before they get too close. Next, the infantry and then the rest of the motley crew. This quick first will land you Marcion's transport. You now need to whisk it away to safety. Getting it to safety is relatively easy. With the Pulse Scanners out of the way and GDI taken care of, there is no real threat there, except that Marcion might send some reinforcements, so get your Stealth Tanks and Beam Cannons to literally surround the transport to ensure that no one can get close. Get to the evac zone and finish this mission. Marcion now belongs to Kane. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2.04] A Grand Gesture "With Marcion returned to the fold, Nod approaches resurrection. All Kane requires now is a sign, an act, a message to the faithful that the Brotherhood has returned. In central Australia, a GDI research team struggles to harness the raw, untamed power of liquid Tiberium. Should their experiments be destablised, the results would be quite ... catastrophic. Soon, all the world shall bear witness to Nod's violent rebirth." ******************** *Primary Objectives* ******************** 1 - Destroy GDI's Liquid Tiberium Research Lab "Kane demands a symbolic act to unite the Nod faithful. Destroy GDI's Liquid Tiberium Research Lab and the Prophet shall have what he desires." ****************** *Bonus Objectives* ****************** 1 - Knock Out the Research Complex's Power Stations "GDI have heavily fortified their Research Complex. Knock out the Power Station and strip them of their base defences." 2 - Capture the Purifier Husks "A squad of Purifiers were taken down by a Steel Talons ambush several days ago. Use your Saboteurs to get those Purifiers back online - their firepower will greatly bolster your assault force." ******************************* *Intelligence Database Entries* ******************************* Nod Field Recon - Another Explosion in the Facility? + At the start of the Mission - Tiberium Explosion Devastates Australia + When you complete Primary Objective 1 Nod Weaponry - Purifier + When you capture ALL the purifier husks Nod Background - Kane - Creation + When you complete the mission --==Walkthrough==-- GDI will start attacking straight away so you need to prepare yourself for the GDI onslaught. You are facing the Steel Talons again and you need to face more Wolverines and Titans, no matter how old and crap they are. A hint to have a much better defence is to build your base defences inside the fence. That's right, INSIDE THE FENCE. The reason why is that you can cover a smaller area, which happens to be a chokepoint and the enemy does not have a lot of room to attack, making it beneficial for you. They will attack the Eastern and the Northern sides of your base, so you might need some Rocket Militia to back up your Turrets. Get the Quad Turrets upgrade as fast as you can, this will help you attack just a bit more. GDI will hit with Missile Squads, Orcas, Titans and Wolverines. You need to last a little while until you get a message that will start to turn the battle in your favour. You will soon get the message to capture the Purifier husks, you need to start by getting some Saboteurs, some Missile Squads / Scorpion Tanks and some Raider Buggies. There are three sites with Purifers and I suggest that you take the Northern one first, then the ones in the Middle and finally, the ones in the Southern area. The problem is that you will have to fight off constant GDI attack while your Purifiers are being recovered and often, Wolverines will run up and kill your Saboteurs before they can get in. The reason for getting the ones in the Northern area is before you can handle it somewhat, and normally there are the most husks there. Once you actually recover some husks, they will be on half health and you need to get them healed at the nearest War Factory. You need to recover all the Husks in order to get the bonus objective as well as the Intel entry. You need them anyway, they are the key to completing the mission. You should not expand your base, the Purifiers are enough to finish the mission. Also, another reason not to expand is that you are going to have another front that you will have to defend from GDI attack. Although it will relieve pressure on your main base, it will probably cripple your second base. If you do want another base, you are probably going to take the area around the Tiberium Spike north of your base, and claim the Tiberium field there. Defend it well. After all your Purifiers are complete, and upgraded with the lovely, stronger flame from the Secret Shrine, you are ready to attack anything on the ground, but you need to protect yourself from the air. This is where the Mantis comes in. Specifically designed to be fast and take down air, this will help your Purifiers take down Orca threats. Anyway, slowly send your Purifiers to the GDI base. You should take down the Power Plants, it will save your Purifers from a lot of damage. Let me brief you on how the Purifiers work. You shouldn't target things to shoot with these guys at all. Use move them near their targets. Their lasers, while it may be powerful, is not their powerful weapon. By moving them near their targets, they will automatically use their flame thrower, which, once upgraded, is extremely powerful. While it may not really kill vehicles, these Walkers can actually crush them, so you shouldn't worry about them either. For full strength, target what you need gone with the lasers, and then move in for the strike. Now, take down the Power Plants and watch the raw power of the Purifier. Let GDI burn for their sins. Anyway, move them up to the main base, targeting the vehicles and online base defences first. Then, take down the production structures, and once you are free from any attack, you know what to do. Target the Tiberium Lab, and watch the big boom. It is surprising that you Purifers can actually survive the attack. I was thinking that a massive Liquid Tiberium explosion that can be seen across a continent would destroy your units and anything around it but maybe Kane / Marcion did some special tinkering. Anyway, you should perform this mission on Medium first, because if you do so on hard, it will really be painful. The GDI attacks are relentless and it is hard to win. Kane's Wrath has really pushed the edge on base maangement since you are attacked straight away, no second questions about it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [3.01] Keys to the Kingdom "While you slumbered, Nod has grown and evolved, assuming control of the planet's newly established yellow zone while remaining dormant in the eyes of our enemies. All the while, GDI has grown complacent, lazy, their dependance on the global Ion Cannon network rendering them far weaker than the council could possibly imagine. Now is the time to act. We must raid GDI's Johannesburg research facility, for there we shall find the plans for the Ion Cannon network - and the means to its undoing." ******************** *Primary Objectives* ******************** 1 - Destroy GDI's Network Communications Centre "The GDI Network Communications Centre is linked to the Global Ion Cannon Network. That link must be severed." 2 - Destroy GDI's Ion Cannon Uplink "The Ion Cannon Uplink must be destroyed, lest our forces be annihilated by Johannesburg's local Ion Cannon." 3 - Capture the Network Research Centres before the Ion Cannon re-aligns. "The Network Research Centres contain the blueprints for the Global Ion Cannon Network. Capture them before the network is back online." ****************** *Bonus Objectives* ****************** 1 - Capture the Network Research Centres X minutes prior to Ion Cannon Re-Alignment "Kane is running out of patience. Capture the Network Research Centres rapidly or face his displeasure." ******************************* *Intelligence Database Entries* ******************************* Nod Background - Alexa Kovacs - Biography + Complete Bonus Objective 1 --==Walkthrough==-- You start off in this mission with a Commando unit and 4 Shadow Teams that you can use. Despite your primary objective to destroy the Communications Centre, you should take down the Ion Cannon, so move your forces towards the Ion Cannon, keeping an eye on the approaching infantry that can injure and kill your Shadow Teams. Do not, however, cross the bridge just yet. There are two watchtowers lingering there, waiting for your infantry to be shredded. Instead, send your Shadow Teams into the air, and set them down next to the GDI Power Plants. If any infantry decide to attack, kill them. Use their bombs to destroy the Power Plants. After both are down, send in the Commando and raise some hell. Don't worry about the Watchtowers, after both Power Plants are down, they won't be up again. Instead, take down the crane and the Barracks as well as any GDI Riflemen Squads and Missile Squads that will be there. Finally, destroy the Ion Cannon and get out of there. Now, you need to take down the Network Communications Centre. It is relatively easy, but it would be better if you clear out the GDI base first. Remove the Tiberium Refinery and the Harvester through the use of the Shadow Teams bombs and attacking the Harvester. Demolish the Barracks as well as any other GDI buildings and infantry before blowing the Centre into useless pieces of mortar. You now will get some reinforcements, a base in which you need to clear out GDI and take over thei Network Research Centres. The time that you have to clear them out by will depend on your difficulty level, so on Hard mode, you need to act fast. First, build up your base and build some Flame Tanks, about 6 or so, and some Stealth Tanks for scouting and Anti-Vehicle purposes. Meanwhile, you will have some Reckoners, so send the first two towards the South Eastern Lab and the other two midway between your base and the North Western Lab. Deploy them both. Also, you will need to build some SAM Turrets to take care of GDI Orcas and Hammerheads. Laser Turrets need to be deployed in order to take care of GDI APCs and Predators and Shredder Turrets deployed in order to take care of GDI Missile Squads. While your Reckoners are on their way, send your Commando to the South Eastern Lab. Guarding the lab will be 2 Battle Bases and your Commando will be fast enough to dodge the Guardian Cannons on the Battle Base, so demolish them. Do this before you deploy your Reckoners so they won't be damaged. Build an Air Tower for the Call for Transport ability and train a Saboteur to capture the Southern Lab. That is one out of four. Meanwhile, you need three more of finish. So, send your Commando north, past the bridge and garrison a building to get a good view of Guardian Cannons, and two War Factorys. At this point, you need to get your Commando to destroy the 2 Guardian Cannons first, however, do so when there are no APCs around because they will shred the Commando to shreds with Guardian Cannons as detectors. With the Guardian Cannons down, take down the War Factories to ensure there are no more GDI vehicle reinforcements from this area. With this area clear, you can send in another Saboteur to capture the Network Centre here as well. With two down, we need to take down another base, north of yours, housing the Network Centre, on the North West corner of the map. Use your Flame Tanks here because there will be garrisoned buildings around the area and the base will be producing infantry. Clear them out with the flames. In this base, there will be 2 Watchtowers and 2 Barracks. Your first priority is the Barracks because they will be, more often than not, producing Missile Squads that will harm your Flame Tanks, while the Watchtowers are merely making annoying dents. You can clear out this area before sending in another Saboteur to clear this Network Lab. Conversely, you can use Venoms to attack the base here, it is be just as effective as they also can take down infantry, but the reason I would choose Flame Tanks here is because they can destroy buildings must faster and they can clear garrisoned buildings, whereas Venoms have to destroy the building as well as the infantry that will abandon the building when it is critical. Anyway, you have one more lab to take down. Use your Stealth Tank to scout out the area, but around here, they will be Harvesters and the biggest threat is garrisoned buildings, nothing your Flame Tanks cannot handle. Clear the area, send in the Saboteur and finish this mission. Not exactly hard, but can be tricky for the bonus objective, especially on hard mode. On hard mode, you will need to build Flame Tanks straight away to counter the infantry rush to your base, and get your Saboteurs really quick to their location, and more use out of your Commando. Still, you need to do what is above, so if you can, do what I have written above at a faster rate. You will have 11 minutes to complete the mission, and panicking will only make it worse. Try it on medium first to get the feel for the mission before doing hard. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [3.02] All that Glitters "The Prophet has the space station Philadelphia - and the Ion Cannon Network it controls - in his sights. In days Kane shall destroy it, eliminating the GDI council. There is one council member, however, who must survive - Redmond Boyle, GDI's craven treasurer. As strange as it sounds, this incompetant politican is essential to Kane's plan. He must live, so he may become the GDI president ... and fall right into the Prophet's trap. We have dispatched an infiltration team to the GDI Treasury. Destroy it and force Boyle to remain earthbound." ******************** *Primary Objectives* ******************** 1 - Tag Treasury Power Plants with Shadow Beacons "The Treasury is too well defended to bring in our Specters. Tag their Power Plant with Beacons and we can bring down their power - and defences - from a safe distance." 2 - Destroy the GDI Network Communications Centre "The GDI Network Communications Centre is linked to the Global Ion Cannon Network. That link must be severed." 3 - Destroy the GDI Treasury "The Treasury is Defenceless. Annihilate it and keep Redmond Boyle earthbound." ****************** *Bonus Objectives* ****************** 1 - Steal Gold Bullion "GDI are storing pallets of Gold Bullion throughout the Treasury complex. Steal them and bolster our war chest." ******************************* *Intelligence Database Entries* ******************************* Nod Field Recon - GDI Treasury Damaged In Mysterious Attack + Complete Primary Objective 3 Nod Weaponry - Specter + Complete Primary Objective 1 --==Walkthrough==-- Welcome to the GDI Treasury. Shame you can keep some of the gold yourself. Anyway, you will have 2 Shadow Teams fly in to help you destroy the GDI Treasury. First of all, since it is night, you want to avoid the GDI Hammerheads, the ones with the lights, near your Shadow Teams. Their lights will detect stealth so you will want to avoid them. Also, avoid base defences, they will also detect stealth and they will hurt. First of all, you need to take out the infantry that are lurking on the ridge north of you. Careful, there is an AA there, and that will detect you for their Riflemen and they will shoot. Anyway, wait until the Hammerhead is gone and quickly sneak into the first area. Plant the beacon here and move onto your next target, to your east, the middle. Again, infantry will move, and although they might not detect you, it would be better if you kill them all first, just in case they decide to change their minds, which is definitely not good. And besides, your Shadow Teams are powerful against infantry as well as buildings. Move the bridge and plant the next beacon. The next two beacons that are left are basically the same. Take the one south of your positions before you take the final one. Make sure you move back past the second set of power plants, and not down the hill and back up again since there are active base defences that will destroy you. Move and plant all the beacons. This should be no real problem, your main problem is actually getting the first one done and actually sneaking into the GDI base. After you plant the beacons, there will basically be power down in most of the GDI base. Now, you will receive your Specters and your Stealth Tanks. Unlike regular missions, you don't get any more reinforcements, so this is pretty much it. Your Stealth Tanks now get designated the role of scout and spotter, since they are faster than your Shadow Teams. This will probably be the first time you use the Specter, so lets get into detail about it. This artillery is pretty long range but the shells take some time to land. Try force fire outside a War Factory sometime. Anyway, lets start with attack the base south of where your units decide to show up. Although it isn't a main base, there are some crates of interest here. These crates, although they only contain 1000 credits, are apparently gold bullion. Who the hell leaves gold laying around out in the open? Stupid GDI, you deserved to be robbed. Anyway, this is one part of the gold. The second part of the gold is actually around a Tiberium Spike. There are two on the map in GDI control, both on the north edge of the map. The Eastern one, or the one on the right, is the one that will have crates around it. Collect is and this will be the end of the gold bullion. Now, to attack the Communications Centre. Well, the base is not heavily guarded, but it is capable of producing vehicles and infantry. This will be a problem, and there are also Hammerheads flying around, patrolling the base. So, just your Stealth Tanks to remove the Hammerheads and use the Specters to remove the base defences and then the War Factorys and Barracks. Their long range will keep them out of trouble, except Hammerheads might decide to divert and attack them instead, so keep them safe. If your Specters or Stealth Tanks are damaged, guess what, there are plenty of targets that you can level up on. Due to nearly all of the base defences being offline, you can safely attack them for the experience to level up your vehicles and this will promote them to Heroic and allow them to self heal. And it also gives a nice firepower boost. Not that the specters actually need more firepower, they have enough as it is. Destroy the base and then, finally remove the Communications Centre. Now, you need to hit the Treasury building itself. However, you cannot take the bridge to enter the base, either due to a glitch in the game or made so you attack the southern entrance. Doesn't matter, enter through the southern entrance. It is a larger base and more active, so your specters will have more use here. Now, attacking the base. First, take down the production structures, using the Stealth Tanks to scout out the base once more. Use them to take down tanks or any more Hammerheads since they can do some serious harm to the specters and they really can't fight back. Slowly, move onwards into the base and destroy the Treasury any way you like. You could even slowly destroy it with Shadow Teams if you want, if they live that is. I still believe that Nod should have invaded the Treasury, transferred all of GDI's money, and then blow it up. Bankrupt your enemy and then take over. Isn't that easier Kane? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [3.03] The Doctor Vanishes "Dr. Alphonse Giraud, GDI's leading Liquid Tiberium research scientist, has become an impediment. He must disappear before he can enlighten the fool Boyle, or Kane's plan will be endangered. Giraud's facilities are located in Blue Zone 8, in the same Chilean spaceport formally used to staff and maintain the Philadelphia. The Prophet requires Giraud alive - he believes the good doctor can be converted to our cause. Do not fail him." ******************** *Primary Objectives* ******************** 1 - Capture Dr. Giraud's Lab "Dr. Giraud cowers within his lab - capture it ... and him." 2 - Escort Dr. Giraud's Transport "The Transport will evacuate Giraud to a secure location. Protect the Transport, Kane requires Giraud alive." ****************** *Bonus Objectives* ****************** 1 - Capture the Spaceport Control Centre "There is much about GDI's Satellite Network we do not know. Capture the Spaceport and educate yourself." ******************************* *Intelligence Database Entries* ******************************* Nod Weaponry - GDI Shatterer + Capture the GDI Spaceport Control Centre --==Walkthrough==-- This one you are going to have to do on a really restricted budget. Due to the constant GDI attacks, it will be hard for you to move your operations to another Tiberium Field. More on that later. Anyway, build up your base. However, GDI will attack you from two different locations, down the ramp leading into your base to the North and along the beachhead. Depending on your difficulty, GDI will attack your base with Predators, APCs, Grenadiers, Missile Squads and Zone Troopers. Therefore, you will need to build some Obelisk of Light to counter the vehicle and Shredder Turrets to take care of infantry. Also, get a Commando unit and use it to shred down heavy infantry, the Zone Trooper, since the Shredders are not as effective against them. Also, build a SAM Turret next to your Obelisk of Light since GDI likes to send some Orcas to harresss and hope to destroy the Obelisk. Some people would success that you build some Specters and force fire on the area that GDI will attack from, but the problem with that idea is that it is haphazard and GDI forces may attack during the intervals of reloading and the shells do not land 100% of the time on the location you want it to do. Rather, if you do use Spectres, Wait for some tanks and then fire on the location for a successful attack on GDI forces. Money is going to be an issue. Your original green Tiberium field is not going to last long with the amount of repairs and the defence you are going to have to build as well as an assault force. Therefore, you need to find some more income. The next Tiberium field looks good, however, it is in the middle of the GDI's Attack Force path. A Disruption Tower will not help since the tower itself is not stealthed, so you need to look for another area of funds. And make sure your Harvesters do not decide to suicide themselves into that Tiberium field because they will do that. You are better off letting them idle than to get themselves blown up into smithereens. Well, at the docks, there is two Tiberium Silos and a Tiberium Spike. Well, that seems undefended and it is GDI's resources, so it is free for you to capture. Send two Reckoners with 3 Engineers there and capture all the buildings there. If you want to send an Anti-Engineer force, send in a Commando, since she does not appear to GDI unless there is a detector. That will keep those Engineers out of that area. Next, you need to think about a strategy to get rid of the GDI base that is in the centre of the area. With 10000 credits from your Tiberium Silos and some more in the Tiberium Spike, you can build some more defence and then, an attack force. My choice of an attack force will be about 9 to 12 Purifiers that you can use, since you are the Black Hand faction. Do not forget about the flame upgrade from the Secret Shrine, that will greatly help your damage against the GDI forces. Your first goal with your attack force is to disable the GDI base ... for good. Get in your Purifiers, trample over any vehicles that disagree with your show of force. The way you should use the Purifier, like I mentioned in the mission, A Grand Gesture, is to use Lasers on a single target, and then order your Purifiers to move in, in order to use their flamethrowers. These flamethrowers are extremely effective against buildings and infantry, good for clearing buildings and pretty effective against light vehicles. With armoured vehicles, like the Predator, your flames are not going to do a lot so you are going to either use your lasers on them for trample on them. My choice of attack force is based on what will lie ahead, as well as their firepower. Send in some Mantis to protect against air and that will make the force a fearsome one. This is better than the Venom assault as their is quite a lot of Anti-Air. Stealth Tanks will be crushed because they lack some serious firepower and Scorpions because they are too weak. Therefore, the Purifier is the way to go. Anyway, attack the GDI base, move in next to the buildings and let the flames burn. Have a look at the sweet Experimental Aircraft. You can destroy them, but they look too cool to destroy. Anyway, destroy the GDI base, and that should stem most of the GDI attack, but that will not end the GDI suicidally sending forces to be destroyed. There are two more bases where GDI can send in their forces, one near the Spaceport and another one, although it is smaller, near the Lab you are meant to capture. With that GDI base out of the way, you need to capture the Spaceport for the Intel entry. However, you will need to use some lasers here because there are Sonic Emitters and that can damage you greatly. Take them out with lasers and crush the GDI base they lies within, and kill off their harvesting operations to stop the flow of money. Send in the Saboteur, via air if you have cleared the base, and capture the Spaceport. You can sell the Spaceport straight away if you don't want it because Kane didn't say anything about keeping the Spaceport for further use. Not like the Brotherhood is going to launch a Space Station anytime soon. Anyway, you need to have your Purifiers repaired and ready for the final assault on Giraud's lab. For a scientist, he is pretty well defended. Anyway, move into the city where the lab is, and be careful, because around the lab are garrisoned buildings full of missile squads. This is where your choice of attack forces really begins to shine. Remove the missile squads from the buildings and any other left over infantry lying around. North of Giraud's lab is another GDI base, producing vehicles and infantry. Wipe it out to clear GDI's influence in the area. Be careful and make sure that your Purifiers do not spit fire on the lab. I actually failed the mission because the Purifiers decided to destroy the lab. Not good. Anyway, the Purifiers, with their flame weapons, will clear the GDI influence, and not only that, but destroy the buildings because of their extremely powerful flame weapons, devastating against buildings. Before you decide to capture the lab, send 3 Mantis units to the Tiberium Spike you have captured. You will need it. Anyway, capture the lab and this will send in a Carryall to get rid of Giraud. This carryall is heavily armoured and rather slow, and GDI will do anything to shoot it back down to earth. The GDSS Pathe will roll in, and where the Tiberium Spike is, GDI sends in the Hammerheads. Your Mantis units will take care of them. Meanwhile, use your Purifiers and follow the carryall, in the air, with them. This is because GDI will send in Slingshot units to shoot it down and your Purifiers are used to take them out. Since the Carryall and the Purifier move at the same speed, it should be relatively easy to cover the Carryall. The Flame weapons on the Purifier should take out the light armour of the Slingshot, and after you survive the 3 waves of Slingshots attacking the Carryall, you will have the Carryall reach the Evac Zone, the Battleship and whisk away. Funny, I don't see room for the Carryall to land on the Battleship, probably made Giraud drop from the sky. Leap of faith anyone? Anyway, finish the mission and you will be victorious. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [3.04] MARV Rising "Nod central command has received disturbing reports from the African Red Zone. ZOCOM, GDI's elite anti-Tiberium task force, have commenced reclamation efforts. while this is disturbing, even more unsettling is the news that ZOCOM deployed a new weapon in their war against the crystal - the Mammoth Armoured Reclamation Vehicle, or MARV. This massive Mammoth/Harvester hybrid has already decimated several scout patrols, and we as of yet lack an appropriate counter. You must track down the MARV, locate the ZOCOM base where it is maintained and learn how it is built. Only then can we construct an appropriate response." ******************** *Primary Objectives* ******************** 1 - Capture the Reclamation Hub "The MARV is built from this ZOCOM Reclamator Hub. Capture it and we shall learn how GDI concocted this monstrosity." 2 - Destroy the MARV "We must analyse the wreckage of the MARV if we are to build a suitable response. Destroy it." 3 - Defend the Reclamator Hub until the Upload completes "The MARV data is secured. Defend the Reclamator Hub until we have finished uploading to Nod's central server." 4 - Construct the Redeemer Engineering Facility "The MARV data was the final element necessary to construct our response. Build a Redeemer Engineering Facility so we may test the prototype." 5 - Construct the Redeemer "The Redeemer Engineering Facility is ready. Build the Redeemer and teach our enemies the true meaning of fear." 6 - Destroy the ZOCOM Bases "ZOCOM's anti-Tiberium efforts in the African Red Zone end today. Eliminate them." ****************** *Bonus Objectives* ****************** 1 - Destroy ZOCOM's reinforcement MARV's "ZOCOM has more MARV's than we anticipated. Eliminate them all." ******************************* *Intelligence Database Entries* ******************************* Nod Weaponry - GDI Zone Raider + Destroy a GDI Zone Raider Regiment. - GDI Mammoth Armoured Reclamation Vehicle (MARV) + Destroy GDI's first MARV they send at you. - Rocket Harvester + Destroy one of GDI's Rocket Harvesters. - The Redeemer + Construct your own Redeemer. Nod Background - ZOCOM - Origins + When the ZOCOM troops first decide to attack you. --==Walkthrough==-- Straight away, like most of the other missions, GDI will start to attack your base, except this time, you have a prepared base with the Obelisk of Light to defend your base. But that is not enough, you need more of the Obelisk of Light, and surround the northern entrance of your base with them. About 10 Obelisks, and some SAM turrets to defend your base. Now, you have base defence taken care of, you need to worry about that MARV that is on its way. What you should do is to build some Vertigos, the more the merrier. I will suggest that you build 8 Vertigos, and team them one and two. Since you have so many Obelisks of Light, your battle should be made easier. When the Marv, which will take its time to arrive, you need to bomb it with your Vertigos straight away. That will hardly so significant damage, but 8 of them should make a dent. Straight away, the MARV will attack your troops or the Obelisks of Light that attack it, so your all available troops, mainly your Avatars, to attack the MARV. Your Obelisks will do much of the heavy lifting, and as such, you will knock this sucker down quick, if not, send in the Vertigos for another wave of attacks. Knock down the MARV. It may be an Epic unit, but it is not invincible. You now, having dealt with the pesky MARV, need to capture the Reclamation Hub where the MARV was built. However, you can't just send in some Saboteurs and hope they capture the hub, you need to clear out the GDI base. Why? Because after you capture the GDI Hub, that isn't the end of the mission, so you need to destroy the GDI base there. Your attack force should be some Stealth Tanks because of their speed. GDI will have some Battle Bases at the entrance of their base, therefore, you need so call in the Vertigos you built earlier and destroy their bases before you can send in your Stealth Tanks onwards. Scout out their base and destroy all of their operations. Kill the harvesters for the intelligence database entry that you will probably want. Anyway, destroy most of the base, most being except for the Reclamation Hub and the Construction Yard, we shall use GDI's weapons against them. Anyway, clear out the base, and send in a Flame Tank into the urban buildings. The ZOCOM troops have a fair amount of Missile Squads in the buildings so you need to take them out. Flames will do the trick. Anyway, when the GDI has been taken care of, capture the GDI Construction Yard and build defensive buildings, mainly Sonic Emitters, Obelisks of Light and AA Turrets around the Reclamation Hub, and do not capture it just yet. Build up the defences until you have the Hub surrounded with defence structures without anyone attacking it. Once you have your base secure as well as the Reclamation Hub secure, you can capture the Hub. The reason why I told you to protect the Hub is that GDI will not start to attack with waves of their troops, who want either their hub destroyed or recaptured, and not in Nod's hands. GDI will attack, but they will be destroyed by their own weapons. Suck that GDI. Anyway, wait for the upload to complete, and the map will be expanded, which is not good for you. Build a Nuclear Missile and a GDI Ion Cannon if you haven't so already, nothing like using an Ion Cannon against a GDI base. The Nod scientists, working as fast as they do, have discovered the antedote for the MARV, the Redeemer. Well, to build a Redeemer, you need to build the facility for building the Redeemer, a Giant Pyramid. Anyway, that will be the fourth objective, and the fifth one will be building the Redeemer. However, the bonus objective will be closing in, destroying the reinforcement MARVs that the ZOCOM have sent at you. The problem is, your defence will need to be boost significantly for you to handle both of them as well as other ground support forces. Again, use your Vertigos to do some bombing and drop some mines along the ground to do some damage. Other than that, it is up to your defence structures, consisting of Obelisks of Light and the GDI Sonic Emitters and destroy the MARVs. You will lose quite a lot of your defence structures, but the MARVs are the greatest threat that GDI will send at you, Predator tanks and APCs are nothing compared to the MARV. The Redeemer has two infantry slots that you can equip your infantry in. But like addons, you cannot remove them, so whatever you choose will be permanent. I suggest that you choose a Saboteur for the repairing abilities and the Black Hand for their flame weapon, great against infantry and buildings. The infantry part is something your Redeemer isn't good against with the laser, so the flames will do some good. Anyway, with the map expanded, your last part of the mission is to destroy the GDI bases, marked with a number 6. You can basically send your Redeemer and destroy it solo, because it is that powerful. Anyway, along the bottom of the expanded map, on your left is the Blue Tiberium Field, and as a surprise, on your right, it is the wreckage of the GDSS Philadelphia. It will consist of several crates, but that is interesting, that is where the remains of GDI's council rest. Anyway, send in the Redeemer to one of the bases, and then launch the Ion Cannon and the Nuclear Missile against the other. Nothing like watching GDI attack itself. The Bases that you want to attack depend on what you don't like. The base on the left will send in Tanks while the base on the right will send in Infantry. Take down those GDI bases and win this level for Kane. He is waiting for your arrival. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [3.05] The Betrayal of Kilian Qatar "Kilian Qatar has shown her true colours - the general is a heretic, plotting against Kane. As the general has warmed her way into the public's good graces, Abbess Alexa believes them unlikely to accept her heresy on faith alone. They will require proof. Proof that you will provide. Kane's forces are currently engaged in a desperate defence of Temple Prime. Infiltrate the battle in the guise of Kilian and commit an act of unforgiveable betrayal. Soon, all the world will know." ******************** *Primary Objectives* ******************** 1 - Destroy the Anti-Aircraft Batteries "Our Vertigo Bombers need to clear the area before we can establish a base. Destroy GDI's Anti-Aircraft Batteries to give them safe passage." 2 - Destroy the GDI Base "Assist Kane's forces in eradicating the GDI Infestation at Temple Prime." 3 - Destroy the Laser Fence Control Tower "Destroy the Laser Fence Control Tower to deactivate the Laser Fence and enter Tample Prime." 4 - Infiltrate the Ion Shield Research Centre "If we are to frame Kilian, we will need to leak the Ion Shield Plans to GDI. While Alexa engages Kane as a diversion, guide your Saboteur to the Ion Shield Research Centre and steal the plans." 5 - Reach the Evac Point "Get the Saboteur to the Evac and secure the stolen plans. We will leak this information to GDI Command, solidifying the appearance of Kilian's betrayal." ****************** *Bonus Objectives* ****************** 1 - Saboteur reaches Evac Point unharmed "Keep the Saboteur safe from harm and ensure that the stolen plans remain undamaged." ******************************* *Intelligence Database Entries* ******************************* Nod Rumours - Mysterious Homestead Attacks Continue + After you have successfully infiltrated the GDI base. --==Walkthrough==-- Wow, this map again. You have played as Nod fighting GDI in the desperate attempt to keep GDI away from Temple Prime. You have played as GDI in finally taking down Temple Prime. And now you play as the renegade Nod force that was suspected to be Kilian's and one of the Intel entries made it appear so. Anyway you start this mission with a Commando unit, and you need to take out an Anti-Air installation, built by GDi. Move your Commando to the AA installation, and blow up the Power Plant which is relatively undefended. Blow it up, and this will kill the power to the Watch Towers. With them down, you can easily take down the enemy infantry that lurk there, blow the barracks, then the watch towers, and finally the AA batteries and the crane. That should care the way for the Vertigo bombers, and that would almost certainly kill your Commando. But you don't need her anymore, try to save her if you can. Anyway, two bases will spawn straight away, the "brothers" who have returned to help. Anyway, the base at the top will be given to you to control, and you need to help Kane get rid of the GDI base. This time, there are no Vertigo bombers to clear it out, you need to build them yourself if you want them. Anyway, you need to get rid of the GDI base now. However, you don't really need to do much, Alexa (green army) and Kane (purple army) will send in their troops, tanks and Avatars to the GDI base and demolish it, or even send in a Commando to destroy the base while everyone is distracted. Anyway, if you want to finish the mission quickly, you need to help. You really don't need to, since Kane and Alexa will destroy GDI whether you help or not, but it is better if you do. Anyway, you will need to defend yourself, since more often than not, GDI will send Firehawks at your base. Build Obelisks of Light at the southern entrance because GDI will send troops to attack, including a Mammoth Tank. Build SAM Turrets or more Anti-Air troops to stop Firehawks bombing for no reason. If you want to help Kane and Alexa, you can help in a variety of ways. You can send in Vertigo bombers to harrass the GDI base, use Specter Artillery to bomb the GDI base, send in your beginning Scorpion Tanks to remove the southern entrance of the GDI base. Don't bother sending in a Commando unit, there is a Sniper Team there. Anyway, just bomb the crap out of the GDI base, there is no hope, you have three armies surrounding their tiny little one. And they expect that they are going to win. Right, GDI is really confused. Anyway, once GDI is complete off the map, the sad part comes. You don't actually get the fight Kane. The great disappointment of the game, you don't get to fight yourself, since you were the person in charge of defending Temple Prime. Your army will go to Alexa as she creates a diversion against Kane to steal the plans for the Ion Disruptor that you had to destroy in the GDI campaign. The map will be expanded and you will get control of a Commando and a Saboteur unit. Move your Commando down the path and remove the Militia that lurk there and destroy the barrel, which in turn will take down the tower and allows you to progress. Make sure that your Saboteur keeps moving because although the Brotherhood has entrusted him, he does take a long time to walk so keep him behind the commando, but out of harms way. Move your commando along, destroying the production structures, mainly the barracks along the way after you have broken down another laser fence and broke into the complex. And please, do not let your Commando or the Saboteur die in this mission now, they WILL NOT BE REPLACED, so make good use of them. Anyway, use the Commando to destroy barracks and move onwards, to another laser fence, the final one for this mission. The problem they lies beyond the fence, there are Obelisks of Light near the Ion Shield Research Center that will zap your Commando without a fret. You need to shut down the power and this is down at the power plants located to your left and right after you have entered the gate. Keep to the wall below you, or the one to your right, and stay out of range of that Obelisk. Use your Commando to blow up the barrels at the power plants at both sections, and this will power down the Obelisk and gives you the green light to move along. Head into the complex and go near the Ion Shield Centre and clear out any infantry that may lurk there. Then, send in the Saboteur and wait. The Saboteur will emerge as an Attack Bike and you need to get out of there, unharmed will be the best option. You will need to get out the way you have entered, and as usual, send your Commando out first to get out and scope out the place. Kane will send in some Fanatics and Militia to get rid of you, but use your Commando to remove them from the equation. If you had removed the barracks, you won't have this problem. Meanwhile, get out of the base, the best option being that you leave alive and unharmed, and escape to safety. There will be a Militia squad that will patrol the edges outside the base and after that, you will be free to reach the evac point and to victory. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [3.06] Hearts and Minds "The cities of the world's Yellow Zones are an essential source of the support, sanctuary and soldiers Nod requires in our struggle against GDI. Without them, the Brotherhood would be nothing but an empty shell. A mysterious alien force has appeared on the outskirts of the city of Kampala, Uganda. Using an insidious form of mind control, they have bent the populace to their will. Kane cannot risk such instability during this critical time. Eliminate these creatures and take back our city." ******************** *Primary Objectives* ******************** 1 - Destroy the Traveler-59 Drone Platforms "Traveler-59 have infested the city, weakening our support. Drive them from this place." 2 - Destroy the Traveler-59 Eradicator "This horrific Scrin creature blights our lands. It must be destroyed." ****************** *Bonus Objectives* ****************** 1 - Eliminate the Cultists to rescue the Nod Combatants "These Cultists have used their insidious power to take control of the local Nod garrison. Kill the Cultists and bolster your army." 2 - Construct the Redeemer to battle the Traveler-59 Redeemer "The Eradicator is too powerful for conventional weapons, but the Redeemer will surely crush it." ******************************* *Intelligence Database Entries* ******************************* Nod Weaponry - Prodigy + Destroy the Scrin Prodigy they send. - Cultist + Destroy all 4 Cultist units controlling the Nod forces without killing them in the process. - Eradicator + Attack and Destroy the Eradicator. Nod Background - Traveler-59 - Origins + Once you have started to attack the Scrin Drone Platforms. --==Walkthrough==-- Well, the Visitors have arrived and you need to attack them. Although you should be welcoming them, you shall do it Nod style. Anyway, you are going to start off being outnumbered and outgunned, but we can fix all that. Right away, you will need to start building defences for your base, Shredders for the infantry that the Scrin send and Obelisks of Light for the bigger vehicles. Soon, a Prodigy (not the smart type) will enter your base and you will need to destroy it before it decides to do anything stupid. Your Buggies and your Shredders should eliminate it before it does some mind control voodoo and takes over your base. This will give you the intelligence entry that you will need for it. Now, you need to get rid of the Cultists. If you want the Cultist entry, you need to kill all 4 cultist units, HOWEVER, you cannot let one of the mind controlled units die in the process, therefore, kill the cultists but do not kill the controlled units. Since there are 4 of them, you should take out the first one, north of your base, with a Venom or a Buggy, but a Venom is better since the controlled unit cannot attack it. Next, the one in the centre of the map, use a Raider Buggy to remove that from the face of play. Now, there are 2 more Cultists on the map, relatively close to each other. One is controlling a Black Hand, the other will be a Confessor Cabal unit. Since you have the money, it is best iof you kill the one controlling the Black Hand with a Cloaking Field, since it is powerful and will kill the Cultists, without having any of your forces die crossing the great divide. This will free your Black Hand and then, use the Black Hand to kill the remaining Cultist to free the Confessor Cabal and finish the cultists once and for all. You can do this the reverse way, but Black Hand units are more powerful against infantry, and time is of the essence. Meanwhile, the Scrin will continue to attack you with their units. You will now need a SAM turret to get rid of the Stormriders, two since they will be more effective than one. Upgrade to the Tiberium Core missiles since they will be even more powerful and take out the Stormriders without much hassle. They will continue to send Disintegrators, Devourers and more Gun Walkers as well as their tanks. Once you have defence settled, you need to start on an attack. You can build the Tiberium Chemical facility to use the Vapour Bomb if you want, but you don't get the Catalyst Missile, which will be extremely handy. You also should be the Temple of Nod, for the Nuclear Missile. Now, you need to build Vertigos, I recommend that you get 16 Vertigos, teaming them 1, 2, 3 and 4. Not only for bombing arounds now, but for later as well. Also, if you want, build some Stealth Tanks. They will be useful later on, but not essential for the mission. Now, you can bomb the Scrin bases, but not the Drone Platform. Bombing the bases will stop the reinforcements since the Scrin do not currently have the capacity to rebuild their lost structures. Bomb the AA Cannons first and then bomb their base, taking down their production structures. Bombing should be done only to the North West base on the corner. The North East base is too difficult to bomb since there is too much AA and chances are, your Vertigos will be bombed instead. Use the Nuclear Missile there instead. Do not worry about the South East base. It won't do anything, and the Storm Columns will totally destroy your Vertigo Force. With the bases taken care of, you need to start on bombing the Drone Platforms. These platforms will actually fly off and move then you decide to attack it, so do a massive bombing once they are stationary, and another when they have stopped moving. The North East platform will head to the North East base and the same for the North West platform, it will float to the North West base. When it floats, it is classified as an Air Unit and this is where your Stealth Tanks, if you purchased any, can be used to bomb the crap out of the Drone Platform. Either way, destroy all the Drone Platforms however you see fit. Before you bomb the final one, make sure you have 8000 in funds at least and the Nuclear Missile charged and ready to go. Once the platforms are taken care of, you can build the Redeemer Engineering Facility to build the Redeemer. Build the Facility and the Redeemer itself to be a meat shield. The Eradicator has entered the fray and this is where you can beat the crap out of it. Use the Nuke on it if it is charged, but as an Epic Unit, it can stand the blast of a Superweapon, but it will severely weaken it. Bomb it with your Vertigo air force and harrass with your Stealth Tanks. When the Redeemer finally is ready, if you quickly took action, the Eradicator is severely weakened due to the continuing attack and with a meat shield, the Redeemer to protect your base, the Eradicator will fall prey to the Nod forces. However, the Eradicator is more than a match for the Redeemer, so don't take it on one on one. And by the time the Redeemer is finished, the Eradicator is outside your base, so act quick. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [3.07] Tacitus Interruptus "Thanks to your unique provenance, the Tacitus has finally been located. The ancient device is currently in mainland China, secure in a ZOCOM convoy. It is almost within our grasp, but there are ... complications. Word has reached us that the council is planning to evacuate the device by sea, and, as you are well aware, we are not equipped to tackle the GDI navy. You must capture the device before it reaches it destination - disrupt the convoy, capture the device and bring it to Kane. Ascension draws near ..." ******************** *Primary Objectives* ******************** 1 - Damage the ZOCOM MCV before it reaches the docks "This MCV carries the Tacitus. Intercept the Convoy before it escapes." 2 - Capture the ZOCOM Conyard "This Conyard contains the Tacitus. Capture it." 3 - Escort the ZOCOM MCV to the Evac Zone "ZOCOM is attempting to recapture the Tacitus. Get the MCV to the Evac Zone." ****************** *Bonus Objectives* ****************** 1 - Use Tiberium Vein Detonation to destroy GDI's Tiberium Fields "These Tiberium Fields fuel GDI's local defence force. Destroy them with Dr. Giraud's latest invention and cut off GDI's Tiberium supply." ******************************* *Intelligence Database Entries* ******************************* Nod Background - Reaper-17 - Origins + When you see the Scrin Reaper forces move in. Nod Weaponry - Shard Walker + Destroy a Scrin Shard Walker - Shielded Harvester + After the Scrin forces have engaged yours. - Reaper Tripod + Destroy a Scrin Reaper Tripod --==Walkthrough==-- Right away, you are thrown into the fire and need to intercept the ZOCOM MCV convoy, armed with Shatterers and Zone Raiders. Since you have a lot of money at the start, build up a get a Redeemer up and ready, the Epic unit will be the core for success on this level. Also, move to the screen of the MCV convoy and use the cloaking field of two of the Zone Raider regiments to kill them with the cloaking field. This should remove them from play. Straight away, send your Scorpions, Raider Buggies and Attack Bikes to the port area, near where you see the piers. You may need to restart the mission if you do not know where you can intercept the convoy. Do so away from any garrisonable buildings, this removes some other factors. Move your forces there quick and destroy the escorts of the convoy. Meanwhile, head back to your base and build some Obelisks of Light at the only entrance of your base because GDI will send in units to attack your base. Also, build either some Venoms or some SAM Turrets near your Refinery and Northern side of your base because GDI will also send some Hammerheads to deal with that. After the escorts are destroyed, you will see the MCV deploying into a construction yard, but it will not build however. You can either leave your forces there and wait, or retreat and send in the Redeemer when it is ready. Your Redeemer should have a Black Hand unit and a Saboteur unit inside for repairs and flame support. Although you will be encountering Hammerheads and Orca aircraft, they will only make dents in the armour of the Redeemer while Missile Squads inside buildings will do so much more. Send the Redeemer to the deployed MCV and blast away any opposition. While you are doing, build a Tiberium Chemical Facility and use the Vein Detonation on all of the GDI Tiberium fields. However, you will need to wait since it does cost money to detonate the Tiberium veins and takes time to recharge as well. All this actually does is create a chain reaction in the field, damaging buildings and units near the Tiberium field, and units inside the Tiberium field. Nasty if there just so happens to be a harvester moving around. Anyway, after you have cleared the area of GDI, use the Redeemer to move to the GDI base. There are three of them, one near each Tiberium field. Move the Redeemer and blast away any opposition. If you are insecure about moving it and losing the Redeemer, you can use the Cloaking Field on the Redeemer to allow for an escape to self-heal and time to regroup. Destroy all three of the GDI bases to stop the flow of GDI reinforcements from their War Factories as well as Barracks. After you have cleared the map of all GDI influence, you will need to have some Avatar units as well as some Raider Buggies and Attack Bikes, both of which will attack air. Although you have eliminated GDI, there are others that will come along for the fun. And their fun means extinction of the human race. Go figure. Capture the MCV and move it towards the Evac Zone. Once you are past the docks, you will witness a support power called Overlord's Wrath. It is basically a Tiberium Asteroid smashing into the earth, causing extreme damage to anything that happens to be there. Luckily you don't have anything there. Now, stop moving the MCV and deploy it, building Anti-Air there to stop any air units. Move the Raider Buggies and the Attack Bikes to the MCV while you need to group the Redeemer and the Avatars near the base as well. Now wait as the Reaper-17 units start to roll in. First to attack the MCV or your base will be the Shard Walkers. These are basically Gun Walkers which are faster and stronger. Nothing your Redeemer can't take down in a single shot. Blast them. Meanwhile, Stormriders will fly around and attack your MCV or base, again, this is what having SAM turrets is for, shooting down these suckers. However, the final wave is the most dangerous of them all, a wave of Reaper Tripods. They are stronger than the normal Tripod, and have a shield around them. Although you can use a Redeemer to solo the mission, this will leave your Redeemer severely underpowered and damaged. Flames will easily destroy the shield of the Tripod and with Black Hand troops inside the Redeemer, that will be no problem. Destroy all the Tripods with your Redeemer and Avatar and move the MCV, repair it if need be, and move it to the Evac Zone. There may be Scrin forces there already, but your forces should take care of that. ALTERNATIVE You can easily finish this mission by rushing your beginning forces to destroy the Convoy and capture the MCV and rush it to the Evac Zone. I have done this easily under 4 minutes. However, by doing so, you will lose the bonus intel entries by destroy the Scrin forces as well as the bonus objective of blowing up the Tiberium fields. It depends on what you want, finish this mission or completion. That is the end for this Act. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [4.01] Will Made Flesh "Nod's generals are dead, their militias defeated. Kane has neither been seen or heard since the events of Temple Prime. In the eyes of the world, the Brotherhood has finally been annihilated. All is not at it seems. From his underground bunker, Kane calls on you, LEGION, to awaken the Marked of Kane. It is with this cybernetic army that you shall claim the Tacitus. Ascension draws near." ******************** *Primary Objectives* ******************** 1 - Capture the Marked of Kane Control Nodes "The Marked of Kane slumber. Capture these Control Nodes to awaken them." 2 - Protect the Control Nodes until the Marked of Kane awaken "The Control Nodes awaken the Marked of Kane. Protect them until the process is complete." ***************** *Bonus Objective* ***************** 1 - Control Nodes take less than 50% damage "These Control Nodes are ancient, delicate things. Too much damage could be dangerous to the Marked of Kane. Protect them." ******************************* *Intelligence Database Entries* ******************************* Nod Background - Marked of Kane - Origins + Complete bonus objective 1. Nod Field Recon - Unconfirmed Reports of Cyborg Activity in Central Asia + Complete Primary Objective 2 - Activate the Control Nodes. --==Walkthrough==-- The Brotherhood has indeed survive, despite GDI's "victory" in the Third Tiberium War. You start this mission in Central Asia, probably in the Russian Steppes. You need to start and capture the control nodes, and awaken the Marked of Kane. Start this mission by building a Redeemer. You may now start to attack me on the fact that I use the Redeemer a lot, but it is a lot most cost effective than spamming an entire army made of Nod Venoms. That requires no strategy and you probably won't need this guide if so. Anyway, get a Redeemer with a Rocket Militia and a Saboteur inside. Don't bother with the Black Hand in this map. Also, build Obelisks of Light at the entrance of your base in the case of GDI attacking your base. Train 4 Saboteurs and build an Air Tower to get the Carryall to pick them up. Get 4 Vertigos while you are at it. Move your Redeemer to the first node, the one directly north of your base. There will be APC patrols in the area, so wipe them out. Once you are confident that there are no more enemy troops in the area, send in the Carryall and capture it with your Saboteurs. That one is secure, but get an Avatar and some Anti Air, probably Raider Buggies there to secure it from further attack. Lets get the Redeemer moving. Next, you need to take the Northern most Node. Against, there are no troops guarding the Node itself, but there are Predator Tank patrols that are around. You don't need to fire on them, just crush them. It is at this point where getting the Cloaking Field for your Redeemer is a relatively good idea. Again, send in a Saboteur to capture it. And again, send in an Avatar and some Buggies to protect it. Now, carefully send your Redeemer to the centre of the map, which will house the GDI base. Attack the base and damage as much as you can. Destroy as many production structures as quick as you can and when the enemy forces are attack, just the Rage Generator to take the heat off the Redeemer and then slip away to heal. Send the Redeemer back to base. Heal, and get ready. You have to take the third node, the one east of your base, and capture that one. Again, there is probably an APC patrol, so take care of it. Move in the Saboteur, secure the node and send in some units to cover it. Now, move the Redeemer to the fourth node, the final node. Send in the Saboteur via Carryall which should avoid the garrisoned huts GDI has taken over. Capture the final node. However, you need to be careful because there will be Hammerheads and Orcas that will attempt to kill the Saboteur, however, with Rocket Militia inside the Redeemer, that will take care of the Hammerheads. If you need some help, there is an destroyed base south east of the node, which contains some money as well as a Promotion and a health boost. Anyway, once the fourth node has been captured, you have to defend them till the time is up. You have to note that you cannot repair the control nodes at all, so once they are damaged, they will stay damaged. This is the reason for the Avatars and the Buggies being dispatched to seemingly do nothing at all, they are in fact there to protect the control nodes. Because you have the Redeemer to protect the final control node, you can move the Redeemer into the GDI base which is just west of the node's position. Attack it, destroy its War Factory and the Barracks. Take down the Air Field as well as the Construction Yard to send the flow of GDI reinforcements. Destroy the rest of the base, not because it is an objective, just because you are the Brotherhood and you need to take down GDI as it is part of the rules. Anyway, this will keep you occupied instead of running off to the toilet while you are waiting for the countdown to finally reach the dreaded zero. On the off chance that the troops you have placed to protect the nodes are overwhelmed, you will have Vertigos to bomb the crap out of anything that decides to move and attack something that Kane owns. If that doesn't work, you can mine the area that the unit is attack in and then use a Venom craft to attack it. This should force the unit to move, lest be destroyed by the Venom. By doing do, it will hit another mine and that will be the end of that. Anyway, when the countdown is over, you can finally see what the big fuss about the Marked of Kane is about. The Awakened and The Enlightened units will start moving out and attack GDI, if they still remain. Note that the Awakened and the Enlightened units will have their portraits of that of the Militia Squad and the Black Hand, since they are the units that the Marked of Kane will replace. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [4.02] Tacitus Regained "The Marked of Kane have arisen, and the Tacitus is within Kane's grasp. The artifact has been tracked to GDI's heavily fortified compound in the Rocky Mountains, secure behind an impenetrable wall of energy. Raid the base, capture its communication centres and bring down the barrier. Only then can you finally claim the Tacitus. Ascension is at hand." ******************** *Primary Objectives* ******************** 1 - Capture and Hold the GDI Communication Centres "Our only hope for bringing down GDI's energy barrier lies in the GDI Communcation Centres. Capture them, for the more we control, the faster we can bring the barrier down." 2 - Capture the Tacitus Containment Structure "The Tacitus is ours. Capture the device and bring it to Kane." ****************** *Bonus Objectives* ****************** 1 - Destroy GDI's Power Plants "These Power Plants fuel GDI's base defences. Eliminate them and ease our journey." 2 - Destroy GDI's Bunker Entrances "GDI have amassed a huge army beneath the mountains. Destroy the Bunker Entrances and seal them inside." ******************************* *Intelligence Database Entries* ******************************* Nod Weaponry - The Awakened + Given at the start of the mission. - The Enlightened + Given at the start of the mission. - Tiberium Trooper + Given at the start of the mission. Nod Field Recon - Tacitus Destablised? + Given at the start of the mission. --==Walkthrough==-- This is the final mission for Kane's Wrath and the ascension for Nod draws dangerously near. Anyway, you will start this mission in dangerous GDI territory. Your first priority to to take care of the three communication centres that lurk on the map. Again, I suggest that you play this map while using a Redeemer. It will make this mission much more easier than building a whole army of cyborgs. In your Redeemer, you should place a Saboteur, which is standard, for self- repairs which is extremely handy as well as Rocket Militia. The Rockets are for the constant air threats that will annoy you on this level. GDI will send in Hammerheads and Orcas, even Firehawks to bomb you in this mission, so it is imperative that your Redeemer can right back. The Awakened is also useful for its anti-infantry role, but air can hit you, and you can't hit back, which is not the same with infantry. You just run over them. Anyway, build up your base, getting a Redeemer and place an Obelisk of Light at the northern entrance to your base, near your MCV as well as one on the Western entrance, near the edge of the map. This will stop the GDI attacks, consisting of Zone Troopers, Zone Raiders and Pitbulls with the occasional Slingshot and Predator. You will also need an Air Tower, to bomb some of GDI's structures later on. Also, build the Temple of Nod for the Nuclear Missile. GDI might not use their Ion Cannon, and that is their loss. If you ever need any more money in this map, note that there are plenty of Tiberium Spikes and Tiberium Silos that you can capture on this map for even more money. There are some right to your west, and some in the centre of the map, with even more Tiberium Spikes everywhere. Move your Redeemer towards the first Centre, north of your base. As you can see, there is a large amount of defences, and as you approach it, it will spawn defences, mainly Watchtowers, AA Turrets and Sonic Emitters. With your Redeemer, you can take it down, but the Sonic will be a problem. Also, at this time, GDI would have sent Zone Troopers, Raiders and Pitbulls to attack you, also raiding you with Orcas. Take care of the attacking ground forces first, then send in a group of Vertigos to take out the Power Plant that is near the base. Send in another sortie to take care of the second power plant. Note that there is an AA turret there, so don't lurk there unless you want to purchase another Vertigo. With your Redeemer, take down the GDI troops. Since your Laser and the Rockets are ineffective against Zone Troopers and Raiders, just trample over them, or use the Rage Generator to turn the base defences against them, helping you. Take down the Sonic Emitter first and that will allow you to take out the Watchtower and the AA Guns. Take out the Bunker Entrance here as well to prevent more GDI troops from this area. Repair the Redeemer, and move it to the center of the map. There is a GDI base there, producing the reinforcements. There are Battlebases here as well that you will need to take care of, as well as another Sonic Emitter. Take down the Sonic Emitter as well as any troops that are in the immediate area. Once down, take out the War Factory, which continues to produce reinforcements in the name of Slingshots and the Barracks, and then clear the rest of the base. By now, your Redeemer should be promoted to Heroic, if not, it will soon and it being at Heroic, and this is needed if you want to complete this mission without much difficulty. Anyway, clear this base and move onto the closest Communication Centre. By now, your Nuclear Missile should be ready, so use it on the remaining two Power Plants, this saves you wasting your Vertigos. That should power down the base defences for the rest of the Centres, and allows for your Redeemer to clear out the other two centres with relative ease, and you can take out the Bunker entrances, which will stop the GDI forces popping up. Destroy them all and seal GDI inside. Now, with all the Communication Centres clear, head to the western most one. Directly north of that, on the ridge above it will be a GDI air base there. Take it out before that Barracks produces more infantry and the Airfield sends more Orcas. You need to first take out the Airfield, the Hammerheads and then the rest of the base. After that is destroyed, you need to head north to the barrier. You will see something that might be a problem. There is a large GDI base here, as well as the core GDI base behind the barrier. This is the reason I did not order you to capture the centres, you don't want a MARV attacking you. Destroy the GDI base outside the barrier, which is rather large in itself. Send in the Vertigos for reinforcements as well as the Venoms you received at the start of the mission. This will help you around. There will be constant reinforcements, in the name of Hammerheads with Zone Troopers, Snipers and Missile Squads firing at you inside the Hammerheads. Waves of 4 Orcas will attack you once you are too close and GDI will send in Heroic Shatterers and Heroic Zone Troopers to take you out. Take care of these guys first because they can damage you, but since you are bigger, it won't be such a big problem. Let your Venoms attack them, since both the Shatterer and the Zone Trooper cannot shoot air. Venoms can also take Hammerheads. Anyway, remove the base to get rid of the GDI and any more attacks on your base. That is not all yet. There is another GDI base east of your location. On the North Eastern corner of the map, near the Blue Tiberium Field is another GDI base, including an Air Field and Barracks. Destroy this area. This should root out GDI out of this area. Now, train 4 Saboteurs and capture the three Communication Centres. There will be a countdown in which your hackers will take down the barrier. The time the countdown will take depends on the amount of centres you have control of. 1 Centre will hack 1 second, 2 will hack 2 seconds and 3 will hack 3 seconds. Therefore, every second in real life, the amount of centres will equal of the seconds taken off the counter. Therefore, three centres will hack 3 seconds off the timer per second played. Move your Redeemer back to the Energy Barrier, and get ready. Anyway, when the counter reaches half-way, two things will happen. The good news is that reinforcements have arrived. The Black Hand Regiment will enter the fray, with 10000 credits, the Black Hand MCV and 2 Confessor Cabal Units. The bad news is that the Core GDI base is open. Now move your Redeemer and first, destroy the Reclamation Hub before GDI can produce a MARV. Use your Venoms to take down the Tech Centre to stop Mammoths being produced and use your Vertigos to pound the GDI base into the groud. You also should have a Nuke up your sleeve, so nuke the GDI base into submission. Take out the rest of the base. Be careful, a Commando will be sent into your base, so take care of that. Now, when the timer goes to zero, the Tacitus Containment Building will be open to capture. Using the 4th Saboteur, capture the Tacitus for the Nod forces. You may also note that another Nod force has arrived. Normal Nod forces will join you, with two groups of Fanatics and 10000 more in funds. Too bad we don't need that anymore. Destroy the AA guns that surround the Tacitus and send in the Saboteur. Hurry up because the GDI experiments have destablised the Tacitus and will self-destruct. The health of the Tacitus Containment Building will slowly decrease and you need to capture it before it goes to zero. With all the GDI bases taken care of, the Carryall with the Saboteur will have a safe trip. After the Tacitus containment building is taken care of, you will get the final Cutscene with Kane. LEGION has succeeded, and Nod has reached ascension. Watch it yourself, it leaves many questions unanswered, and leads to what could possibly be C&C4 - Tiberium ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [5.01] The Tacitus Mission : The Rio Insurrection Added : During the Start of the Mission. "Intercepted GDI Intelligence Briefing. An archive of unknown age and alien origin, the Tacitus is key to the ascension prophecies, the core mythology around which Kane built the Brotherhood of Nod. While the device remained safe in GDI's fortified Cheyenne Mountain Complex since its recapture from Nod two years ago, it is believed that Kane managed to extract an unknown amount of information beforehand. This data vanished with Nod at the end of the Second Tiberium War, leaving us with no concrete evidence as to what the so-called Prophet planned it use it for. Given the lack of Nod activity over the last three years, one can only conclude that he failed. Despite Dr. Boudreau's breakthroughs in the early 2030's, progress continues to be slow for our own attempts to interface with the device. What information it holds, and what value said information had to Kane, continue to be matters of serious concern for this agency. Obtained by Nod Intelligence, Date Retacted." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [5.02] Another Explosion in the Facility? Mission : A Grand Gesture Added : Added during the Start of the Mission. "Intercepted GDI Transmission regarding secret Liquid Tiberium research in Australia To: Dr. James De Groot, Chair, GDI Institute for Liquid Tiberium, [Redacted], Australia From: Eliot Smith-Johnson, Director, Department of Covert R&D, Washington DC, USA Subject: Another explosion?! Jack, I'm running out of excuses here. One more "accident" like that and the Council will have my neck - and your budget. You've lost almost two dozen workers in the last year alone and, as you are WELL aware, these aren't your garden-variety beaker-slingers, these are top-ranked Tib scientists and they're getting harder to replace! You have to understand, Jack, people just don't want to work for you, not with all that's happened already, no matter how many zeroes we add to their paychecks. I understand the potential you see in Liquid Tiberium, and I applaud your passion, but I'm beginning to side with those in the council who seriously doubt wther this line of inquiry will amount to anything other than billion of credits - and lives - down the drain. Listen Jack, I'm at the end of my tether here. Get it together and start producing results or we're going to shut you down. - Eliot Intercepted by Black Hand Prelate Lucius Bika" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [5.03] Tiberium Explosion Devastates Australia Mission : A Grand Gesture Added : When the Liquid Tiberium Factory goes BOOM! "Excerpt from Channel 273 Nightly News with Darius Wong Good Evening, I'm Darius Wong. Reports are beginning to emerge of a devastating Tiberium explosion in Central Australia, one that may have long term environmental consequences for the Southern Hemisphere - and the world. We go now to Leanne Downing, reporting to us live from Hobart, Tasmania. Leanne ... 'Darius. It all started as a green glow in the sky, visible from as far as Auckland, New Zealand. Now, as panicked citizens attempt to flee what appears to be the largest environmental catastrophe since the Tiber incident, the world is asking one question - who did this? And why? There are widespread fears that this horrific events is a sign that the long dormant Brotherhood of Nod has returned. However, highly-placed sources within GDI have informed us that the catalyst for this explosion may have been an accident in a top-secret GDI Tiberium research laboratory in the Australian outback. Now, as millions are driven from their homes, as a continent is consumed by the deadly crystal, one can only ask - why did GDI let this happen? What are they REALLY doing to protect us? From the Nod Archives" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [5.04] GDI Treasury Damaged in Mysterious Attack Mission : All That Glitters Added : Complete Primary Objective 3, Destroy the GDI Treasury. "Intercepted GDI Transmission regarding Treasury Attack To: Redmond Boyle, Directory of the Treasury, Washington DC From: Ramon Vicente, Security Directorate, GDI Treasury, West Virginia Mr. Boyle, I know you have warned me in the past not to disturb you during your vacation time, especially during your limited time to spend with Lance, but I feel this is important enough to violate protocol. To put it bluntly - things are bad, very, very bad. Last night - an unidentified entity broke through our defences, shut down our power and triggered an explosive device within the Treasury itself. The level of damage inflicted is unknown, but initial estimates indicate that the losses might be in the billions. We have no leads, no suspects - although initial evidence gathering has lead us to believe that the culprits may be the "Sons of Umagon", a miliant Mutant seperatist group - and we have no idea how we are going to explain this to the council. We need you, Mr Boyle, and we need you know. Yours, Ramon From the Nod Archives" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [5.05] Unconfirmed Reports of Cyborg Activity in Central Asia Mission : Will Made Flesh Added : Complete Primary Objective 2. "QVCX News and Sports Hour with Mike Vanderhaven Good Evening, I'm Mike Vanderhaven Nearly two decades have passed since the cyborg armies of CABAL blazed their trail of destruction across a terrified planet. Now, just as the world seems once again at peace, unconfirmed reports of a similar bio-mechanical menace have started to roll in from Central Asia and the Russian Steppes. [footage of terrified local] "The ground ... it opened up ... and ... and ... these things, they came pouring out. Like men, but like machines also ... I hid ... they did not see me ... but my village ..." [flash cut to Mike] GDI has refused all requests for comment, but an anonymous inside source has informed QVCX that the rumours are being taken quite seriously, with multiple investigation teams being briefed and dispatched as we speak. More on the breaking story as it happens. On a lighter note, here's E.J. Brody with the latest in sports ... Transcript, from the QVCX Archives" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [5.06] Tacitus Destabilised? Mission : Tacitus Regained Added : During the Start of the Mission "Intercepted GDI Transmission regarding secret Tacitus Research To: Dr. Johan Hannes-Schmidt, Director of Tacitus Research, [Location Redacted] From: Theodore M. Bynes, Director, Department of Covert R&D, Washington DC, USA Johan, Firstly, let me state that I have every level of respect for the excellence and professionalism for you and your staff. There is no finer research team operating in this country, if not the world. Now, what that said, I have some major concerns regarding your most recent enterprise. Simply put, the latest reports from your facility regarding the Tacitus' stability disturb me - and the Council - to no end. To hear that the device is estimated as having a 15% chance of self- destruction, with the chance increasing with each test run, is just not acceptable. Look, I understand that you are operating in unknown territory here, but I need to be very clear about one thing - if you are doing anything that risks the stability of the Tacitus, anything at all, you must STOP, immediately. I'm sorry to speak so strongly, but we cannot risk losing the device. Too many people died to secure it, we have no idea how dangerous the Tacitus' destruction will be and, most importantly, there is no way it can be replaced. In short, to risk the device is to risk everything that we've worked to achieve. I'll be flying out to discuss this with you Monday. Until then, kid gloves. Sincerely, Theo From the Nod Archives" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.01] GDI Engineer Mission : What is Rightfully Ours Added : When the GDI Steel Talons soldier announces that you are fighting in Steel Talons territory. "Details on arming of GDI's Engineer Corps It has been a longstanding tradition of the GDI Engineering Corps to forego weapons training, with its members perferring to spend their time studying structural engineering and electronical subterfuge. However, Nod infiltration of the civilian population has placed Engineers at increased risk, resulting in a series of devasting casualties that have stripped the Corps of many of their best and brightest. In response, GDI has initiated a combat training program for any Engineering Corps member facing a battlefield assignment, outfitting each with a pistol and slightly upgraded body armour. The outcome of this effort remains to be seen, but initial reports indicate that the Corps members still perfer to "let the fighters do the fighting." From the GDI Archives." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.02] GDI Hammerhead Mission : What is Rightfully Ours Added : When the GDI Steel Talons soldier announces that you are fighting in Steel Talons territory and you encounter the Hammerhead fighter. "Details on GDI's Hammerhead heavy assault aircraft A direct descendent of the assault/transport hybrid attack choppers of the 20th century, the large, heavily-armoured Hammerhead was designed to act as a longer range compliment to the relatively range-limited GDI Orca. Armed with multiple Vulcan Cannons and enough space to transport an entire infantry regiment, the Hammerhead's secret weapon is its massive supply storage capacity, allowing the aircraft to operate in the field for days at a time without needing to either refuel or rearm. From the GDI Archives." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.03] GDI Behemoth Mission : What is Rightfully Ours Added : When you encounter and destroy the GDI Behemoth near the Covert GDI Research Lab. "Details on GDI's modified assault walker While an essential part of the GDI arsenal, the limited weapon payload of the Juggernaut Mobile Artillery walker's left the vehicle uniquely vulnerable to close-range engagement. AFter one too many Juggernauts were rendered a smouldering heap by little more than a Nod infantry regiment, a frustrated GDI Engineering Corps jury-rigged an infantry-capable garrison pod onto the walker's chassis. The end result was so successful, not to mention devastating to the ill-fated Nod recon patrols that came across it, that this updated walker, nicknamed the Behemoth, was soon approved for full development. After a period of testing with the Steel Talons, the Behemoth is expected to provide long range artillery support across the globe. From the GDI Archives." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.04] GDI Slingshot Mission : What is Rightfully Ours Added : When your first destroy one of GDI's Slingshots. "Details on GDI's Slingshot anti-air hover vehicle With GDI's shutteringof its costly, failure prone HoverTech initiative in the aftermath of the Second Tiberium War, the GDI Slingshot was something of an anomaly, the last bastion of this one dominant GDI program, finally out of testing after a decade-long development phase. While this exclusively anti-air vehicle is less vulnerable to Ion Storm interference than its predecessors, the Slingshot remains a relatively fragile unit - trading armour and additional weaponry for high speed, maneuverability and a powerful quad cannon that can quickly bring down even the most powerful aerial opponent crashing to the ground. From the GDI Archives." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.05] Heavy Harvester Mission : What is Rightfully Ours Added : When you first witness one of the Steel Talons Harvesters. "Detail on GDI's new, garrisonable harvester General Mitchell places a high value on battlefield flexibility, a doctrine that spreads even to the Harvesters his Steel Talons employ for resource gathering. Rather than the standard turret machine gun, the Steel Talon Harvester is outfitted with an infantry capable garrison pod, allowing the vehicle to be adapted to counter whatever threat the commander deems most pressing. From the GDI Archives." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.06] Confessor Cabal Mission : Persuade Him... Added : When you destroy a Confessor Cabal Infantry regiment. "Details on Nod's elite confessor infantry While the Nod Confessor has been an increasingly common sight on the battlefield since the Second Tiberium War, it was not until the establishment of Brother Marcion's post-Slavik Black Hand that these armoured priests were considered effective combatants in their own right. Seeking to bolster his own standing as a "pure" religious figure, untainted by the purported heresy of his predecessor, Marcion took the radical step of replacing his standard Nod Militant advance guard with regiments of combat-ready Confessors, armed, as always, with machine guns and psychotropic hallucinogenic grenades, all the better to spread his word ... and put his enemies to the sword. From the Nod Archives." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.07] Purifier Mission : A Grand Gesture Added : When you reclaim ALL the Purifier Husks. "Details on Nod's first generation combat robot A significantly more primitive precursor to Nod's Avatar, the Purifier was inspired by Brother Marcion's first hand urban combat experience during the Second Tiberium War. After using an improvised flamethrower to rout entrenched GDI forces, saving the rest of his regiment from certain death, Marcion was declared a hero of Nod and saw his very presence have an inspirational effect on the Nod Militants that surrounded him. The Purifier was developed to recreate that experience, representing Marcion on the battlefield in the iconic form of a hulking, flame-toting humanoid, one equipped with a subliminal projection device that would enhance the morale and righteousness of the Black Hand troops surrounding it. While by no means as advanced or flexible as its successor, the Purifier is an effective combat unit in its own right, especially when accompanied by infantry it can "inspire." Ironically enough, upon its initial deployment, the Purifier was the subject of no small amount of controversy, with many Black Hand hardliners decrying the use of a "soulless machine" within a religious army that otherwise stood opposed to such devices. Marcion, seeking to prevent further schism within the Black Hand, remedied the situation by requiring each machine be blessed by a Black Hand abbot before entering the battlefield. From the Nod Archives" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.08] Specter Mission : All That Glitters Added : Complete Primary Objective 1, Place the Artillery Beacons. "Details on Nod's stealth artillery Developed during the Second Tiberium War period, Nod's Specter stealth artillery tank was designed as the ultimate evolution of the artillery-based guerilla warfare tactics first developed in South-East Asia during the mid-twentieth century. Alternating between two modes, one high-speed and stealthed, the other visible and static, but capable of launching high-impact artillery from a massive distance, the Specter is a confounding opponent ot face in battle. Able to enter occupied territory undetected, deploy, take out key structures and vanish before the enemy can hope to react, it is truly an insidious and dangerous opponent. This is even more the case when the unit is paied with the equally stealthy Nod Shadow Team, which has been equipped with targeting beacons, allowing the Specter to launch bombardment from an even greater distance. From the Nod Archives" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.09] GDI Shatterer Mission : The Doctor Vanishes Added : Capture the GDI Spaceport "Details on GDI's sonic-based Shatterer hover vehicle As with its non-mobile brethen, the Sonic Emitter Defensive Turret, the GDI Shatterer was originally designed with Tiberium abatement in mind, using a modified version of the aforementioned turret to propel concentrated waves of sonic energy deep into Tiberium Fields, operating safely from a HoverTech- derived mobile platform. However, with Nod's devastating attack on Washington DC, GDI High Command ordered that the vehicle be re-designed as a combat vehicle. With the Sonic Emitter's bulk leaving little room for armour, the slow-moving Shatterer is somewhat of a sitting duck. However, when deployed in unison with GDI's other, more flexible armoured elements, the Shatterer is a force to be reckoned with. From the GDI Archives." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.10] GDI Zone Raider Mission : MARV Rising Added : After you kill your first Zone Raider unit. "Details on GDI's Zone Raider elite infantry Sleek, agile and heavily-armoured, the Zone Raider was initially intended to function as a lighter, speedier anti-air counterpart to GDI's bulky Zone Trooper elite infantry unit. With the establishment of ZOCOM, the Zone Raider's role evolved into that of a a first response Red Zone scouting unit, with Tiberium-resistant armour, sonic grenades and stealth detection capabilities integrated into their core armour design. From the GDI Archives" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.11] GDI Mammoth Armoured Reclamation Vehicle (MARV) Mission : MARV Rising Added : Once you destroy the first ZOCOM MARV. "Details on GDI's Mammoth-derived anti-Tiberium tank Born from the same initiative that lead to the creation of ZOCOM, the Mammoth Armoured Reclamation Vehicle, or MARV, combines the near-impregnable armour and massive firepower of GDI's most potent task designs with a full- capacity Tiberium processing facility. Tasked with single-handedly abating Tiberium in Red Zones currently held by Nod or mutant seperatist forces, the MARV was designed with battlefield flexibility in mind. With a powerful main gun and four upgradeable hardpoints, the vehicle can adapt to changing combat situations, take on any mix of enemy forces, and turn the tide of battle in a matter of minutes. The MARV is truly a force to be reckoned with. From the GDI Archives." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.12] Rocket Harvester Mission : MARV Rising Added : Destroy a Rocket Harvester. "Details on GDI's new, combat-ready Harvester Of all GDI harvesting operations, ZOCOM's Red Zone abatement missions have always been the most vulnerable to Nod and mutant attacks, often delving deep into hostile territory with little more than a few Zone Raiders as an escort. In a bid to cut down on Harvester losses, General Renteria commissioned the development of an upgraded Harvester, outfitted with a high-impact rocket turret that would, at the very least, hold the enemy at bay until backup arrived. From the GDI Archives." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.13] The Redeemer Mission : MARV Rising Added : Build the Nod Redeemer. "Details on the massive Nod Redeemer combat robot The emergence of GDI's MARV in the Central African Red Zone, and its subsequent drubbing of Nod's forces in the area, necessitated an immediate response from the Brotherhood. After ambushing, and, at great cost, eliminating the massive GDI tank, Nod scientists performed an in-depth analysis of the vehicle's construction and applied said knowledge to the construction of an appropriate counterpoint. The Avatar, with its iconic appearance and heavy firepower, seemed to be the best choice for a platform upon which to build this new combat unit, and thus the Redeemer was born - a massive combat mech equipped with MARV-esque garrison pods, an Obelisk-derived tri-part laser and a "rage generator", designed to push enemy combatants to the brink of insanity via subliminal brainwave modification. Truly a mighty adversary. From the Nod Archives" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.14] Prodigy Mission : Hearts and Minds Added : During the Start of the Mission. "Details on the heavily mutated Traveler mind-control infantry Focused on infiltration and enslavement, the Traveler sect has long saught to expand the powerful yet limited mind control abilities of the Scrin Mastermind. Years of experimentation, inbreeding and genetic research have finally produced exactly what they seek - the Prodigy, a horrifically mutated Mastermind blessed with the ability to possess not just individual entities, but entire groups. The Prodigy is capable of blink-teleporting itself onto the edges of an enemy encampment, seizing control of an entire regiment and staging a "mutany" without ever drawing attention to itself. [Source Redacted]" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.15] Cultist Mission : Hearts and Minds Added : Completion of Bonus Objective 1. "Details on the heavily mutated human abductees Perhaps the most twisted project of the Traveler sect's quest to control the mind of all those who oppose the Scrin, the Cultist is an unprecedented merging of two species - the heavily mutated, insect-esque spawn of the Prodigy directly implanted into the brain of a human abductee. While the Scrin offspring's massive caraspace makes it impossible for the Cultist to invisibly re-assimilate into normal society, their limited mind control abilities and relative disposability make them an increasing common frontline unit for the Traveler. [Source Redacted]" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.16] Eradicator Mission : Hearts and Minds Added : Attack and Destroy the Eradicator. "Details on the Scrin's massive combat unit Rumours of a megalithic Scrin unit have been circulating amongst the populace in recent months. Though there has yet to be a confirmed sighting, tales of a massive, many-legged creature have spread quickly throughout the yellow zones. Ghostly images, mostly taken from the edges of the infested red zones, show an enormous lumbering beast, its insectoid features illuminated by a fierce glow emanating from the centre of its arthropodal body. Should these rumours prove to be true, maximum discretion is advised. [Source Redacted]" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.17] Shard Walker Mission : Tacitus Interruptus Added : After destroy a Shard Walker. "Details on the heavily mutated Scrin Gun Walker Believing the Scrin Gun Walker to be an antiquated relic, barely useful against anything but the most primative of cultures, the Cult of Reaper took upon themselves the task of returning this once storied combatant to relevance. After a prolonged period of ritualistic, Tiberium fuelled experimentation, the Cult revealed their new Shard Walker. A being of equal parts machinery, flesh and pure Tiberium, the Shard Walker is everything that the Gun Walker was not - fash, tough and capable of projecting chunks of pure Tiberium at a rapid, devastating pace. [Source Redacted]" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.18] Shielded Harvester Mission : Tacitus Interruptus Added : After the Scrin have invaded for a period of time and engaged your forces. "Details on the heavily shielded Scrin Harvester While their Scrin brethen choose to avoid direct confrontation except when absolutely necessary, the Cult of Reaper revel in danger and bloodshed. Consequently, even their non-combat units require additional technological support if they are to survive on the frontlines. Case in point, the Shielded Harvester, a standard Scrin Harvester that has been jury rigged with an Annihilator Tripod derived shielding system in the hopes of extending life on the battlefield. [Source Redacted]" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.19] Reaper Tripod Mission : Tacitus Interruptus Added : After you have destroyed a Scrin Reaper Tripod. "Details on the heavily mutated Scrin Tripod Reaper-17 have long displayed a disturbing fascination with the act of excessive Tiberium infusion, an obsession considered both self-destructive and needlessly wasteful by their fellow Scrin. However, for all of the downsides, notably madness and death, the process does have its [albeit disturbing] benefits. The most notable example would be the Reaper Tripod, a horrifically mutated assault tripod equipped with a conversion beam, its bulk form even stronger than the Annihilator employed by the conventional Scrin mining force. [Source Redacted]" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.20] The Awakened Mission : Tacitus Regained Added : At the Start of the Mission. "Details on the Nod Awakened Cyborg Infantry In the aftermath of his loss in the First Tiberium War, Kane tasked several of his most trusted followers with a project of utmost secrecy - to create an army entirely devoid of free will - one that will obey the Prophet's will without question or conscience. Cloistered away in the wastelands of central Asia, these scientists spent the ensuing decades pursuing that goal, the first results of which became visible with the Cyborg Infantry and Commando utilised by CABAL during the Second Tiberium War. The Awakened are the end product of this research, deceased Nod soldiers mechanically re-animated and controlled via cyber-neurological implant devices linked to central "control nodes" across the globe. Equipped with arm mounted direct-fire weaponry and a high-impact EMP emitter, these emotionless cybernetic warriors are more than capable of tackling anything GDI can throw at them. From the Nod Archives" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.21] The Enlightened Mission : Tacitus Regained Added : At the Start of the Mission. "Details on the Nod Enlightened elite Cyborg Infantry The ultimate realisation of Kane's vision of an army stripped of its humanity and free will, the Enlightened are truly a horrifying sight to behold. While their weaker brethen, the Awakened, still bear some traces of humanity in their desiccated flesh, the Enlightened are almost entirely cybernetic, the last vestiges of their prior form encased in layers of bone white battle armour, faces concealed behind eyeless masks devoid of human emotion. Slower than the Awakened, the Enlightened are also considerably more powerful, capable of withstanding multiple hits from a Mammoth Tank without even breaking their stride, before responding in kind with their devastating supercharged particle beam and EMP emitters. From the Nod Archives" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [6.22] Tiberium Trooper Mission : Tacitus Regained Added : At the Start of the Mission. "Details on Nod's Tiberium based short-range combat infantry With the "defection" of GDI's Dr. Giraud in 2047, Nod's ongoing experiements with Liquid Tiberium begun to bear fruit in the form of portable, battlefield ready weaponry. The Tiberium Trooper is the first Nod combatant to utilise these new armaments. His heavily armoured, cybernetically enhanced form is equipped with two large containment tanks and a reinforced spray nozzle, allowing the rapid dispersion of Liquid Tiberium over a large area. From the Nod Archives" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7.01] Kane - My Lowest Ebb Mission : The Rio Insurrection Added : At the Start of the Mission. "Excerpt from private audiologs of the prophet Kane My brothers, the departed, are surely looking down on me in contempt. After millenia, their ultimate vision of my fate has been realised. I have been rendered impotent, a sham, a failure, my very existance a mockery of all that I know to be right and true. Once a prophet, the messiah for this world, now imprisoned. As I lie here, trapped in these tubes, in this twisted, ruined shell of a body, the Brotherhood of Nod has been torn asunder by the infighting and heresy of those who presume to speak in my stead. Is it any wonder my followers have scattered to the four winds? I think not. So, has it come to this, that all that I fought for, all that I have sacrificed, is as dust? This cannot be ... ... I must heal, I must survive, I must claw myself up from this pit ... ... and then, truly, shall this pitiful world - and my dear departed brothers - know my wrath. [Source Redacted]" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7.02] Kane - A Spark... Mission : The Rio Insurrection Added : Successful Completing of the Mission. "Excerpt from private audiologs of the prophet Kane Curse this mask, these tubes that imprison me, for even as my flesh is restored, my mind is left to wander alone in darkness. This isolation, it weighs heavily upon me. I must focus, think, lest insanity take me once and for all. I must prepare ... I must plan ... ... and so it is that my thoughts turn to CABAL, that which was my creation and is now, in a way, part of what I have become. In the end, the AI's legacy was little more than wanton destruction, proof to the heretics that I am nothing more but the madman they claim me to be. Yet, deep within that AI, within its very conception, there lies a spark, a light, a sign. There is something there, something hidden, something ... great. I must think more on this. [Source Redacted]" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7.03] Steel Talon - Origins Mission : What is Rightfully Ours Added : When the GDI Steel Talons Soldier announces it is Steel Talon territory. "Background on the GDI Steel Talons experimental warfare division With the end of the Second Tiberium War and the Brotherhood of Nod's subsequent implosion, GDI came to believe that the quasi-state and fanatical cult no longer represented a significant threat to Earth's population. Consequently, GDI shifted its strategic goals from defeating Nod to the reclamation of those parts of the planet previously consumed by Tiberium. The vast majority of GDI's research and development budget was repurposed to further that goal, bringing to a close the period of rapid technological development that had characterised GDI's military over the previous several decades. Needless to say, there were several within the military who questioned this new directive - notably General Joshua "Mitch" Mitchell, a decorated veteran of the Second Tiberium War renowned for his youth, aggressiveness and tactical innovation. Mitchell contended that while Nod may have been defeated, it would be foolish for GDI to assume that no successor would rise from the dispirited populace of an increasingly Tiberium-stricken Earth. Therefore, he argued, funds allocated toward Tiberium control should be instead earmarked for the research and development of new combat technology, in anticipation of this next potential conflict. After a lengthy, volatile hearing, Mitchell emerged with a partial victory. While GDI refused to divert a significant part of its R&D budget to the General's cause, they did agree to fund a new experimental combat technology division under Mitchell. Dubbed the "Steel Talons" by Mitchell's admirers - notably famed war hero Nick "Havoc" Parker - this elite, unconventional combat battalion quickly rose to prominence in the splinter faction skirmishes that followed Nod's implosion, becoming known both for their ruthless efficiency on the battlefield and for the shroud of secrecy they maintained at all other times. Excerpt from "GDI and the Future of War," by Xaiver Des Jardins" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7.04] Kane - Awakening Mission : What is Rightfully Ours Added : After you complete Primary Objective 2. "Excerpt from private audiologs of the prophet Kane ... and so the day comes, the day when at last I can emerge from this hated appartis and again walk upon the Earth. My face is scarred, true, and thus must be kept hidden from those who seek me, but my hand, my eyes, my mind, these are mine again to command. Years I have waited, body in ruins, roaming the darkened recesses of my mind, and in those darkened corners I found inspiration ... I found a vision, a plan. Now it is time to make that vision a reality. The world sleeps, hostage to its own ignorance, for it knows not what is yet to come ... [Source Redactant]" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7.05] Brother Marcion, Biography Mission : Persuade Him... Added : During the Start of the Mission. "Biographical Details of Black Hand Leader Once the leader of the Brotherhood's religious wing, charged with proselytizing the prophecies of Kane, Marcion grew disillusioned with the Brotherhood and its leader as the Second Tiberium War drew to a close. Increasingly outspoken, few within the Inner Circle were surprised when Marcion was the first to break with Nod following their devastating series of losses, branding the decreased Prophet a charlatan and retreating to the Australian outback. Marcion was not quiet for long; his powerful oratorical skills and deeply ascetic lifestyle won him many devotees in what would come to be known as Yellow Zones. Within a year with his break from Nod, Marcion had organised his followers into a disciplined theocratic army - the "new" Black Hand. Dedicated to spreading "truth and purity of the Tiberium prophecy," their popular support continues to grow amongst the increasingly splintered Nod survivors. Rumours that GDI had a hand in Marcion's break with Kane remains unsubstantiated. Excerpt from "Kane: Visionary or Maniac?" by Carlos Del Mar." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7.06] Kane - Realization Mission : Persuade Him... Added : After you complete Bonus Objective 2. "Excerpt from private audiologs of the prophet Kane Blessed be he who has preserved these shards of the Tacitus, for within them I find the means to transform the vision of my ... confinement ... into reality. The journey is arduous, true, but with each day spent, each gauntlet passed, I move one step closer to my ultimate goal ... creation! [Source Redacted]" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7.07] Black Hand - Origins Mission : Persuade Him... Added : After you complete Bonus Objective 1 "Background on the Black Hand Nod splinter faction A cult within a cult, the origins of the Black Hand date back to soon after the founding of Nod itself. Initially established as a form of religious police and tasked with enforcing adherence to the teachings of Kane, in the ensuing years the Black Hand saw their purview expand significantly. By the time of the Second Tiberium War, the cult had become Kane's chosen wardens of all things religious, charged with the distributing and proselytizing of his prophecies while also maintaining spiritual disclipine within the Brotherhood ... by force if necessary. The Black Hand maintains a parallel organisation within the Brotherhood with political, religious and military wings. Yet, for all of their power and influence, until recently the Black Hand had managed to maintain a surprisingly low profile, shrouding their rituals, beliefs, and to the world beyond Nod, their very existance in a veil of mystery and obfuscation. However, as the Second Tiberium War drew to a close, all this would change. With Kane's "death", Anton Slavik, a respected military leader, rose to become leader of the Brotherhood of Nod - and revealed himself to be a Black Hand prelate, raised from childhood within the cult. Needless to say, Slavik's ascent drew significant attention to the Black Hand, attention that was not always welcomed. Unsurprisingly, many within the Black Hand chafed at the cult's new public profile, with internal dissent quickly escalating into a series of impassioned public confrontations between Slavik loyalists and those who claimed the Nod leader to be a traitor to the Black Hand's true purpose. From within the anti-Slavik ranks there soon rose a figure who could stand toe-to-toe with Slavik, an impassioned and popular preacher by the name of Brother Marcion. With leaders chosen and battle-lines drawn, what had started as a doctrinal disagreement had quickly escalated into a schism that threatened the very existance of Nod itself. Despite the Inner Circle's repeated attempts to heal the rift, the situation soon spun out of control, leaving Slavik dead at the hands of an assassin and Marcion and his followers retreating to self-imposed exile in the Australian outback. These cataclysmic events splintered the remainder of the Brotherhood into countless sub-factions, each claiming to follow the "true" word of the Prophet, with, ironically, Marcion's new Black Hand serving as one of four surviving links to the Brotherhood's storied past. Now claiming himself to be the one true prophet, and, in turn, branding Kane a heretic and charlatan, Marcion sets forth to make his own mark upon the world. Excerpt from "Marcion - as I Knew Him," by Elbert Goldman ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7.08] Kane - Creation Mission : A Grand Gesture Added : At the completion of the mission. "Excerpt from private audiologs of the prophet Kane It has all been worth it - the isolation, the failures, the frustration, the agony of years spent devoid of senses, locked in a forsaken tube - all of it. For today I reached out abd gave life to something, something new, something the world has never before seen, born from memories of the Tacitus, shaped in my image, created with one vision ... One purpose. This creation of mine, it is far more than anything that has come before - no mere AI, no CABAL-esque simulacra, nor a sentient bag of flesh, a mere genetic anomaly laying claim to the Earth through some misguided sense of privilege ... No, this is something greater. This is ... LEGION. "For the world shall quake at his footsteps, and all shall begin anew." [Source Redacted]" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7.09] Alexa Kovacs, Biography Mission : Keys to the Kingdom Added : By completing Bonus Objective 1 "Biographical Details of Abbess Kovacs, ward of LEGION project. Raised in near isolation by migratory Nod separatists on the edge of what would become the Central African Red Zone, Alexa Kovacs was orphaned in her pre-teens. After surviving over a year alone in the burnt-out remains of her parents' homestead, Alexa was discovered mute and near-starving by a patrolling group of Nod scavengers. Intelligent and pragmatic, she quickly took up her rescuers as a rookie zone runner. Kovac's devout religious beliefs and near-preternatural understanding of cybernetics anbd AI quickly garnered attention within the Brotherhood, leading to her enrollment in the Nod Academy. Rising quickly through the ranks post-graduation, Kovacs quickly developed a reputation for coldness, reserve and near-fanatical religious dogmatism that segregated her from her peers - and drew attention of Kane himself. Despite her youth, Alexa was raised to the level of Abbess and enlisted to participate in one of the Nod's leader most secretive projects - working on the development of LEGION, a CABAL-derived experiment combat AI. Excerpt from "Nod in the Post-Kane Era", by Ficus Quartermaine, PHD" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7.10] ZOCOM - Origins Mission : MARV Rising Added : When the ZOCOM forces first attack your base. "Background on the GDI ZOCOM Tiberium eradication division With a post-Nod GDI shifting its focus to the reduction and eventual elimination of Tiberium, it was natural for the council to establish a branch of the military tasked with the enforcement and execution of that goal - Zone Operations Command, or ZOCOM. Their peacetime mission was threefold; to improve GDI's military capabilities within areas of high Tiberium infestation, to establish "beachheads" within such areas allowing reclamation to commence, and to protect existing reclamation operations from any attacks, be they terrorist or mutant in origin. Command was given to the eminently qualified C. Elena Renteria, a decorated war hero and one of their first women to rise to the rank of General within GDI. Beyond her reputation as a smart, no-nonsense battlefield commander, Renteria's unique upbringing provided insight into the task at hand. The daughter of Mexican nationals, the General spent her childhood in the Tiberium wastelands of central Africa, while her parents, both GDI scientists, attempted to understand and contain the deadly crystal. After witnessing firsthand the devastating effect of Tiberium on the human population of those areas, Renteria dedicated the rest of her life to its elimination; first focusing on systematic and ruthless dismantling of the Brotherhood of Nod, and then later through ZOCOM's Tiberium control and reclamation operations. Few would deny that Red Zone service is perhaps the most demanding of any GDI assignment. Most soldiers cannot endure significant Tiberium exposure for more than a few weeks at a time without risking serious physical and psychological damage. There are exceptions however - men and women who find the experience of living and fighting in a near alien environment to be an energizing, engaging experience. These individuals quickly find themselves assigned to ZOCOM - and few, if any, would be happy anywhere else. Excerpt from "C. Elena Renteria: My Life" by C. Elena Renteria" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7.11] Traveler-59 - Origins Mission : Hearts and Minds Added : Once you start to attack the Scrin Platforms. "Background on the Scrin Traveler Sect If Reaper-17 embody the darkest impulses of the Scrin, the benignly named Traveler sect represent something more insidious. Trained from birth in the art of subterfuge, Traveler cells specialise in nothing less than the infiltration, destabalisation and eventual enslavement of entire rival species. Where the Cult of Reaper seek to dominate through brute force, making bloody examples of those who oppose them, Traveler instead attempt to draw as little attention to themselves as possible. Traveler pods will blink- teleport into hostile territory and deploy Prodigy units - Tiberium-mutated Masterminds with significantly enhanced mental faculties - bringing the entire population under Scrin control within days. Traveler-59 is the most recent cell raised to full active duty, and has yet to be verified as combat-ready on the battlefield. Recently attached to the Scrin mining fleet on the far side of Pluto, the cell has activated far-reaching scanning technology to locate its first host planet. In addition, the cell has been outfitted with a new, more efficient form of enslavement - twisted offspring of the Prodigy capable of being implanted directly into the cerebral cortex of an abducted life form. The victims gain limited mind control abilities ... at the cost of complete subservience. The Earth shall be their proving ground ... [Source Unknown]" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7.12] Reaper-17 - Origins Mission : Tacitus Interruptus Added : When you see the Scrin Arriving on the Battlefield. "Background on the Scrin Cult of Reaper Throughout the many worlds beyond our own, few names have inspired as much fear and fascination as the Cult of Reaper, a mysterious, ritualistic violent Scrin caste that takes as its creed the brutal, public extermination of any being unwise enough to stand in the way of the race's advancement. Believed to have been established in eons past as a first-strike native pacification force, the Cult has since cloaked its purpose in religious overtones. The members regard it as their divine right to cleanse planets of any life forms perceived as potentially dangerous, with that definition determined almost entirely within the cult itself. Even within the Cult of Reaper, the 17th sect are considered almost preternaturally violent, displaying acts of unparalleled cruelty such that few within the Scrin wish to even acknowledge their existance. Of particular distaste to their fellow Scrin is Reaper-17's penchant for excessive Tiberium infusion, far beyond that which its parent race requires to survive. This deranged form of self-mutilation, a form of religious zealotry, has left many of their members grotesquely mutated as they are immensely powerful. Outcasts even within their own society, Reaper-17 continue to plow their own bloody furrow ... one that will lead them to the planet known as Earth. [Source Redacted]" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [7.13] Marked of Kane - Origins Mission : Will Made Flesh Added : After completion of Bonus Objective 1. "Background on Nod's Marked of Kane Cyborg Cult As the First Tiberium War drew to a close, pervasive and disturbing rumours began to emerge from the Tiberium wastelands of Central Asia and the Russian Steppes. Nomadic travelers and Nod separatist colonies alike have shared tales of Nod bunkers hidden deep beneath the earth, laboratories where cultish techno-fetishists perform horrific rituals upon the corpses of the Brotherhood's fallen - the goal? Nothing less than raising the dead. Needless to say, Nod has continually denied all knowledge of any such acts, and even those within the Brotherhood believe these Necromantic tales to be little more than the mutterings of frightened outcasts. The truth, however, is far stranger. In the aftermath of his first defeat at the hands of GDI, Kane spent long days pondering how it was that Nod had been defeated. Ultimately, he formulated a unique hypothesis - the humanity of his soldiers had been their undoing. Thus, the Prophet concluded, to achieve victory he would require an army devoid of free will - of love, hate, fear and regret, of both conscience and consciousness, a legion that could willing and unquestioningly obey his every command. To that end, Kane initiated the development of an army of emotionless, endlessly malleable cybernetic warriors that would do his bidding without question. Knowing that such research would cause dissension within the ranks of his existing army, the Prophet sequestered this work in the hinterlands of Russia and China, where few would stumble across the project and even fewer would be believed if they shared such tales. The path was long and arduous, and outside of a few promising developments - the most notable being the cyborg armies of CABAL - far from successful. Eventually, the Second Tiberium War drew to a close, the Marked of Kane finally near completion. However, it was too late to save Nod and the Marked of Kane were left to slumber deep beneath the Earth, awaiting their master's call ... [Source Redacted]" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [8.01] The Corruption of Brother Marcion Mission : Persuade Him Added : After you destroy all of Brother Marcion's Statues. "Intercepted GDI Transmission [static] ... Park contacting central GDI Central Command, do you ... [static] ... mission unfolding as planned. First objective has been met and was an unqualified success. Marcion now regards Agent Park as an orthodox Nod fanatic in his own mold. Target is proving very receptive to messages of distrust re: Kane. Moving on to second objective - laying the groundwork for the "removal" of Slavik. [static] Seeds have been planted ... [static] Park out. Intercepted and decoded by Brother Othus Qatar" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [8.02] Mysterious Homestead Attacks Continue Mission : The Betrayal of Kilian Qatar Added : After you have infiltrated the Nod base. "Archived Report on massacre of Nod separatists For the third time this year, a seperatist Nod settlement in the Central African region has been brutally attacked. While investigations are still ongoing, initial reports identify the deceased as respected prophecy scholar Caleb Kovacs, his wife Ileana, daughter Alexa and an unidentified number of servants. While the mainstream media continues to dismiss these attacks as the work of Mutant fundamentalists, the Fist of the Prophet can exclusively reveal that there may be more sinister forces behind the attack - forces stemming from within the Brotherhood itself. Evidence gathered from the ruins [and, according to our sources, suppressed orders on the direct orders of Anton Slavik] has been made available to us. Analysis of this evidence reveals the attackers not to be Mutants, by Cyborgs, under the direct control of the renegade AI CABAL. The Fist has raised concerns about CABAL's stability and the Brotherhood's general dependence on such soulless machinery in the past, but even as the evidence mounts, Slavik refuses to accept the truth, and now the Prophet's most devout followers are paying the price for his wiliful blindness. Excerpt from "Fist of the Prophet", underground Nod Separatist infocast" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [9.01] Shatterer Cost : 1300 Credits Requires : War Factory, Command Post Abilities : Call for Transport Upgrades : None Role : Anti-Structure, Anti-Vehicle Construction Time: 13 secs This is one of the better units in the GDI arsenal with Kane's Wrath. The Shatterer is basically a Sonic Emitter on wheels. This unit can damage multiple units and will go through them. That being said, this is an excellent support unit, knocking out the enemy vehicles while letting the tanks taking the brunt of the attack. The reason why this is not a frontline vehicle is that it is, like the Mammoth Tank and the MARV, it is extremely slow. Sure, it can hold its own, but by the time you have reached the enemy base, the battle is pretty much over. Nonetheless, this unit can deal great amounts of damage as well as attacking from a good distance. However, with its slow speed and relatively weak armour, this makes it a pain to protect and its use will depend on your attack force. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [9.02] Slingshot Cost : 1000 Credits Requires : War Factory Abilities : Call of Transport Upgrades : Tungsten Shells Role : Solely Anti-Aircraft Construction Time: 10 secs With the Base Game leaving GDI reeling from the lack of Anti-Air, it has developed a solution. Before, you relied on AA Turrets, Pitbulls, Missile Squads, Firehawks and Mammoths, but besides the weak AA Turret and expensive Firehawks, you had no defence. The Slingshot is basically a Quad Cannon on wheels. Imagine the Quad Cannon from C&C Generals that can only attack air and its the Slingshot. It can shred down air units without taking a lot of damage and is rather quick. However, the problem with this Slingshot is that it lacks one ability that it should have, Anti-Infantry attacks. Instead, this thing can only hit air so it is delegated to a support unit. Other than the fact that it can only attack air, this unit is a much needed addition to the GDI arsenal. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [9.03] Hammerhead Cost : 1500 Credits Requires : Airfield Abilities : Garrison Infantry Upgrades : AP Ammo, Ceremic Armour (ZOCOM) Role : Anti-Infantry, Transport Construction Time: 15 secs The APC of the Sky, the Hammerhead is one of the most versitile units, just like the APC. This unit it originally armed with an Anti-Infantry Vulcan/ Gattling Cannon that can easily shred infantry. Also, like the Scrin Stormrider and Nod Venom, it can attack without having to go back to base and rearm and refuel. What makes it one versitile unit is that it has 1 garrisonable infantry slot. This slot also allows for infantry to fire out of it, just like the APC, and as such, this is an danger to opponents since they do not know what is inside. As such, what happens if you place the following infantry inside is listed below. Riflemen Squad - This will create a Gun Turret which will basically be another anti-infantry weapon. Missile Squad - This will allow the Missile Squad to fire, which givess the Hammerhead an Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Structure and Anti-Aircraft attack, which is extremely useful. Grenadiers - A fast way to remove infantry from buildings. This allows the Grenadiers to throw their anti-infantry grenades which still clears buildings, but they cannot use their EMP Grenades. Zone Raiders - This gives the Hammerhead a powerful Railgun weapon which they can use against vehicles and structures. Sniper Team - This allows for the Hammerhead to perform long-range infantry kills, which is useful against Missile Infantry. Commando - Again, another Anti-Infantry role. The Engineer basically just sits there, but it is useful to ferry around in one of these anyway, because the Engineer is pretty slow. Anyway, with these combinations, you can mix and match for a pretty good attack force. Any kills done by the infantry will lead to promotions for the Hammerhead and not the infantry. This unit is fast, powerful and versitile, something that Nod lacks. The only drawback is the expensive price tag for the unit, and then for the infantry, but for such power, it is worth it. One Hammerhead can easily clear out a city full of garrisoned infantry to allow your ground forces safe passage. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [9.04] M.A.R.V. EPIC UNIT Cost : 5000 Credits Requires : Reclamation Hub Abilities : Harvests Tiberium, Garrison Infantry Upgrades : None Role : Anti-Everything that decides to move Construction Time: 50 secs The Mammoth Armoured Reclamation Vehicle is the Epic Unit of GDI, and as such, only one of these are allowed. With its massive pricetag and build time, this unit must be strong, and it sure does provide. Armed at the start with a 3 barrel Sonic Shell cannon and 4 infantry slots, this is powerful to start out with. What makes it even more powerful is the 4 infantry slots. You can permanently garrison infantry inside the MARV, which you cannot take out again, and use the infantry's ability to do some more damage for you. Again, it demonstrates how this GDI addition adds to the amount of versitile units in the GDI armoury. What do the infantry do? Read Below. Riflemen Squad - This will add a Gun Turret, which adds an anti-infantry attack to the MARV. Missile Squad - It will add a Rocket Turret for the MARV, which allows it to attack air units as well as land targets. Grenadiers - This will add a Grenade Launcher to the MARV, which still retains the ability to clear garrisoned buildings as well as its anti-infantry and anti-structure role. Engineer - The Engineer will add a Repairs Turret, which will repair the MARV when it is damage through combat. Zone Troopers - This will add a Railgun Turret, allowing for 1 hit kills of infantry as well as great deals of damage to vehicles and structures. Sniper Team - This will add a Snipers Nest to the MARV, allowing for 1 hit kills against infantry, but does not detect stealth. Well, there you have it, what you can add to the MARV. I personally will choose a loadout of 1 Sniper Team, 1 Zone Trooper Squad, a Grenadiers Squad and a Missile Squad to the MARV. Sniper for infantry, Troopers for Vehicles and buildings, Grenadiers for garrisoned infantry and Missile Squad for Air. However, you can choose any loadout that you want. Some people will choose a loadout of 3 Zone Troopers and 1 Missile Squad for extreme damage. With 3 Railgun Turrets, it can dish out damage and literally destroy anything that moves, with a Missile Squad to take down air. A fair amount of people however, will choose a loadout that suits them and throw in a Engineer to repair the MARV. While it lacks self-heal in the Basic, Veteran and Elite levels, it can self-heal at Heroic, but it might take a while to get there. However, the loadout is basically up to you and the battlefield situations. If your opponent is not Black Hand, you should but in a Missile Squad to take down air. If there are Garrisonable Buildings, you should consider a Grenadier Squad to take down those buildings. The loadout all depends on the situation and what you are facing. Don't worry too much about tanks in the beginning, you can just run them over, same for infantry. And if you are worried about superweapons, don't, the MARV can withstand a Superweapon strike, but will reduce the health by 2 thirds. The MARV is extremely useful at harvesting Tiberium. With a set of full crystals, the Green Crystal will provide 350 Credits while the rarer Blue Crystal will give a massive 700 Credits. This may not be a lot, but run through a tiberium field and that is a lot. Most people will use the MARV to run through the enemy's Tiberium field, giving funds to yourself and denying the enemy of their funds. Useful tactic, and soon the MARV will recoup the costs of their construction in a matter of seconds. Still, I find that it is most useful to deny the enemy of Tiberium. This gives 3 more GDI Harvesters, the Rocket Harvester, the Heavy Harvester and the MARVester, the ultimate in Harvesting Technology. When at Heroic Status, you can literally send in the MARV on its own into an enemy base and it will hold. Tier 3 Defences will maybe make dents into the armour of the MARV and enemy units will be crushed. It can take down another Epic Unit by itself, however, it will have to be at a basic state. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [10.01] Moved Upgrades Several upgrades have been moved since the base game. The Stratofighter Upgrade has been moved from the Tech Centre to the Airfield. The Scanner Pack upgrade for the Zone Troopers have been moved from the Armoury to the Command Post. Now you don't need to wonder where your Upgrades went. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [10.02] Tungsten Shells Cost : 2000 Credits Researched At : Tech Centre Research Time : 60 secs Units Effected : Slingshot Building Effected: AA Turret The Tungsten Shell upgrade will greatly increase the damage that your AA guns will do against enemy air units. This will basically counteract the damage dealt by the enemy air units with their upgrades. This makes the Slingshot unit more dangerous for enemy air units and the AA gun is no longer a peddly little peashooter and actually deals some damage that is registered. This is something that you don't want to be facing in the end. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [10.03] AP Ammo Cost : 2500 Credits Researched At : Command Post Research Time : 45 secs Units Effected : Riflemen Squad, APC, Hammerhead Building Effected: Watchtower Upgrading your Anti-Infantry units with Armour Piercing Ammo will increase the damage that your units will dish out to infantry. While you may not use Riflemen Squad to attack, you probably will still use APCs and the new Hammerheads. Using AP Ammo will do the same as the Tungsten Shells do to the AA units, it will increase the damage that you will do against enemy units. This will make the Hammerhead weapon a bit more powerful, and more power is what GDI could do with. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [10.04] EMP Grenades Cost : 1000 Credits Researched At : Armoury Research Time : 30 secs Units Effected : Grenadier Squad Arming your Grenadiers with EMP grenades will make the battlefield a much more interesting place. With EMP grenades, you can disable any vehicles and more importantly, structures. Nothing is more annoying than a Grenadier Squad that is dropped off by a Hammerhead, disabling your entire base. This will make the Grenadier a bit more useful than just clearing buildings the entire time. You need to note that whilst this unit is garrisoned in a structure or a vehicle, you cannot use this ability. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [10.05] Hardpoints Cost : 2500 Credits Researched At : Airfield Research Time : 45 secs Units Effected : Orca, Firehawk This upgrade is an extremely useful one for those who use Firehawks, stuff the Orca, no one actually uses them. At this cost, you can arm the GDI air force with more missiles for them to fire. The Orca will get an extra 4 missiles to shoot at the enemy, the Firehawk will get either 1 more fire bomb or 2 more Anti-Air missiles. With this, you get even more bang for your buck, but it will take a longer period of time to reload the missiles on their return. Still, it is extremely useful as you can deal more damage on your way. With the Stratofighter Boosters, this makes them a quick strike, heavy damage force. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [11.01] Reclamation Hub Cost : 3000 Credits Requires : Tech Centre Abilities : Construct GDI Vehicles, Constructs the GDI MARV Upgrades : None Energy Consumed : 10 Energy Construction Time: 30 secs The Reclamation Hub is the only building that is capable of constructing the GDI Mammoth Armoured Reclamation Vehicle. It is also capable of building any other GDI vehicle. It does however, suck up more space and requires more credits to build, and energy to maintain. You can also repair your vehicles here as well with the automated repair drones. You might as well sell your War Factory when you have this, because there will be no point to keep it with this here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [11.02] Combat Support Airfield Cost : 500 Credits Requires : Airfield Abilities : Repairs and Rearms Aircraft Upgrades : None Energy Consumed : 5 Energy Construction Time: 5 secs This is basically another airfield for you to park your aircraft on. You cannot use these to actually build aircraft, but you can manually send your aircraft here to rearm and to repair themselves while not clogging up valuable space for new aircraft to be built. Its cheaper than building another airfield and if you want to have a large air force, you might as well use this ability. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [12.01] Sonic Repulsion Field Cost : 500 Credits Enabled By : Command Post Power Type : Defensive Power This ability allows you to build a wall around your structures to prevent Engineers from capturing them and it also increases the armour of the structure. You can build this around any structure, except for Tiberium Silos, Defensive Structures that will attack enemy units and Power Plants. This is an extremely useful power. However, the field will disappear when the health of the building dips below halfway. You cannot attack the field however. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [12.02] Supersonic Air Strike Cost : 2500 Credits Enabled By : Space Command Uplink Power Type : Offensive Power Remember the Experimental Aircraft in the mission where you have to capture Dr. Giraud? Well, those aircraft will be used in this Supersonic Air Strike where all enemy aircraft in the area of effect for this Air Strike will be damaged, where it will most likely be destroyed. This is useful when you are being attacked with enemy aircraft, and most useful against the Scrin Victory Fleet, however, it will not destroy them but will severely damage them. It is extremely useful against air units, but it does nothing else to ground units. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [12.03] Orbital Strike Cost : 4000 Credits Enabled By : Space Command Uplink Power Type : Offensive Power Think of this as a Mini Ion Cannon. This will hurl large slugs from outer space, into Earth, causing huge amounts of damage. It is extremely useful to get yourself out of a sticky situation with this, but in conjunction with other power, like the Ion Cannon, it can mean a world of hurt for the enemy. Anything not finished by the Ion Cannon will be with this attack. This has the power of a Tiberium Vein Detonation and the Overlord's Wrath. It is wise to use this when you can destroy the structures, because this alone will not be able to destroy structures, maybe tanks. If you want to avoid it, you can see it coming because there will be a red laser shining where the slugs are about to fall. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [13.01] Reckoner Cost : 900 Credits Requires : War Factory Abilities : Deploy into Bunker Upgrades : Dozer Blades Role : Transport, Bunker Construction Time: 9 secs The Reckoner is Nod's answer to a land based transport. It can carry two infantry across the field at any given time. The most significant thing about the Reckoner is that it can deploy into a bunker at any given time. However, once you deploy the bunker, it cannot be undeployed, therefore, the Reckoner is gone. When it is deployed, it can garrison up to three infantry units instead of two. It will deploy on your command, or after it has taken a lot of damage, it will automatically deploy. This is the cheap solution to holding a position. If the infantry inside are killed, it cannot be garrisoned by enemy infantry and it also cannot be targeted with explosives whilst garrisoned. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [13.02] Specter Cost : 1200 Credits Requires : War Factory, Tech Lab Abilities : Bombard Beacon, Call for Transport Upgrades : None Role : Long Range Artillery Support Construction Time: 12 secs The Specter is the Juggernaut of the Nod forces. Whilst it is moving, this unit is stealthed and cannot be seen, however, this is not true for the Black Hand, where they have no Stealth technology. Anyway, this unit has a pretty long attack range and deals great amounts of damage to anything that it can hit. When it is attacking however, it will lose its stealth ability and you will need to protect it from enemy attack. The Specter can also bombard a beacon that is planted by a Shadow Team. This beacon will allow the Specter to attack within the Area of Range of the beacon. You need to note that it is visible to enemy forces and as such, there will only be a limited window of opportunity for you to attack. This is a great addition to the Nod Arsenal. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [13.03] The Redeemer EPIC UNIT Cost : 5000 Credits Requires : Redeemer Engineering Facility Abilities : Garrison Infantry, Rage Generator Upgrades : None Role : Anti-Every moving target Construction Time: 50 secs The Nod Epic Unit is the Redeemer, and it is a massive walker, not a remote control missile from Unreal Tournament. It is an Epic Unit, so you can only build one at a time. It comes equipped with a 3 cannon laser and 2 garrison slots for infantry. You can only add two infantry units and they cannot be taken out what so ever. Militia Squad - Provides a Gun Turret that is extremely effective against infantry but otherwise is useless. Rocket Squad - Provides a Rocket Turret that will be effective against Vehicles and Structures and provides an attack against airborne units. Saboteur - Provides a Repair Turret for the Redeemer that will allow the Redeemer to repair itself when it has been damaged in combat. Black Hand - Provides a Flame Turret that will spew flames towards enemy units and structures when it is within range of the turret. The Redeemer is also armed with a Rage Generator. This Rage Generator will basically effect all units on screen, which is a pretty large area. This will make enemy units uncontrollable by their owners, and they will attack anyone, and that will mean that they will attack their own troops. Also, defensive structures will attack their own troops, but all enemy units will keep attacking you until you run away. Therefore, use the Rage Generator and then use the Cloaking Field to get away quickly, and let the enemy kill itself while you get away. Still, the Rage Generator is one of the most useful abilities that can turn the tide of the battle. The use of the Rage Generator is what makes the Redeemer so dangerous. For those facing the Redeemer, you cannot control any of your units whilst under the effect of the Rage Generator. They will not take commands to move or attack, and will happily attack units that move, friendly or not. However, this is balanced with its long recharge time, and rightly so, too frequently will make it very unbalanced. The use of the Cloak Generator on the Redeemer is one that should be done. You can easily sneak up to the enemy base defences or enemy units, and then you run away. It will cost 3000 for the Generator, but it is worth it to see the damage and the chaos that it will do to your enemy and their units. When the Rage Generator appears to be off, you can easily walk into the enemy base and destroy what is left of the defences. This can really annoy the enemy and can be damaging to their defences. The optimal loadout of the Redeemer will be either a Rocket Squad and a Black Hand setup, a Saboteur and a Black Hand setup or 2 Black Hand units. Why does everyone love the Black Hand unit? It is because that the Black Hand units will clear garrisoned buildins with absolute ease, set Infantry units on fire, burn down buildings to a crisp and can do some damage to vehicles. In Global Conquest mode, the Redeemer will increase unrest in the cities that are within their move radius. More the on the Global Conquest Mode later. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [14.01] Moved Upgrades Like the GDI Team, there are upgrades that have been shifted from their original positions in the base game. The two have have moved are both from the Tech Lab. The Signature Generator has been shifted to the Air Tower and the Dozer Blades upgrade has been moved to the Operations Centre. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [14.02] Quad Turrets Cost : 1000 Credits Researched At : Operations Centre Research Time : 30 secs Building Effected: SAM Turret, Laser Turret, Shredder Turret This upgrade will add an extra turret to all your turret defences. You do not get to choose where it actually goes, it will always be located on the top of the Turret Hub. This is pretty useful in the beginning of the game as it will increase your defensive abilities by 33% for all turrets. It will also help late in the game against Air units because odds are, you will be using SAM Turrets to defend against air. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [14.03] Disruption Pods Cost : 500 Credits Researched At : Air Tower Research Time : 15 secs Units Effected : Vertigo The Disruption Pod is a good upgrade to the only Fixed Wing aircraft of the Nod forces. The Disruption Pods will basically cloak all units that are within the area of effect of the Pods. This, placed outside an enemy base, will give good staging points for your forces to gather and prepare to strike, or to ambush the enemy. However, the pods will be liable to enemy attack and they do not last forever, but they are rechargable in the form of Vertigos dropping more pods on an area. They still act as good decoys through. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [14.04] Tiberium Core Missiles Cost : 2000 Credits Researched At : Tech Lab Research Time : 60 secs Units Effected : Stealth Tank, Mantis (Black Hand) Building Effected: SAM Turret Nod's Anti-Air ability has just got more deadly. The Tiberium Core Missiles will greatly increase the attack power of missiles fired by the SAM Turret, the Black Hand Mantis and the Stealth Tank. This is also useful because the Tiberium Core Missiles will also increase the damage done to land units since the Stealth Tank can fire on ground based units. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [15.01] Redeemer Engineering Facility Cost : 3000 Credits Requires : Tech Centre Abilities : Construct Nod Vehicles, Constructs the Nod Redeemer Upgrades : None Energy Consumed : 10 Energy Construction Time: 30 secs The Redeemer Engineering Facility is the only building that is capable of constructing the Nod Redeemer. It is also capable of building any other Nod vehicle. It does however, suck up more space and requires more credits to build, and energy to maintain. You can also repair your vehicles here as well with the automated repair drones. You might as well sell your War Factory when you have this, because there will be no point to keep it with this here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [15.02] Voice of Kane Cost : 1000 Credits Requires : None Abilities : Increase Fighting Power Upgrades : None Energy Consumed : 5 Energy Construction Time: 10 secs The Statue of the Prophet is one powerful tool for base defence with infantry units. The Voice of Kane will increase the damage dealt by your infantry units and will increase their speed, and their defence. This is a buff as it were. Not only that, it will also suppress enemy troops, making them crawl and this will make them much slower movement wise and much easier to shoot down. The problem is, you are more likely to use tanks in this, and infantry will be a rare sight, so this will not be too useful. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [15.03] Combat Support Airfield Cost : 500 Credits Requires : Air Tower Abilities : Repairs and Rearms Aircraft Upgrades : None Energy Consumed : 5 Energy Construction Time: 5 secs This is basically another airfield for you to park your aircraft on. You cannot use these to actually build aircraft, but you can manually send your aircraft here to rearm and to repair themselves while not clogging up valuable space for new aircraft to be built. Its cheaper than building another airfield and if you want to have a large air force, you might as well use this ability. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [16.01] Laser Fencing Cost : 500 Credits Enabled By : Operations Centre Power Type : Defensive Power This ability allows you to build a wall around your structures to prevent Engineers from capturing them and it also increases the armour of the structure. You can build this around any structure, except for Tiberium Silos, Defensive Structures that will attack enemy units and Power Plants. This is an extremely useful power. However, the field will disappear when the health of the building dips below halfway. You cannot attack the field however. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [16.02] Redemption Cost : 1500 Credits Enabled By : Operations Centre Power Type : Utility Power This ability will turn your fallen Militia units and convert them into the Awakened, the basic unit of the Marked of Kane. It has a rather large area of effect, and it is characterised by the wierd looking area that will be generated with this power. Any Militia unit that is totally destroyed in this wierd aura will become an Awakened Unit, with has three cyborgs in it. This power might be useful if there players that actually use Militia units, but the fact of the matter is, no one actually uses Militia so this is pretty much useless. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [16.03] Tiberium Vein Detonation Cost : 4000 Credits Enabled By : Tiberium Liquidation Facility Power Type : Offensive Power What to damage an enemy's economy? Well, a Tiberium Vein Detonation will basically detonate a Tiberium Field that you want to detonate. This basically means that you select a Tiberium Field to Detonate and this will basically act as a catalyst missile and shock the entire field, damaging anything inside it. For the most effective use, aim for an extremely big Tiberium field and hope that there is something on it. This power is great for disrupting your enemy's economy, but it doesn't provide the ability to attack where you want to, and as such, it is worst than the Scrin's Overlord's Wrath and the GDI Orbital Strike, since they will attack units not in a Tiberium field. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [17.01] Ravager Cost : 1200 Credits Requires : Nerve Centre, Statis Chamber Abilities : Tiberium Agitation Upgrades : None Role : Anti-Infantry, Anti-Vehicle Construction Time: 12 secs The Ravager is a new type of Infantry that the Scrin has access to. They are exceptionally better at attack another person's economy because of their Tiberium Agitation skill, which provides them with a long range beam attack against Tiberium containers that detonates the Tiberium inside it and deals a fair amount of damage to it, which is basically a Harvester or a Tiberium Refinery. Otherwise, they are extremely quick and again, good for hit and run against Harvesters. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [17.02] Mechapede Cost : 1400 Credits Requires : Technology Assembler Abilities : Add Weapons Segments Upgrades : Weapon Segments Role : Anti-Everything Construction Time: 14 secs The Mechapede is an extremely fast moving bug vehicle, and how it is built it pretty much up to you. The Mechapede is able to add 8 weapon segments, a choice between the Disintegrator, the Toxin, Disc and the Shard Segments. The Disintegrator is good against Vehicles, the Toxin is good against Vehicles, the Disc is good against Air units and the Shard is good against infantry. The loadout is up to you. The Mechapede will start out on low health, and as you add more segments, each costing 100 Credits, it will increase its health until it is full. The downside of the Mechapede is the side, making it more vulnerable, and it is expensive, costing 2200 credits for a fully upgraded Mechapede. You are better off adding 800 and getting a Tripod. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [17.03] Eradicator Hexapod EPIC UNIT Cost : 5000 Credits Requires : Warp Chasm Abilities : Garrison Infantry, Teleport Eradicator, Recycle Units Upgrades : None Role : Anti-Everything that moves Construction Time: 50 secs The Eradicator Hexapod is the Epic Unit of the Scrin and it looks as ugly as it sound. It is another massive walker unit and boosts a nice cannon to boot, with 3 infantry slots for your infantry to garrison in. There are 5 types of infantry take can be garrisoned in the Eradicator, and what they are and what they do are listed below. The infantry is important because they will probably more accurate than using the Plasma Cannon because they are all over the place. Disintegrator - Laser Turret that provides a decent laser attack land based vehicles and strucutres. Assimilator - Provides a Repair Turret that will repair your Eradicator Hexapod when it is damaged in combat. Shock Troopers- These troopers will provide an Anti-Air turret that will allow your Eradicator an attack against aerial units. Ravagers - The Ravager will not make the Hexapod faster, but it will give it a Shard Launcher that is accurate, powerful and good against infantry. Mastermind/ - This will give your Eradicator a Teleport ability, which is Prodigy extremely useful, more on that later. The Teleport ability, if you put a Mastermind inside, is useful because if you are under heavy attack, here is a quick escape for you. If you are trying to get it into battle, it can help you get the Eradicator into battle much faster. It is one that you should invest in because it will increase the life of your Hexapod and can even get you past the defences of a base, and into the back, without taking heavy damage. So, if you see a lot of defences, just teleport behind them and knock down the Power, then destroy the base. The Eradicator also has a recycling ability. When you crush a unit or a defensive structure, you will get about 15% of the cost of the unit you have just destroyed as the recycling bonus. This may not be that useful, but in the thick of battle, a bit of credits is much better than none. And for infantry units, the credits will be awarded for each squad member fallen, not for the restruction of the entire unit. The loadout of the Hexapod will all depend on what you are going to face. Mastermind is a definite addition whenever possible for its extremely helpful ability, so you are left out with two. The Ravager will be a good choice and the second should be Shock Troopers, because odds are, unless you are facing the Black Hand, you are going to face some air units. At Heroic level, the Hexapod, like any other Epic unit, is literally unstoppable. At Heroic, a Hexapod can easily destroy another Hexapod which was at the basic level. As you can see, what you should do is to deny the Hexapod an opportunity to upgrade. If you don't, say goodbye to your hopes of winning. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [18.01] Moved Upgrades The good thing about the Scrin is that, they have so little upgrades that they don't have any that have been moved, Isn't that great? I thought I'd make this since GDI and Nod have one as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [18.02] Attenuated Forcefields Cost : 2000 Credits Researched At : Nerve Centre Research Time : 90 secs Units Effected : Seekers, Gun Walkers / Shard Walkers for Reaper 19 These forcefields are the same as those given to the Tripods and the members of the Scrin Victory Fleet. This will give the Seeker and Walkers protection against more damage and it can withstand an EMP blast. The problem with this upgrade is that in this stage, you will be rushing for an air fleet, the Victory Fleet, and if you do have troops on the ground, they probably will be Tripods, and not Gun Walkers. Assess your purchase on that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [18.03] Shard Launchers Cost : 3000 Credits Researched At : Technology Assembler Research Time : 60 secs Units Effected : Seekers Building Effected: Plasma Disk Launcher, Photon Cannon This upgrade will increase the damage done by the above by replacing their plasma balls with Tiberium Shards. If you are going to use seekers, this is a handy upgrade because this will greatly increase the damage done by these units because they will be more accurate. This creates a stream of Shards at the enemy, and there is no more spillage, it is accurate and very powerful. Consider it if you are going to use Seekers. If not, leave it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [19.01] Warp Chasm Cost : 3000 Credits Requires : Tech Centre Abilities : Construct Scrin Vehicles, Constructs the Scrin Eradicator Upgrades : None Energy Consumed : 10 Energy Construction Time: 30 secs The Warp Chasm is the only building that is capable of constructing the Scrin Eradicator Hexapod. It is also capable of building any other Scrin vehicle. It does however, suck up more space and requires more credits to build, and energy to maintain. You can also repair your vehicles here as well with the automated repair drones. You might as well sell your War Factory when you have this, because there will be no point to keep it with this here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [20.01] Tiberium Infestation Cost : 1100 Credits Enabled By : Nerve Centre Power Type : Offensive Power This is what happens if you have infantry walking into a Tiberium Field. This ability, which needs to be placed on the Tiberium node, will damage anything that moves onto the Tiberium Field, friendly or not. As long as it is there, each crystal will damage anything that will move onto it. This is an excellent power to use at the start of the game, with the Tiberium Vibration scan, you can make sure that your enemy's harvesters are not safe for the time being and while they escape, an excellent time to send in a hit and run squad to totally destroy the Harvesters. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [20.02] Ichor Seed Cost : 1000 Credits Enabled By : Nerve Centre Power Type : Resource Power The Ichor Seed is basically a beam from above that will create a mini Tiberium field, and while it does not regenerate, it is quite useful. The seed will sprout more Tiberium than the 1000 Credits cost and that will mean that while the resources on the field of play wane, you still have more credits to harvest and that means that you can maintain your Victory Fleet and totally destroy the enemy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [20.03] Overlord's Wrath Cost : 4000 Credits Enabled By : Signal Transmitter Power Type : Offensive Power The Overlord's Wrath is the Scrin answer to the GDI Orbital Strike and the Nod Tiberium Vein Detonation. This basically will hurl 3 meteors into the Earth, causing damage that happens to be standing under the meteor. The first two meteors are relatively small, and the third one, well, that is a massive meteor and will cause great damage. Also, these meteors are tiberium saturated, which means that after they have landed, you can harvest the Tiberium that remains after the meteor has landed. This is great in conjunction with a Hexapod, as you can mop up the units remaining and a Rift Generator to remove what is remaining of the enemy base. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [21.01] Units not Replaced The Steel Talons is all about their lovely vehicles and they really have no need to play around with infantry. As such, their infantry list will truly suffer and that will leave them with limited options. They will only have 4 infantry units to use, their basic Riflemen Squad and their Missile Squads, their improved Combat Engineer and the Grenadier Squad. They will lose, however, for their better vehicles, the Sniper Team, the Zone Troopers and the Commando. This is a loss of infantry units that cannot be replaced, and that is one of the downsides of using the Steel Talons. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [21.02] Heavy Harvester Cost : 1400 Credits Requires : War Factory Abilities : Harvest Tiberium, Call for Transport Upgrades : None Role : Harvesting Tiberium? Construction Time: 14 secs The Heavy Harvester is basically an improved version of the Harvester. It will replace the machine gun that is equipped on the GDI Harvester for a infantry garrison slot. This will allow you to place Riflemen, Missile Squads or Grenadiers into the slots. The problem with losing Zone Troopers is that you don't get to do some serious damage and wreak some havoc with the Harvester. Imagine the enemy thinking that several Harvesters have stupidly wandered into their base and attack with their tanks, only to be destroyed by a couple of Zone Troopers hiding inside. Shame that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [21.03] Titan Cost : 1300 Credits Requires : War Factory Abilities : Adaptive Armour Upgrades : Adaptive Armour, Railguns Role : Replaces Predator, Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Structure Construction Time: 13 secs This walker will replace the Predator Main Battle Tank. Well, this ancient walker from the Second Tiberium War is still stronger than the Predator, a recent update. It is a bit slower than the Predator, since it is a slow as walker, but it is powerful. The Titan however, is much stronger with railguns, just like the Predator. All in all, it is basically a more powerful form of the Predator, and at a tiny cost, it is probably worth it. And what choice do you have early game, you don't have access to the Mammoth and the Wolverine just doesn't cut it. And the good thing is, it can crush enemy units. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [21.04] Wolverine Cost : 900 Credits Requires : War Factory Abilities : Call for Transport Upgrades : AP Ammo Role : Replaces Shatterer, Anti-Infantry Construction Time: 9 secs The problem with bringing back old machinery is that is doesn't do well to replace a modern alternative. The Shatterer, which is a damn good piece of hardware is removed for this. Sure, it is good for infantry, which will replace the void left by the APC, but besides that, the Wolverine is not all that useful. It is more hopeless for scouting missions since the Pitbull has stealth detectors and a mortar attack. With it only being good against infantry units, and not many people using infantry units, that is going to be a problem. At least the Shatterer's artillery support rool is filled by another unit below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [21.05] Mobile Repair Transport Cost : 700 Credits Requires : War Factory Abilities : Repairs Vehicles, Minelayer, Call for Transport, Garrison Infantry Upgrades : None Role : Replaces APC, Transport Vehicle, Infantry Protection Construction Time: 7 secs Well, if you want a portable repair unit, and don't want to pay the price for a Rig, here it is. The Mobile Repair Transport is the same as a APC, except that the Anti-Air machine gun is replaced with a Repair Crane. It can still garrison infantry and they can still fire out at the bad guys. You can still lay mines everywhere, except you can repair vehicles. The way that will works is that is has a repair radius, where the automatic repair drones will repairs damaged mechanical units in the area of the repair radius. What makes this handy is that you can move it around, and with a few of these in the field, damaged units will be a thing of the past. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [21.06] Behemoth Cost : 2200 Credits Requires : Tech Centre, War Factory Abilities : Garrison Infantry Upgrades : None Role : Artillery Support Construction Time: 22 secs The Behemoth is the big brother and replacement for the Juggernaut. It will lose the ability to use Sniper Teams to spot for them, but you get an infantry slot that they can fire out of. They are more powerful than their smaller brothers and the infantry can help remove other infantry threats that come too close to the Behemoth. However, none of the infantry that you possess are like the Sniper Team to removing enemy Commandos, which is the most dangerous threat to your Behemoths. Other than that, it is a much more powerful and better replacement than the Juggernaut. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [21.07] Combat Engineer Cost : 500 Credits Requires : Barracks Abilities : Call for Transport, Capture Buildings Upgrades : None Role : Anti-Infantry, Utility Construction Time: 5 secs The GDI Combat Engineer is the replacement of the normal Engineer. The only difference is that the Combat Engineer has a pistol to draw and fire at other Engineers. However, the fact that it has a pistol is really a moot point. The Engineer, first of all, it rather slow to draw his pistol. For a Engineer with pistol training, one would have thought that he could fire his sidearm better. And to put the nail in the coffin, the pistol does relatively little damage to infantry, so much that he can't even kill a squad member in a Militia squad, and probably can't live that long. He actually is good against other Engineers, but what is the point? You aren't going to camp Engineers outside a building for capture. Unless there is a race to get a Tiberium Spike in the centre of the map, and you cheat and kill the other guy, this is pretty much useless. At least they cost the same. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [22.01] Upgrades Removed Steel Talon troops focus on sheer force, and has no use for Tiberium abatement like Sonics. Any improvement on infantry has been removed, anything from Scanner Packs and such are removed since there are no infantry to use them on. Other than that, most upgrades have been kept because they are usable on vehicles. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [22.02] Adaptive Armour Cost : 1500 Credits Researched At : Tech Centre Research Time : 30 secs Units Effected : Titan, Mammoth Tank Adaptive Armour is armour for your heavy firepower. The Adaptive Armour is an activated ability that you can use, and this will increase the defensive capabilities of your units, and their armour will be increased as a result. They will also gain immunity from EMP pulses and this might be good. However, they will move slower as a result. The good thing is that this will give you the defence when you are in the enemy base, and the EMP can't be a bad thing either. The problem is the slow speed. If you are rushing into battle, the speed decrease on Titans and Mammoths will make them probably not move at all. Therefore, this ability is only useful when you are in the enemy's base, but not inbetween. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [22.03] Railguns Cost : 3000 Credits Researched At : Tech Centre Research Time : 90 secs Units Effected : Titans, Mammoth Tanks, Rig Building Effected: Guardian Cannons, Battle Base This is one thing that the Steel Talons are all about, POWER. With Railguns, not only are your Mammoths upgraded with Railgun Capacitators, but so will the Titans, your defensive Guardian Cannons as well as the Guardian Cannons on the Battle Base. This makes one of the most useful GDI upgrades even more useful. Mammoths need Railguns to love, and the Titans will be great as a support unit. Guardian Cannons will be your base defence and they will be more powerful as a result. All in all, you need this upgrade because without it, your troops are going to be lacking power. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [23.01] Buildings Removed Since this is not a faction for infantry, the Armoury has been removed from the game. This will explain why your more advanced infantry has been removed from selection as well. This will also remove upgrades for your existing infantry units. The second, and probably more important removal is the Sonic Emitter. This is the most advanced base defence, and this means you are going to have to rely on a mixture of Watchtowers and Guardian Railgun Cannons. This will be one that is hard to replace. Maybe you can use your units in its stead. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [24.01] Support Powers Removed Many of your support powers have also been removed. They are all infantry based, so no shocks there. The GDI Airborne ability has been removed. The Sharpshooter Team has been removed and the Zone Trooper Drop Pods have also disappeared. All the rest of the Support Powers are still there, and they are normally more destructive, so at least you should be happy about that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [24.02] Railgun Accelerator Cost : 1000 Credits Enabled By : Tech Centre Power Type : Offensive Power This is a more unique ability because it will increase the firing ability of all Railgun equipped units in the area. That means, your Titans and your Mammoth Tanks will be stronger when they have their railguns, which you should upgrade straight away. This will increase the power of the railguns further and this is definitely a good thing. However, it will damage the firing barrel of the tank and that means that it will damage the unit everytime the railgun is fired. Don't worry, with the nice repair vehicle that you have been given, the damage will be a small part, and that is that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [24.03] Bloodhounds Cost : 2000 Credits Enabled By : Airfield Power Type : Reinforcement Power The Bloodhounds power is the same as that of the normal Bloodhounds, except that it is modified a bit. You still get to use the 2 Pitbulls but you do not get 2 APCs, since the APC is removed, you get 2 Wolverine tanks. Still, it doesn't attack air and that isn't too useful. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [25.01] Units not Replaced There is only one unit that has not been replaced by the ZOCOM, and that is the Juggernaut. Just like the Steel Talons who have removed the Shatterer which is the Artillery support for GDI, ZOCOM has removed the Juggernaut and replaced the other artillery unit with something more powerful, the Zone Shatterer. However, that is the stem of it, unlike the Steel Talons. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [25.02] Zone Raider Cost : 1300 Credits Requires : Tech Centre, Barracks Abilities : Call for Transport, Jump Jets, Stealth Detection, Shoulder Fired Anti-Air Missiles Upgrades : Scanner Packs, Power Packs Role : Replaces Zone Troopers, Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Structure Construction Time: 13 secs The female version of the Zone Trooper and it is a pretty good one. This unit has the same cost as the Troopers, but they offer much more. They will have the ability to hit air units, and whilst they may be weak, a small army of them will take down any air threat with relative ease. Also, their Sonic Grenades are more powerful than Railguns, not because of their power which is relatively lacking in comparsion with Railguns, but they have an area of effect, so of the enemy has clustered a group of units, they all take damage. If they are garrisoned into a MARV, it will be a Sonic Turret, and boy, with 3 Zone Raiders and 1 Grenadier, its Grenades everywhere. Nade Spam anyone? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [25.03] Rocket Harvester Cost : 1400 Credits Requires : War Factory Abilities : Harvest Tiberium Upgrades : None Role : Harvesting Tiberium? Construction Time: 14 secs The Rocket Harvester is the ZOCOM replacement to the GDI Harvester. All that harvesting is dangerous so instead of a machine-gun on the top, it is armed with a rocket launcher. While they may not be effective against infantry, it can deal some damage to light vehicles that will be sent early in the game, but later on, when you are dealing with Tripods, Mammoths and Avatars, these rockets stand no chance. However, some defence is better than none. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [25.04] Zone Shatterer Cost : 1400 Credits Requires : War Factory Abilities : Overload Beam Upgrades : None Role : Replaces Shatterer, Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Structure Construction Time: 14 secs The Zone Shatterer is stronger than the normal Shatterer. Their Sonic beam is stronger than that from the normal Shatterer, but it does have one perk that the Shatterer does not. It is armed with an Overload Beam, a long range sonic beam that deals some incredible amounts of damage. However, there is a downside to such power, and that is that the Shatterer will shut down after the Overload Beam has been fired, so be careful where you use this because this is not the fastest unit, it is slow and weakly armoured, and that can be the downfall of this unit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [25.05] ZOCOM Orca Cost : 1100 Credits Requires : Airfield Abilities : Sensor Pods, Pulse Scan Upgrades : Ceremic Armour Role : Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Structure Construction Time: 11 secs The ZOCOM Orca is the improvement on what is already a worthless unit. The Orca is one of the least used units in the GDI military, even the Riflemen Squad has more use. Orcas are not versitile enough to replace the Firehawk and with the addition of the Hammerhead, it doesn't really have a use. Anyway, the ZOCOM Orca is one that instead of missiles, it uses Sonic Shells, the same as the Zone Raiders, but less useful since they carry limited ammo. In my opinion, don't bother, they aren't worth the credits used to produce them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [26.01] Upgrades Removed Very few upgrades have been removed. In fact, the only one removed that is not replaced is the Railguns. That is the trade off between the Steel Talons and ZOCOM, one has Railguns, the other has Sonics. Without railguns, your Mammoth Tanks are less useful, since their dual cannon are less powerful than that of Railguns. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [26.02] Tiberium Field Suits Cost : 1000 Credits Researched At : Armoury Research Time : 30 secs Units Effected : Riflemen Squad, Missile Squad, Grenadier Squad This will replace the Composite Armour upgrade that you can purchase from the armoury. This upgrade is a much needed upgrade and this will increase the armour of your troops as well as their maximum hit points. The most important boost to the Field Suits is that they will prevent Tiberium exposure to your troops. So, when your troops walk on Tiberium, they will not take damage as they usually do. How useful is that. But then again, you probably stuff your infantry inside a Hammerhead or an APC for safety reasons. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [26.03] Ceramic Armour Cost : 1000 Credits Researched At : Airfield Research Time : 30 secs Units Effected : ZOCOM Orca, Hammerhead, Firehawk The Ceramic Armour upgrade replaces the Hardpoints upgrade, which I find is much better. The Ceramic Armour upgrade basically increases the armour of all of the effected units, and this may be useful. However, if the Firehawks are going to get hit, they will get hit and Hammerheads can easily fly away from danger. Also, the Hardpoints will give your Firehawks, and Orcas if you use them, more missiles to shoot, while Ceramic Armour will increase the shelf life of the plane. Personally, Hardpoints are my choice. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [27.01] Support Powers Removed The only removal of Support Powers is the Zone Trooper Drop Pod. This is because the Troopers have been replaced with Raiders. But other than that, it is it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [27.02] Zone Raider Drop Pods Cost : 4500 Credits Enabled By : Space Command Uplink Power Type : Reinforcement Power This is the same as the Zone Trooper Drop Pods, except the Troopers are replaced with Raiders. There will be 3 squads of them, all are on the veteran level. You can drop them wherever the map has been removed of Fog of War. Best used for a quick drop and a quick boost for your forces, or a faster way of arming your MARVester. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [27.03] ZOCOM Airborne Cost : 1000 Credits Enabled By : Airfield Power Type : Reinforcement Power This is the exactly same as the GDI Airborne, except that it costs less to actually use. 1000 credits for 2 Riflemen Squads and 2 Missile Squads at a Veteran level is a good deal any day. Other than that, there is really nothing about it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [28.01] Units not Replaced The Black Hand is one that does not require stealth or any aircraft, so you need to make do as it is. That means, you will get no Call for Transport from the Air Tower, no Venoms and no Vertigos. Your Shadow Teams will be removed from you as well. You will need to adjust to this because a good part of the Black Hand's arsenal will be changed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [28.02] Confessor Cabal Cost : 300 Credits Requires : Barracks Abilities : Hallucinogenic Grenades, Infantry Combat Bonus Upgrades : Black Disciples, Charged Particle Beams Role : Replace Militia Squad, Anti-Infantry Construction Time: 3 secs The Confessor Cabal unit is basically a Militia Squad that is replaced with Confessor Cabals, the upgrade from the Secret Shrine. They will cost more and there are less of them, but these are quite annoying against infantry. Their grenades will allow the enemy soldiers to attack themselves, but note that is an activated ability now. Also, you can use them to boost the combat effectiveness of nearby troops, that is to say that these units will increase the rate of fire and armour of nearby troops, like a portable Voice of Kane, except that it doesn't scare enemy troops. It will turn into a Gun Turret when placed in a Redeemer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [28.03] Mantis Cost : 1200 Credits Requires : War Factory Abilities : None Upgrades : Tiberium Core Missiles Role : Replaces Stealth Tank, Anti-Aircraft Construction Time: 12 secs The Mantis is the replacement of the Stealth Tank. In actual fact, the Mantis is the Stealth Tank, without the Stealth capabilities and the ability to attack ground units. This makes it extremely danger to air units, similar to the GDI Slingshot, these are meant to attack air. It can take down the Scrin Victory Fleet quite easily with only a few of these. This should be combined with the fact that this unit is extremely fast, maybe faster or on par with the Stealth Tank. Also, it needs to requirements except for the War Factory. A must have if you are going to fight some Air units. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [28.04] Purifier Cost : 3000 Credits Requires : Tech Lab, War Factory Abilities : Clears Garrisoned Buildings, Infantry Combat Bonus Upgrades : Purifying Flame Role : Replaces Avatar, Anti-Infantry, Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Structure Construction Time: 30 secs The Purifier is the walker BEFORE the Avatar, but for some reason, it seems so much stronger. It starts off armed with the Obelisk Laser, inbuilt to the Avatar as well as a FlameThrower. At this point, it has become more powerful than the Avatar, since it will cost you an Avatar and a Flame Tank to equal this point. However, the Purifier cannot rip apart other tanks for their parts, so you can't exactly give them an extra laser or so. Given that most people would use Black Hand troops inside a Redeemer, think of this as a Mini Redeemer. It can dish out major damage to infantry, crush vehicles, burn buildings, and cleared garrisoned infantry. This is useful, but 2 Black Hand Troops inside a Redeemer is even more so. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [28.05] Harvester Cost : 1400 Credits Requires : War Factory, Refinery Abilities : None Upgrades : None Role : Harvest Tiberium? Construction Time: 14 secs It is a different Harvester to the Nod Harvester. Although it may not seem as much, this Harvester is the exact same as the Nod one, but it lacks the Stealth Ability. It has nothing to make up for this. Even a portable Flame Thrower would be a nice addition, and this makes it even more vulnerable to hit and runs since you know where it is and it won't try to hide. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [28.06] Veterancy The Black Hand focus on Flame units and as such, some of their units will come promoted as they walk out of the Hand of Nod or the War Factory. Black Hand Troops will be Veteran when they are first trained. The Flame Tank will also be at a veteran level when they are produced out of the War Factory. The final unit, the Commando, is produced at a Heroic Level, and therefore can self heal, increased firepower and such. Not bad if you decide to use the Commando. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [29.01] Upgrades Removed There are several upgrades that have been removed. The Signature Generator and the Disruption Pod upgrades have both been removed so you cannot upgrade them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [29.02] Black Disciples Cost : 1500 Credits Researched At : Secret Shrine Research Time : 30 secs Units Effected : Confessor Cabal, Militant Rocket Squad This will replace the Confessor Cabal upgrade that normal Nod can use. However, this upgrade will instead place a Black Hand Trooper with each existing and new regiment. So, all your Confessor and Rocket Squads will get a Black Hand Troop assigned to each of them. This is will increase their power with the power of flames and they are as tough as a normal black hand trooper. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [29.03] Purifying Flames Cost : 2000 Credits Researched At : Secret Shrine Research Time : 45 secs Units Effected : Black Hand, Black Disciples, Flame Tanks, Purifier This upgrade is particularly useful because the Black Hand is all about the flames, and this will significantly increase the power of the flames. This makes your flame weapons more damaging against vehicles, will burn the buildings faster and, um, cinder infantry faster, which it already does in the first place. It is essential that you have this upgrade if you are going to use any of the above units, or even the Redeemer with Black Hand troops inside. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [29.04] Charged Particle Beams Cost : 3000 Credits Researched At : Tech Lab Research Time : 60 secs Units Effected : Confessor Cabal Building Effected: Shredder Turrets The Charged Particle Beams will allow the Confessor Cabal unit and your Shredder Turrets to deal more damage against infantry units, and slightly more damaged to the armoured units. However, there are a few problems with this upgrade that I don't like. First of all, the cost is a bit excessive for only one unit and one building to be effected. Second of all, the technology level is far too high for you to access in the beginning where it might be of use against infantry spams. Finally, by the time you have this upgrade, you will have access to other means of Infantry removal. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [30.01] Buildings Removed There is only one building that has been removed, and that is the Air Tower. This might be a problem for your forces because it will remove the ability to call for transport and create Venoms and Vertigos. That in the end might be a problem, but you will need to learn to overcome it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [31.01] Support Powers Removed The Black Hand have three of their support powers removed. You cannot use the Shadow Strike Team because your Shadow Teams have been removed. You also have no access to dropping a mine field onto the battlefield either. The final one is that you cannot use the Cloaking Field, since it is unholy. Their normal Nod counterparts will also have the Redemption power whilst the Black Hand doesn't. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [31.02] Power Signature Scan Cost : 500 Credits Enabled By : Operations Centre Power Type : Intelligence Power This power is quite a useful one of you want to plan some support power to strike someone. This will allow you to see all the power plants on the map and you can see where they are. This is still not as useful as the GDI radar ability because it will not show if there are any defences or units that will surround it and that may ambush your support or your strike force, and that might be a problem ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [31.03] Decoy Temple of Nod Cost : 1000 Credits Enabled By : Tech Lab Power Type : Utility Power A rather fun one to use, this will create another Temple of Nod that will act as a decoy. It will not allow you to produce a Nuclear Missile and this should only be used when you actually have one. When you have one built, place the decoy first, then place the actual one. Your enemy may get confused since they might see the delay of the counter as lag, rather than a decoy. Therefore, they might have the chance of attacking the wrong temple. Make sure it is well built around and there are some troops defending it, or it may not seem real. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [32.01] Units not Replaced There is only one unit that has not been replaced, and that unit is the Flame Tank. The Marked of Kane do not need any flame weapons, and you will see that all Flame based units have been removed. No more crisping any more. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [32.02] The Awakened Cost : 500 Credits Requires : Hand of Nod Abilities : EMP Blast, Call for Transport, Immune to Suppression Upgrades : None Role : Replaces Militia Squad, Anti-Infantry Construction Time: 5 secs The basic infantry of the Marked of Kane, and already it is quite strong. It is effective against enemy infantry as they will not suppress whilst they are under fire. They also have an EMP blast, which they can use to disable enemy structures and vehicles. This will allow them to make short work of infantry and vehicles by using reinforcements. It is considered among elite infantry that other factions can only access later. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [32.03] Tiberium Trooper Cost : 900 Credits Requires : Hand of Nod, Operations Centre Abilities : Clears Garrisoned Buildings, Call for Transport, Slows Down Vehicles Upgrades : Cybernetic Legs Role : Replaces Black Hand, Anti-Infantry, Anti-Structure Construction Time: 9 secs The Tiberium Trooper is the replacement of the Black Hand Troops, who uses Liquid Tiberium instead of Flames. Their Liquid Tiberium also has the ability to clear any garrisoned buildings, but unlike their Black Hand counterparts, they can actually slow down enemy vehicles by spraying them with Liquid Tiberium. However, their Liquid Tiberium attack is less damaging against buildings. I guess the Tiberium can't burn down the building. Whilst inside a Redeemer, they will operate a Liquid Tiberium Turret. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [32.04] The Enlightened Cost : 1200 Credits Requires : Hand of Nod, Tech Lab Abilities : Improved EMP Blast, Call for Transport, Immune to Suppression Upgrades : Cybernetic Legs, Supercharged Particle Beams Role : Anti-Infantry, Anti-Vehicles, Anti-Structure Construction Time: 12 secs These are the Elite infantry of the Marked of Kane, and they are truly the elite, despite them being soulless cyborgs. They are armed with particle beams, and they deal large amounts of damage to anything that moves. They have increased armour and that makes them hard to take down, even if you are using Anti-Infantry weapons. Their EMP blast will last longer than those the Awakened can blast enemy units for. The only problem is their price tag, but other than that, it is all good. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [33.01] Cybernetic Legs Cost : 1000 Credits Researched At : Secret Shrine Research Time : 30 secs Units Effected : Saboteur, Tiberium Trooper, The Enlightened These legs will replace the legs of the troops with mechanical ones, which will allow them to walk faster. Given that the Saboteur, the Tiberium Trooper and the Enlightened are rather slowish infantry units, any increase in the speed of the unit will be better than nothing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [33.02] Supercharged Particle Beams Cost : 4000 Credits Researched At : Tech Lab Research Time : 60 secs Units Effected : Venom, The Enlightened Building Effected: Shredder Turret Consider this as the Railguns upgrade for the Marked of Kane. This will give your Venoms, the Enlightened and the Shredder Turrets an extra boost in power, which will increase their effectiveness against infantry, allow them to do even more damage against vehicles and more effectiveness in battle against buildings. This replaces the crappy laser the Venoms normally get, and this is a must have for the Marked of Kane, regardless of the price of the upgrade. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [34.01] Support Powers Removed There are very little in the way of removing support powers. Redemption is obviously removed since you can build Awakened units and they can't be resurrected into themselves. Also, Mine drops will be removed from you, and that is because they will be replaced. Unlike the Black Hand, you don't have everything removed from play. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [34.02] Magnetic Mines Cost : 1500 Credits Enabled By : Operations Centre Power Type : Defensive Power Magnetic Mines are the same as normal mines, they are dropped via the plane and they attack vehicles, but they do more damage. Magnetic mines basically attach to an enemy vehicle and stay attacked until they are destroyed or are repaired via a repair drone. Therefore, if you enemy does not have any sensors or doesn't pay much attention, you can use this outside their base and allow them to damage their own attack force en route to your base. Or, use outside a Tiberium Field on their harvesters to really damage their economy. Either way, these mines are extremely useful, much better than normal mines. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [35.01] Units not Replaced Reaper-17 really doesn't like anything that isn't brimming to the top full of Tiberium, so much they are accused of wasting the precious crystal. Because you cannot put Tiberium into a Mastermind, Reaper-17 won't use it. They also don't replace the Devastator Warship and the Planetary Assault Carrier was well, which therefore kills the Scrin Victory Fleet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [35.02] Shielded Harvester Cost : 1400 Credits Requires : Warp Sphere Abilities : Harvest Tiberium Upgrades : None Role : Harvesting Tiberium? Construction Time: 14 secs The Shielded Harvester is another Harvester, along with the Heavy Harvester, the Rocket Harvester and the MARVester. This one comes along with a Force Field, similar to that found on the Tripod, Devastator Warship and the Planetary Assault Carrier. It will protect them against 1 EMP blast and a far amount of damage. Its good to have a little more protection than none I guess. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [35.03] Shard Walker Cost : 700 Credits Requires : War Factory Abilities : None Upgrades : Blue Shards, Attenuated Forcefields Role : Replaces Gun Walker, Anti-Infantry, Anti-Aircraft Construction Time: 7 secs The Shard Walker is a massive improvement on the Gun Walker. Where the Gun Walker was slow, the Shard Walker is quite fast. Where the Gun Walker was weak, the Shard Walker replaces bullets with dangerous shards of Tiberium, enough to shred anything into a holy piece of crap. The Shard Walker is one that you shouldn't muck with, they are much better at their Anti-Aircraft and Anti-Infantry roles that you would think, and with the Blue Shards upgrade, they will be even more dangerous. Their only weakness is their health but other than that, it is quite dangerous. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [35.04] Reaper Tripod Cost : 3000 Credits Requires : War Factory, Technology Assembler Abilities : Conversion Beam Upgrades : Conversion Reserves Role : Anti-Infantry, Anti-Vehicle, Anti-Structures Construction Time: 30 secs The Reaper Tripod is the big brother of the Annihilator Tripod. The Reaper Tripod comes with a Conversion Beam, which allows you to absorb a Tiberium Crystal and allows you 5 shots of a conversion beam, a beam that uses the Tiberium power to strike your enemies and at greatly increased damage. The Reaper Tripod also contains more firepower with its great green lasers, and the Tiberium structure has increased its armour and the hitpoints of the unit. This unit is one to be feared, yet you can still use a Commando to blow out the legs of the unit. Still, do not underestimate this unit, you shall regret it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [36.01] Blue Shards Cost : 2500 Credits Researched At : Technology Assembler Research Time : 45 secs Units Effected : Shard Walker, Ravager, Seeker The Blue Shard upgrade is replacing the green crystals fired by the Reaper vehicles with more dangerous blue crystals. These crystals are fired by Shard Walkers and Ravagers, as well as Seekers, replacing their plasma attack. This is extremely accurate, with no spillage. By using more potent crystals, you make these units more dangerous than they already at, and say, if the Ravager were perhaps, garrisoned in a Eradicator Hexapod, what would that do? A lot more damage perhaps? Definitely one to get if you use any of the above three units. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [36.02] Conversion Reserves Cost : 1000 Credits Researched At : Technology Assembler Research Time : 30 secs Units Effected : Devourer Tank, Reaper Tripod Both the Devourer Tank and the Reaper Tripod have conversion beams, a laser attack which works by absorbing Tiberium crystals and using that to power an extremely potent laser. You only get 5 shots with each crystal that you decide to collect. With this conversion reserve upgrade, you effectively double the storage of Tiberium and gives you 10 shots instead of 5. If you are planning to use any of the above two units, maybe you should give it a try. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [37.01] Growth Stimulator Cost : 1500 Credits Requires : Extractor Abilities : Acclerators growth of Tiberium, Collects Tiberium Upgrades : None Energy Consumed : 5 Energy Construction Time: 15 secs The Growth Stimulator replaces the Growth Accelerator, and it certainly does make a good improvement. The Growth Stimulator will make the growth of the Tiberium field faster, which makes it last longer than a usual Growth Accelerator. Also, it will provide a constant 15 credits every view seconds as it harvests Tiberium by its own accord. It is like a mini Tiberium Spike, a good source of income both directly and indirectly. A good investment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [38.01] Support Powers Removed With the Shock Pods as a power, you will lose the Wormhole ability. The Reaper Cult is not known for being discrete and the Wormhole ability will be destroyed. Well, it saves the shock of having 5 Reaper Tripods popping up at the back of your base. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [38.02] Shock Pods Cost : 2700 Credits Enabled By : Signal Transmitter Power Type : Reinforcement Power The Shock Pods power is one that will summon 3 squads of Shock Troopers on a Veteran level on the battlefield in a location that will suit you. This is quite a useful reinforcement power since Shock Troopers are quite useful against everything that moves. And with three of them, that can seriously be annoying for your enemies, so this one is one to be reckoned with. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [39.01] Units not Replaced The Traveler-59 Sect will only have one unit removed from their arsenal, the Devourer Tank. Other than that, you still get the full Scrin Arsenal as well as a few extra surprises. This is as close as Scrin as the Scrin faction itself, the Reaper-17 sect is too different, more power, less flying units. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [39.02] Cultists Cost : 1000 Credits Requires : Statis Chamber, Nerve Centre Abilities : Mind Control on Enemy Units Upgrades : Advanced Articulators Role : Mind Control Construction Time: 10 secs These guys are actually human. It makes a nice change from all that mechanical jibbering from the Scrin race. Actually, they are human abductees that have been mutated with the offspring of the Prodigy to have limited mind control abilities. With this, you can mind control an enemy unit and use that unit against its own owner. This is particularly fun when you decide to take over a unit, say a Engineer, and capture their own buildings. This will mean some quite cash and confuse the enemy. Although there are 5 Cultists in a squad, you can only mind control 1 unit at a time. Bear in mind however, the Cultists do not carry weapons, and they cannot therefore, defend themselves. They are also without body armour, making them easy prey for anti-infantry weapons. Be careful, they are fragile. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [39.03] Prodigy Cost : 2500 Credits Requires : Technology Assembler, Statis Chamber Abilities : Teleport Units, Teleport Prodigy, Mind Control, Mind Control Area Upgrades : Advanced Articulators Role : Teleportation, Mind Control Construction Time: 25 secs The Prodigy is the advanced version of the Mastermind. And might I add, a great improvement. Not only can it teleport friend units, it can also teleport itself all over the place, which makes it extremely handy. It still comes with the manipulator device, allowing you to mind control buildings as well as units of your choice. The best addition for the Prodigy is the ability to Mind Control an area. This ability allows you to mind control all units in a small radius, so if the units are grouped together, you have more units. However, this will not cover higher technology level units, such as Mammoth Tanks and Epic Units, or any flying units. Still, it is a pretty good unit and when it enters the Eradicator Hexapod, it gives it a Teleportation ability as well, which is extremely useful. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [40.01] Advanced Articulators Cost : 500 Credits Researched At : Statis Chamber Research Time : 15 secs Units Effected : Disintegrators, Assimilators, Ravagers, Cultists, Prodigy Such a cheap upgrade doing so much. Basically is will cost you 100 credits for a unit. It will increase the speed of all your Infantry units, bar the Buzzer. This speed increase will help since some of these units are quite slow and any extra speed that they can get, they should take. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [40.01] Traveler Engines Cost : 2000 Credits Researched At : Technology Assembler Research Time : 45 secs Units Effected : Devastator Warship, Planetary Assault Carrier The Traveler Engines is another useful upgrade. This will increase the speed of the Scrin Victory Fleet. The Fleet is too slow and this will make it hard because of the new AA in the form of the Slingshot, the Mantis, improved Stealth Tanks and Ravagers. With a permanent speed boost, this can help avoid the AA until you can mount a suitable response. It is relatively cheap compared to the amount of credits you will lose if your fleet slowly dies. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [41.01] Support Powers Removed Like the Reaper-17 cult, there is only one support power that is removed, and this one is the Statis Field. While that one will act like an EMP field, it will be replaced with the Temporal Wormholes. These are more interesting and is classified as an offensive power. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [41.02] Temporal Wormholes Cost : 1200 Credits Enabled By : Technology Assembler Power Type : Offensive Power The Temporal Wormhole is basically a power that will reduce the rate of fire and the speed of all units under the effect of the Temporal Wormhole. This basically means that all under it will be slower and can't respond properly. Therefore, this will make it a useful power to ambush an attack force or to finish off a retreating attack force. Because they are slower, they cannot deal significant damage. For example, you attack with your Victory Fleet, where you normally would be shot down by AA support, your Temporal Wormhole can slow down the AA, and you have a chance to take it down. Note that it does not last forever, so make good use of it while you can. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [42.01] GDI General Strategies If you are after specific strategies, please read my Tiberium Wars guide for the strategies because the strategies of the new factions generally remain the same. There may be some updates here and some new strategies. * GDI Slingshots are the best for Anti-Air, and they are specifically designed to do so. Against all enemies, using a large strike force will likely draw an enemy air attack in hopes of wiping out the force and they guys will mop the floor with them. * Your Slingshots are also extremely quick across the battlefield, so you can use these as mobile AA platforms, and you do not need that many as your can easily race these across the battlefield. * Your Shatterers are your mobile artillery. They are slow, do you need to protect them well. However, they have the ability to attack multiple targets and that will prove handy against a large amounts of enemies. That fact will make it useful against infantry, or any form of land based rushes. Remember, they are mobile Sonic Emitters, and you know what those things are capable of. So, use Shatterers as base defence AND attack. * Hammerheads are probably the best addition to your arsenal. They have a single garrison slot, and that makes a difference. They are the APCs of the sky, except that they cannot hit other aircraft. They do not need to rearm or refuel, making it like a Venom. There are several infantry that you should use, depending on the situation. - For urban maps with plenty of garrisoned buildings, it is advisable to have a Hammerhead with a Grenadier squad. They can easily toss their grenades to remove their enemy from buildings and the minigun of the Hammerhead can mop up any remaining infantry. - The best is for Zone Troopers, they literally shred anything that will move with their powerful railguns as well as miniguns to clear infantry. Note that very few tanks have support against air, and they can easily demolish a tank parade any day. - The third use for Hammerheads is for Anti-Air, though this is rather useless with Firehawks. All you need to do is to put a Missile Squad inside for Anti-Air protection. - The final use is as a transport. It is a much faster and airborne version of the APC which is a transport itself. It this also go over chasms, which APC's can't. * Do not forget to use your fencing support power to defend yourself against sneaky enemy engineers that may plan to take over your base. That basically replaces the walls from Red Alert 2. * Orbital Slugs is a useful support power, except for the fact that it does relatively little damage. Getting hit by a slug deals a fair bit of damage but the large radius of the power, as well as the randomness of the landing does not make it a reliable power to use to finish off an enemy. * Do not underestimate the power of the Supersonic Air attack. Although it may only destroy weaker aircraft such as Venoms, they will severely damage stronger aircraft, such as Vertigos, allowing it easy prey for your Slingshots to move in and finish the mess made by the enemy. * Use the Combat Support Airfield as a forward operating base from your secondary bases as close strike points to enemy bases, leaving room at your own base to give room in case the support airfield is destroyed. This makes the Support Airfield as a closer strike to enemy forces, while sparing the troops in your base. * Do not forget to upgrade your forces. Tungsten Shells make your Slingshots and AA Turrets much stronger. Your AA Shells make Hammerheads far more dangerous and Hardpoints will give your Firehawks more ammo to drop. An extra bomb against ground units, time by a multiple of 4 is a good amount of damage. * Use EMP grenades when you can. Nothing slows a tank precession faster than either a EMP Shockwave or EMP Grenades. Grenadiers are cheap, and since they are infantry units, they will be more resistant against cannon-based attacks such as tank shots. By disabling the enemy tanks, especially those against air, you can whittle down the enemy forces slowly, but surely. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [43.01] Nod General Strategies * The Reckoner is your weaponless transport vehicle until it is deployed. Once you deploy it, is has 3 infantry slots, but remember, it is just like a normal building, it is stationary AND it can be cleared with flames or grenades. * The Specter Artillery is one of your biggest assets. First, it is stealth and therefore, can move without being stopped by conventional means without being detected. * Also, remember to use your shadow teams. Your Specters can do some really long range bombardment with a beacon deployed without the chance of the enemy combing the closeby surroundings for your units. However, bear in mind that the artillery is rather slow, so make sure they are well covered. Do not however, be too overly careful, since there will be problems with a whole lot of defence and nothing to protect. * Again, same with GDI, do not forget to use your laser fencing to ensure that your base is safe from enemy engineers. It also provides extra armour somehow. I guess enemy units aim for the fence instead. * Quad Turrets are the most essential upgrade for Nod forces. It gives you an extra turret for no extra cost, save the cost for the upgrade itself. So you should get it, since there is no reason not to. * Tiberium Core Missiles are useful for a Stealth Tank attack. The strength of the Stealth Tank is upgraded, and with more damage, it makes the Stealth Tank more valuable per credit spent. This also improves the attack of your SAM Turrets. * Use your Vertigos on your forward operating bases, with your Combat Support Airfields. With these, you can move your Vertigos closer for faster strikes due to less distance travelled to get to the enemy base. * Make sure you have scouts at the enemy Tiberium Fields. Once there are several harvesters there, have a hit and run squad ready and use the Tiberium Vein detonation on it to clear out all the Harvesters, and your hit and run squad to kill the remaining harvesters. Although it will cost you a few units, it will cripple the enemy economy, and that could allow you valuable time to move in and mop things up or to build up an enemy force unopposed. * Use disruption pods to mask your entire attack force the entire length of the march to the enemy base. That means, use your Vertigos to drop pods on the path to the enemy base while your force moves in undetected. This allows you to get a massive element of surprise and a show of force right outside your enemy's base is sure to spook anyone out. * Use your Specters to Bombard a certain spot, in particular, a choke point, continiously to deny the enemy a chance to get past and attack you. In that case, the enemy has no choice but to use air power to remove your specters, and when that happens, make sure you have some AA to shred the enemy. This allows you to build a force and more importantly, control that choke point to ensure that the enemy can't get in, but you can get out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [44.01] Scrin General Strategies * The Ravager is one of the most anti-Tiberium units there are, and make good use of it. Use a small group of these, say about 5 or more, to take out a few harvesters and since these are relatively fast units, that can easily get away, recharge and then come back and cause some more havoc. With their Tiberium Agitation ability, it will give economy destruction a brand new face. And do not forget that this is just for harvesters, it can also be used against enemy refineries, and since there aren't that many of them around, three groups of five attacking a refinery each can cause widespread damage. Remember, 3 refineries are what most online players will use, and with three all being destroyed at the same time, well, that is seriously going to cause them a world of hurt. * The Mechapede is the most versatile unit in the Scrin armoury since it has the ability to attack vehicles, air, structures and infantry with ease. What you build with it is completely up to you though. * Do not forget that the Mechapede is pretty quick and as such, get a few of these to run through the defences of the enemy base and attack the vital structures, and ensure the power is down to make sure your Mechapedes can escape to fight another day. The problem with using Mechapedes as an attack force is that they are large, and make good targets as such, and that they cost a fair amount of credits. The total for a complete Mechapede is just a few off from a Tripod, but then again, Tripods are seriously weak against air units, and that isn't a good thing. * The Overlord's Wrath is probably the best power there is. I find this, personally, a great power for attacks on my own base. The reason is that this causes a large amount of damage to anything that is in the path, but the reason I'd really want this close to my base is that it spawns some Tiberium, which is quite a lot, more than enough to pay for the cost of the attack, taking away the damage dealt done to enemy units. This duals as an offensive and a resource power. Although it is great to demolish enemy units, don't gift the enemy with some money in compensation for their loss, keep it for yourself. * The best use of Tiberium Infestation is in early game, especially when the enemy is unlikely to build up a military presence. This is done in conjunction with the Tiberium Vibration scan, find the enemy Tib field and then infest it. This will slowly deal damage and surely kill anything that enters the field, except for the building itself. You can even repair it to ensure that it lasts a while. This will seriously dent what the enemy will be able to do, since they want their harvesters out before they decide to go boom. * Ichor seed is another power that you should use when your Tiberium field is depleted. This basically instantly spawns a set of crystals, certainly giving more money that it costs to make the seed drop. This is also useful if you need your allies to have some funds and don't want them to invade your own private tiberium fields. * Your forces can now take more punishment with the upgrade in forcefields. With this, you can send in your forces for a longer period of time without worrying about deploying some drones or sending them back to base. This means that you can have the same amount of units except that they can last longer and don't need that many repairs. Also, don't forget to upgrade your forces with some shard launchers, they will make your upgraded forces much more accurate. Since the plasma discs are anything but accurate, this upgrade will ensure that they will dish out some damage, and more than that normally could. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [A] Contact Information Hey, what do you know, it looks just like my previous legal things, cause I'm too lazy to make another one. That block button is mighty fun to use. ****************************************************************************** Before you E-Mail me, read the guide first. If the answer is not in here, then E-Mail me. If it is, don't bother as I won't reply. ****************************************************************************** To contact me, e-mail me at hillsdragon13 [at] hotmail [dot] com Replace at with @ and dot with . Don't add me to MSN Messenger List because if I don't know you, I won't accept you, simple as that. E-Mail me (and anyone else you want to e-mail) with courtesy and respect as we are living people like you. Have a title of what you are sending so I know what is going on. If you try to send attachments, I won't open them so stick the information in the E-Mail. Please write in English or anything close to it. It can't understand foreign languages so please don't give me a page long quite in Mexican or Antarctic penguin language cause I don't understand. 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I didn't design the game so I shouldn't know what's wrong with it, its your game not MINE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [B] Webmaster Information ONLY GAMEFAQS WILL HOST THIS FAQ UNTIL OTHERWISE STATED BELOW GAMESFAQ WILL ALWAYS HAVE THE LATEST VERSIONS YOU CANNOT HOST THIS DOCUMENT WITHOUT ASKING. SIMPLE AS THAT. YOU CANNOT MAKE A PROFIT FROM THIS DOCUMENT LIKE SELLING IT. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [C] Credits This section is where you see your name. It will be long. The names are either Board Names from the Boards or your e-mail so if your name is Bob Rob and another Bob Rob posted the message, the First Bob Rob will not be credited so in short, someone around the world who shares the same name as you will not be credited for your work. 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