Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction Playstation 3 Skill Point FAQ By Josh "PS2Marinerfan" Simmons PS2Marinerfan(at)yahoo(dot)com 12/06/07 Version 1.86 ******************************************************************************* Table of Contents: I. Intro II. Version Guide III. General Hints IV. Skill Points V. Extras VI. Legal VII. Credits ******************************************************************************* ******************************************************************************* I. Intro This is my third guide I've made, the first for GTA:VCS and the second for R&C:SM, both for the PSP. With the confusion in the game for the skill points, I figured I'd post a guide. Of course I could not have done this alone, so I thank all the people who found each point. Feel free to email me, just don't spam my inbox please! Be sure to put a title with "RCF:ToD" in it, or the email will perish in my spam folder. ******************************************************************************* ******************************************************************************* II. Version Guide Ver. 1.00 (10/30/07)- Finished basic guide layout and skill point description. Ver. 1.25 (10/31/07)- Added description for each skill point, added more contributor info. Ver. 1.26 (11/01/07)- Added a user's strategy for "Fast and the Fiery-ous SP. Ver. 1.75 (11/08/07)- Major update. Ver. 1.76 (11/09/07)- Added a few sites that are allowed to host my guide, and a strategy for the "Expert Marksmen" SP. Ver. 1.80 (11/27/07)- Minor update, included "extras." Ver. 1.85 (11/30/07)- Added two mores site with permission to host the guide. Ver. 1.86 (12/06/07)- Minor update, added info in "extras." ******************************************************************************* ******************************************************************************* III. General Hints Right now, I'll say this. Skills points are difficult. Otherwise it wouldn't take any skill to complete them. If the first time you try something and it doesn't work, don't rush to the computer to email me. Try it again, and perhaps it will work. If not, then is the time to ask questions. Now that is out of the way, I'll get on to the main part of the guide. Keep in mind that this is a FAQ, not an in-depth guide on how to get the SP. I'm merely listing the requirements for getting each SP. ******************************************************************************* ******************************************************************************* IV. Skill Points The number listed after the SP name is the number of skill points you'll get for completing the SP. There are a total of 750 skill points, and they unlock various cheats and secrets. ****Cobalia**** Smashing Good Time (10)- Destroy all crates. =This is one is easy, just smash every crate in the level, as well as all the consumer bots in the spaceport. I Should Have Gone Down In A Barrel (10)- Go over both of the gel waterfalls in the gel factory. =Another easy one, just go over the waterfalls. It'll seem like you die, but you respawn in the factory without technically dying. Giant Hunter (10)- Kill all 4 Basillisk leviathans in the Cobalia wilderness. =Just attack and kill every leviathan in the wilderness. You'll come across 3 before you hit the city, and three more in the cave-like area just after the platform with the Smuggler. ****Kortog**** Wrench Ninja 3 (10)- Use only the wrench to make it to the robo-wings segment. =This one can be a pain. I did it the first time through the level, and got it, but others have had trouble. My advice would be to do this the VERY first time you get to this level, as attempting this in challenge mode will be more difficult, but still possible. Here's Hazzardous's view on how to get the SP. "I have actually discovered it's far more easier to get this skill point after you have completed the planet and then come back to claim it after you get your ship. The trick is that you have to remember the path you took to get to the first green platform as once you get the robo wings, all the green platforms activate (especially those that are BEFORE the first one you encountered). By attempting this after you beat the planet, you can avoid those damn cyclo drones and those propeller drophyds." We Don't Need No Stinkin' Bridges (10)- Cross The tripad sequence using gel cube bounces. =Here's a strategy provided by Justin Gregoire: "ThereÂ’s a donut-shaped platform with three pads that lets out a bridge when all three are stepped on. But instead of using them, use the gelenator at the start of the currently non-existant bridge and when at its largest state, jump on the block of gel that make the gap across to the next platform." Surface-to-air Plasma Beasts (10)- Take out 3 flying targets using the Plasma Beasts. =Just throw the Plasma Beasts below 3 flying targets, and let them destroy the enemies for the point. Been Around (10)- Take-off from every robo-wing pad in Stratus City. =There are 11 robo-wing pads in the level. The map shows them all, so just fly to them and then take-off from each pad. ****Voron Asteroid Belt**** Collector's Addition (10)- Collect all 10 cargo containers. =Just shoot all of the white-looking trianglar containers. Shooting the colored containers gains a gold bolt. Mine Sweeper (10)- Clear out 10-15 mines. =This one can be difficult if you're trying to shoot down other enemies. My advice would be to just focus on shooting as many targets as you can as I do not know the exact amount needed for the point. Whats That, R2? (10)- Barrel Roll 10 Times =Just press L2 OR R2 10 times. ****Mukow**** I Think I'm Going To Be Sick (10)- Ride the ferris wheel 5 times without taking damage. =This one is rather self-explanatory. Just ride the ferris wheel 5 times; jumping to avoid the energy walls. Fast and Firey-ous (10)- Use the charge boots to cross the bridge to the arena without being burned. =This one is a pain in the rear. I had a lot of difficulty getting this point, and so did a lot of other users. My advice is to attempt this the first time you go through the path to the arena per walkthrough. The reason for this is that after you make it into the arena, a holo-shield comes up preventing you from obtaining the point. Just go back and forth across the bridge and eventually you'll get the point. Here is bmoney's way to get this. "Hey, I was just reading your Skill Point FAQ on Gamefaqs and I saw your strategy for "The Fast and the Fiery-ous" on planet Mukow was a little vague, and I just wanted to suggest a strategy that worked perfect for me, which I read on another forum. What you do is walk past the first fire jet, then get in strafe mode. When you see it is safe, back up in the line of fire of the first jet (making sure not to get hit). Then when it is safe to make it past the second and third jets, boost across the bridge. It worked for me on my first try. I know that is one of the hardest Skill Points and I just want to help people out on it." One Heckuva Peep Hole (10)- After recieving the Geo-Laser, retake the path to the arena and blast the wall open. =This one's easy, but the reason why it's a skill point is that you get the Geo-Laser after you beat the IFF the first time, so people wouldn't normally take the long way back to the arena, they'd just take the taxi. Just walk the path, and when Clank senses the weakness in the wall, use the Geo-Laser. ****Nundac Asteroid Ring**** Alphabet City (10)- Teleport to each of the six asteroids in Alphabetical order. (Alpha--> Beta--> Gamma--> Delta--> Epsilon -->Zeta) =Just go from each teleporter in the order listed above. Knock You Down to Size (10)- Wrench slam 5 Cerullean Centipedes. =Wrench slam (Jump then press square) 5 of the long centipedes that appear. There's at least one on each asteroid, so you should be covered. Dancin With The Stars (10)- Make 5 enemies dance at once on an asteroid. =Find one asteroid where there is a group of enemies, I chose the one with teleporter Gamma. ****Ardolis**** Taste O' Yer Own Medicine (10)- Destroy all Corsairs with the Combuster. =Shoot all the pistol-wielding pirates with the Combuster in the level. Preemptive Strike (10)- Destroy 5 thwogs while they are still sleeping. =The best point to do this is when Clank opens the cave area with the Geo- Laser. Right as you walk in, equip a weapon with a large blast radius (Like the Fusion Grenade/Bomb), and throw it at the ceiling where the thwogs are sleeping. A user by the name of Brian Cook mentioned to me that he used the Buzz Blades here. Since they bounce off the walls quite well, they kill the thwogs before they awake. It's a Mutanty Cap'n! (10)-Change 5 pirates into penguins in one shot. =A GFAQs user by the name of ghos7ayama gave me this strategy. "In the large room right before you fight the first rouge use it on a large group of enemies with shields, there will be about 7 of them in a group." He means before the first mini-boss of the level, there is a group of pirates that you can use the Transmorpher on quite effectively. ****Rakar Star Cluster**** You Sunk My Battleship! (10)- Shoot down at least 75% of the flying ships. =This one confused me for a while. The ships that are mentioned are actually the large battleships with the glowing white balls on the sides. Shoot the balls to destroy each ship, destroy at least three-quarters of them to get the point. Pretty lights (10)- Complete the level without destroying any of the snatchers. =The snatchers are the ships that shoot steady energy beams at your ship. I've Got Places to Be (10)- Kill the boss in less than 2:30. =Just shoot the boss quickly and dodge his attacks. I suggest doing this on normal mode, as in challenge mode his health doesn't deplete as quickly. ****Rykan V**** The Consumer Is Not (Always) Right (10)- Destroy 18 consumer bots in the area near your ship. =Just smack all the 'civilian' bots in the area near your ship. Live Strong (10)- Complete the Gyro-Cycle area in under 1:45. =Speed's the name of the game here, just go as fast as you can. You'll likely take damage, but if your health is high enough, you shouldn't die during this. If you do, the Gyro-Cycle area isn't very long, so just restart and try again. Untouchable (10)- Don't take damage while driving the Gyro-Cycle. =Rather self-explanatory ****Sargasso**** It Sounded Like A Freight Train (10)- Get 11 anthropods in one tornado. =I got this one by pure luck. I was low on ammo, but I had one more tornado launcher pod, and I sent it at a group of the small bug-like enemies. There are a lot of groups of these enemies, just find one and launch a tornado at them. Head Examine (10)- Land on the head of all 5 Troglosaurs in Sargasso. =The Troglosaurs are the very large dinosaurs with the steps on their tails. Just jump onto their backs, then glide to their heads when they stop moving. Extinction (10)- Kill all the Sargasso Grunthers. =The Grunthers are the T-Rex looking enemies. Just eliminate them all. ****Kreeli Comet**** Lombaxes Don't Like Cold (10)- Break all the breakable icicles. =Multiple users gave me info for this one. The general consenus was to get the box breaker, then to hyper-strike (Jump then press square) throughout the level. Mow Down Hoedown (10)- Use turrets to destroy 10 dancing pirates. =My strategy would be to walk near each of the turrets, then throw out a Groovitron before quickly getting in said turret. Then eliminate the pirates. You don't need to have all 10 dancing at one time, just have each enemy dancing before shooting them. Saucy Wrench (10)- Destroy all 4 campfire Cauldrens with the wrench. =Just smack all of the campfire pots with the wrench. ****Viceron**** Dancin' On The Ceiling (10)- Successfully use a Groovitron while on a gravity ramp. =Throw out a Groovitron while on a grav-ramp. There's a correction here. The Groovitron DOES need to get at least one enemy to dance for the point to register. Seared Ahi (10)- Use the Pyro Blaster on 3 Drophyd Creatures after freeing them from their robotic suits. =The Drophyds are the fishy looking enemies that come out of the suit upon destruction. Use the Pyro Blaster on three of them, and you'll get the point. ****Verigris Black Hole**** Expert Marksman (10)- Kill 75% of all the enemies. =The best thing I can say right now is to practice this level a lot! This SP was a pain for me, I was just shooting everything in sight. Can't Touch This (10)- Avoid making contact with anything before fighting the boss. =Don't get hit until you face the boss Pyew Pyew! (10)- Complete the level without secondary fire. =Don't use the rockets during the entire level. ****Jasindu**** Dead Aim (10)- Destroy 3 destructible towers while on the pirate barges. =Two different users gave me info. One used the RYNO IV and just shot everything that wasn't on the pirate barge. The other used the Judicator. Fire with fire (10)- Kill 2 Kerchu Pyroguards with the Pyro Blaster. =The pyroguards are the large enemies with the flamethrower. Strafe around each enemy to avoid their attacks while lighting them on fire. ****Ublik (Slag's Fleet)**** Six Gun Salute (10)- Get six pirates in a row to salute to Ratchet while in the pirate disguise. =You need to get six pirates to salute Ratchet, but it doesn't have to be six DIFFERENT pirates. Just find two pirates, and press circle to get them to salute. ****Reepor**** Gotta Catch Them All (10)- Hit all cragmite soldiers with the Mag-Net Launcher. =Okay, I'm saying this now. I officially hate this skill point. I ended up completing the point the "hard" way, but there is an EXTREMELY easy way to do this. Several people emailed me about this, and now I feel quite dumb. Beat the level once, then come back before completing the game. Go up the elevator behind Ratchet's ship, and cross the platforms. There should be a lone cragmite enemy. Kill him using the Mag-Net Launcher. Easy as that. ****Igliak**** Stay Still So I Can Shoot You! (10)- Use strafe flip 10 times while fighting cragmite soldiers. =Just strafe flip 10 times (Strafe to one side then jump). Now Boarding... (10)- Complete the Gyro Cycle area in 0:55 seconds. =Just like the Rykan V skill point, speed is the name of the game. Don't worry about taking damage; you'll just start from the beginning of the Gyro-Cycle area. Low Flying Owls (10)- Fly underneath an electrified barrier in the robo wing segment. =Find an electrified barrier and fly below it. ****Fastoon (Second visit only)**** Nowhere To Hide (10)- Destroy every piece of breakable cover. =I highly suggest shooting EVERYTHING in the level, and I mean EVERYTHING! Be sure to have a lot of ammo here; you'll run out fast if you're not careful. Another strategy here, given to me by LadyR, would be to complete the level all the way up until the final battle with Tachyon, leave Fastoon, then to go back and eliminate all the breakable cover with less enemies. ****General (Can be obtained on any planet)**** No, Up Your Arsenal (40)- Upgrade every weapon to its maximum level. =Self-Explanatory Roflcopter (20)- Turn one enemy into a penguin then use the visicopter to destroy it. =Easy enough, just find one enemy, transmorph it, and use the visicopter on it. Golden Children (40)- Find all the gold bolts. =Self-Explanatory Cheapskate (10)- Purchase a single combuster shot =Just buy a single combuster shot from any vendor. Easy as that. Everybody Dance Now (40)- Make every type of enemy in the game dance. (not including bosses) =Again ghos7ayama gave the strategy here. "Buy the GOLDEN Groovitron and play through the game once or twice while using as much as possible and you should get it." For those out of the loop, the Golden Groovitron costs 2 million Raritanium, but you have unlimited ammo with it. Chorus Line (10)- Get 11 enemies to dance together at the same time. =I used the large area when you first enter Rykan V with Cronk and Zephyr. I found a group of enemies Happy Feat (10)- Get 9 penguins to dance at the same time. =Use the Transmorpher on a large group of enemies, then use the Groovitron on the group. I chose to use the same area I used for the Chorus Line skill point. Disco Inferno (10)- Use the Groovitron followed by the Pyro Blaster. =Easy enough, just throw out a Groovitron then use the Pryo Blaster. Bolts in the Bank (10)- Sell 20 leviathan souls to the smuggler. =Just collect 20 leviathan souls and sell them to the smuggler. It's Like The South Pole Here (10)- Turn 15 enemies and/or citizens into penguins at the same time. =A strategy given to me by Paul Ephron is this: "You need to turn 15 creatures / citizens to penguins at the same time. You DON'T need to do it with one transmorpher ball - you can use as many as you need - you just need to have 15 penguins at the same time (they turn back into originals after a few seconds as you probably know). I did it on Saragasso with all those little guys that pop out of the ground. Say Hello To My Little Friend (10)- Kill 15 enemies with one RYNO shot. =Easy enough as the RYNO is more than powerful enough for this, just find a group of bad guys and let the gun go crazy. For The Hoard (10)- Get every combat device. =Self-explanatory Promoted to Inspector (10)- Get every gadget. =Self-explanatory Global Thermonuclear War (20)- Get every weapon. =Self-explanatory Its Even Better The Second Time (40)- Complete challenge mode. =Easy enough, it's automatic upon beating challenge mode. The Hardest of Core (20)- Get everything else in the game. =Get all other skill points, all gold bolts, all skins, all weapons, all gadgets, EVERYTHING!!! ******************************************************************************* ******************************************************************************* V. Extras Here are the various extras you unlock by completing the SPs. The number in ( ) is the quantity of skill points required to unlock the item. 2007 E3 Trailer (25) Big Head Mode (Ratchet Only) (50) Character Concept Art (75) Big Head Enemies (100) 2006 GDC Trailer (150) Enviornment Concept Art (250) Wrench Replacement (300) "How to Draw Ratchet" By Dave Guertin (350) James the Galactic Defender (400) Weapon Concept Art (450) Levels are Mirrored (500) Script to Screen (600) Ratchet Paintings (All 750 points) ******************************************************************************* ******************************************************************************* VI. Legal This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. As of this version, only www.gamefaqs.com and the following sites are allowed to use this guide: www.neoseeker.com www.ign.com www.gamesradar.com www.cheatplanet.com www.1up.com www.mycheats.com You can always find the most up-to-date guide on www.gamefaqs.com. If you would like to use this guide, email me and we'll talk. Copyright 2007, Josh Simmons ******************************************************************************* ******************************************************************************* VII. Credits Insomniac Games- For another great R&C game! CJayC/SBAllen- For hosting/running GameFAQs.com; it's a great site! The following people provided me with the skill point information from the RCF:ToD board at gamefaqs.com HellViper69 BakusaiTenketsu RESIDENTEVIL719 jdave0717 Superchivo thesteve19 Arseen Talinthis Vertigo283 outsider90909 ChaseTheRogue GamersLoft shadow1686 erikjb103 Ararcyn Smileyface_666 ZeroCool000111 TheKitchenSin KarleKat WeAreVenom Skyline5817 DDBain017 bmoney Zombiehuggles ghos7ayama The following people emailed me with information. LadyR Brian Cook "AG" Paul Ephron Justin Gregoire Kevin Sigmund "Al2x" Zach Johnson Hazzardous Pierce O. If I missed anyone, email me and I'll add you. ******************************************************************************* End</p>